Fayetteville High School  January Issue 

The Paw Print

Staff: Charity Childs, Ashley Frye, Samantha Ibarra,  Emily Price, Mackenzie Kish, Chloe Phillips, and Taylor  Vick 






What You Missed  By: Mackenzie Kish 

Last month we had the middle school Christmas dance as well as the  high school Christmas dance. We had fun time in December as we got  to have a few snow days.   

    Class News  By: Charity Childs   

The Senior Mr and Miss FHS nominees are Erica Black, Shelby  Skinner, Graysn Hughes, Kadi Smith, Bailey Grimes, Alena Cribbs, Cody  Pate, Lane Bailey, Shelby Cleveland, Nick Coleman, Tyler Talton, Logan  Blanchard. The student-body will be voting this Friday, and the winners  will be announced January 30th, halftime at the boys basketball game.  


Student Spotlight  By: Emily Price 



Coming into the new year, the teachers are having no shortage of  students to choose from. This month, Chloe Phillips was nominated and  voted overall as our student spotlight. An active participant in our  school, she is in Key Club, FCA, SGA, FBLA, Diamond Dolls, and Focus.  She is also a football manager, a star in  our archery team, and ranked 3rd in her  class. When asked to be described by  her peers, Hannah Carpenter says:  “She’s very caring and considerate of  others.” Another close friend, Maddie  Hammonds says: “She’s very kind and  respectful.” Her teachers are constantly  praising her achievements. Mrs.  Carpenter remarks on her work ethic:  “She is an extremely hard worker --  she’s already spent dozens of hours on  yearbook, just designing pages!” Any  task that she is assigned is always completed to the best of her abilities.  Chloe plans on attending The University of Mobile. She says that for her  future career, she would like to “teach english to people who don’t know  english”. Wherever her life takes her, we look forward to seeing all of  the many things she will achieve!  






Elementary   By: Samantha Ibarra 


January is an exciting month for Elementary! In the McSteam Lab 2nd  grade are making their very own rain gauges. These rain gauges will be  used to collect rain and measure the amount of rainfall. Also, the Library  is doing a Six Flags Read-A-Thon. The deadline for this challenge will be  February the 22nd and the winner will win a free ticket to Six Flags. Mrs.  Lansford’s 2nd grade class is learning about animal adaptations. They  will be learning about different species of predators and prey to help 



them learn about different adaptations animals have. 2nd grade is also  learning cursive which is a required school, but not many are taught it.  Mrs. Spurling’s 3rd grade class collaborated with partners from Mexico  to help educate others on renewable energy sources. They are also  beginning to learn about fractions. I’m excited to see what elementary  can show us next month!    



        Upcoming Events  By: Chloe Phillips 

❖ January 26th: This is the last day to sign up for FBLA. If you were  planning on signing up, it’s not too late yet.   ❖ February 6th: Progress Reports go home. Make sure you have all  your work turned in and grades brought up.   ❖ February 8th: Mock Interviews are being held in the gym for  grades 9 through 12. Make sure you are dressed professionally,  and have your resumé on hand.   ❖ February 10th: The first ACT of the year will be held. Also, the  Sweetheart Pageant is tonight in the gym.   ❖ February 16th: There will be an FBLA meeting in Ms. Terry’s room  during ACT Prep.   ❖ February 19th: We are out of school today for Presidents Day and  a staff development day. Have a good long break.      



Club News  ​

​By: Taylor Vick 


FBLA    ● Fbla will be going to Montgomery the 31st to talk about Career  Technical Education.  ● The 2nd Week of February is FBLA week.  ● FBLA will be planning for mock interviews.  ● The Pageant is the 10th and will be Co-Sponsored by SGA.    Key Club    ● Key club held a Jean and Hat day January 24th, all profits will go to  Children's Hospital.  ● February 2nd Key club will start selling tickets for Sylacauga  Kiwanis for their Pancake day.  ● January 20th Key Club hosted the Division 11 Winter Rally.       


Important Dates   

January 4th 

First day back to school/ report  cards 

January 15th  

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday NO  SCHOOL 



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January Issue. The Paw Print. Staff: Charity Childs, Ashley Frye, Samantha Ibarra,. Emily Price, Mackenzie Kish, Chloe Phillips, and Taylor. Vick. Page 1 of 7 ...

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