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National Federation of IndianRailwaymen 3, CHELMSFORD ROAD,NEWDELHI- 11O055 ' Affiliatedto : IndianNationalTradeUnionCongress(INTUC) lnternationalTransportWorkers'Federation(lTF) No. IVA{FIR/7 CPC (Imp)/AlIowanceI20| 6lPart I



The GeneralSecretariesof Affiliated Unions of NFIR Dear Brother, Sub:

Delay in revising the Kilometrage rates and other Aliowances for Running Staff non-irpplementationof agreementil?T_h_*yith NFIR on other major issues-reg.

I on behalf of NFIR and my own convey best wishes to our cadres and pray for happy prosperousand healthy New Year 2018 to all Railway employeesand their family members. I also take this opportunityto conveymy bestwishesand happyNew Year-2018to all those Senior Citizens who served the Railways and contributed for its growth. I wish all those veterans longestand healthy life. You are awarethat many issuesare continuedunresolvedresulting agony and disappointment among Railway employees of various categories.It is needlessto emphasis that NFIR has been consistentlymaking efforts for achieving results. While there is some improvement on issuesof Technicians,Track Maintainers, SMs etc., it is however sad to statethat the agreementsreachedon somemajor issuesare yet to be implementedby the Government,notably replacementof GradePay 4600 with GP 4800, allotment of GP 4600 for Mail Loco Pilots, upgradationof apex Group 'C' posts to Group 'B' Gazetted. The Government(MoF) has empoweredRailway Ministry to decide revision of Kilometrage Allowance and other Running Staff related Allowances in consultationwith the Federations(NFIR). Although two meetings have been held by the Railway Board, there has been no satisfactory developmentas of now. NFIR has already placed its casevery cogently, demandinghike in the rate of KilometrageAllowance and correspondingincreaseof other Allowances for the Running Staff. As the rank and file of the NFIR along with Railway employeeswill be conducting New Year celebrationsfrom January 1,2018 and Makar Sankrantiafter few days thereafter,NFIR calls upon its affiliates to organize mass meetings,demonstrationsand rallies at stations,depots, sheds, workshops and at Divisional levels during the period to voice Railwaymen's disappointmentand lodge protestagainstRailway Ministry's evasiveattitudeand its failure to honour agreements. Report on protest actions conductedshould be conveyedto the Federation'sOffice promptly, treating the matter as important.


(Dr. M. Raghavaiah) General Secretary

VIII. File No. Ill95lPartX, File No. IV/RSAC/Conf./Part

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