December 31,2017 Sunday Mass: Vigil 4:00pm; 9:00am, 11:00am Weekday Mass: 9:00am - Except Wednesday Morning Prayer 8:45am

St. Athanasius Church 300 Haverhill St, Reading, 01867 Monday - Friday 9am-4pm [email protected] Facebook:

Eucharistic Adoration Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30pm Confessions Available First Saturday Mass: 9:00am

Twitter: Phone: 781-944-0330 Fax: 781-944-1266

Reconciliation: Saturdays 3:153:45pm and during Eucharistic Adoration. Baptism: Celebrated the 3rd Sunday at 1pm. Call to register for Baptism Prep. Anointing of the Sick: Notify the office when a person is seriously ill. Extraordinary Ministers are available to bring the Eucharist to the homebound. Marriage: Call at least 6 months in advance of your wedding.

St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

December 31, 2017

Please pray for our military and civilians who defend our freedom, especially: The 26th “Yankee” Brigade, and 1st Lts. Ryan & Nolan Johnson, US Army, Patrick Cavanaugh, PFC Christopher Lewis, CPL.Brenden Amico, Justin Whitmarsh, PFC Michael Goddard, Chaplain Tom Whiteman, Brian Basso US. Army, USMC Captain Zachary Johnson

Saturday, Dec 30 4:00pm Gerald Zerfas Memorial Sunday, Dec 31 9:00am Kathleen Mulvey Memorial 11:00am Mass for the People Monday, Jan 1 9:00am HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Tuesday, Jan 2 9:00am Helen Murphy Memorial Thursday, Jan 4 9:00am Sandy Schofield Memorial 6:30 pm Adoration Friday, Jan 5 9:00am Rev. Timothy J. Murphy Memorial Saturday, Jan 6 9:00am First Saturday Mass 4:00pm William McLaughlin Memorial Sunday, Jan 7 9:00am Dominic Izzo Memorial 11:00am Giuseppe Fodera Birthday Memorial

Remember those in need of prayers, especially: Maryann Lucerto, Margaret Sumner, John Cadigan, Pat K & Family, Marie Brown, JDF & Family, Patrick & Brianna, Rick Q, Trudy, Sean T, Dianne, Dina Luongo, Anne,Katy, Bernadette, Bryan, Guarino Family, Robert, Richard, Steve R, Nowicki family, Scott, Trudy, Carla, Patrick M, Matthew, Paula, Marie M, Sheila S, Bob C, Rose, Dom, Daniel, Paige Goulet, Sandra Cadigan, Lindsey, Matt & Chloe, Margie M, Kelly G, Frank G, Ben Goodhue, Jeff Eble, Peter, James B, John M, Christine M, Sheila D, Richard Rossi, Dottie Dillon, Dorothea Golini, Richard, Andrew, Thomas, Anna W, Mary M, Terry G,Larry Yetman, Marion,Phil T,Beth O, Denise, Martha K,Anne Marie, Barbara G, Tim Ervin and family, Barbara, Daniel, Asher,Brian,Caitlyn,Sue, Jill, Frank Thomas, Ryan Smith, Johnson Family,Elliott Family,Beth Munn Griffin, Bill Griffin & famly, Danny,Joan.B,Josephine.S,Bob Curran, David W, Morgan L, Enzo David,Josie.B,Dan Daley,Chip Case, Ed. S, Frank. F ,Eddie, Guy.F, Ed .S, Kate R, Marie M


These names will stay in the Prayer Corner until Sunday, Jan 8th - Call the office or email [email protected] to add or renew a name of your loved ones on the list.

Mass Attendance Last Week : 1334 Offertory $ 6,585 Clergy Benefit Trust $ 9,710




31 SUN 1 2 3 4 5 6

Sir 3:2-6, 12-14 or Gn 15:1-6; 21:1-3/Col 3:12-21 or 3:1217 or Hb 11:8, 11-12, 17-19/ Lk 2:22-40 or 2:22, 39-40 MON Nm 6:22-27, or Heb1:1-2, Lk 2:16-21 TUE Jn 2:22-28, or , Heb 1:1-2, Jn 1:19-28 WED Jn 2:29-3:6 , or JN 1:14 , or Jn 1:29-34 THURS Jn 3:7-10, or Heb 1:1-2, or Jn 1:35-42 FRI JN 3: 11-21, or JN 1:43-51 SAT Jn 1 5:5-13, or SEE Mk 9:6, or Mk 1:7-11



*** Rel Ed Classes resume all week ***



St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

December 31, 2017

Grief, Loss and General Pastoral Care


is h !! Par ings !! en app


St. Athanasius provides individual or small group support to those experiencing the loss of a loved

The next bottle and can organizing session is on Saturday, Jan 6th starting at 8am. We need youth and adult volunteers to help sort . All of the money deposits return to St. Athanasius Parish.

one, other kinds of loss, or any other life difficulty or stress. We collaborate with various groups and counselors in the area who provide services at no cost. If you or someone you know is experiencing loss or distress and would like time limited pastoral counseling, please contact the parish office for more information.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION HAPPENINGS Below Photo : Grade 4 enjoying their Christmas Party and wishing you all a Merry Christmas ! Mrs. B, Ben, Anthony, Michael, Zach, Nolan, Frankie, Juliette & Caroline

Below Photo: Ms. Chrissy’s 1st grade Class proudly displays their homemade mangers


St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

December 31, 2017


Ladies’ Prize Bingo

St. Athanasius is hosting an opportunity in Parish Life… The Saturday Night Club. Every third Saturday of the Month, all are welcomed to meet up at our Parish Center for an evening of activities; structured or arbitrary, or perhaps just come to hang out with new people. We can provide rides for those who let us know beforehand. Some of the events planned are:

Sunday, Jan 21st at 6pm Potluck - bring food and drinks to share ! Dooney & Burke, Coach, Kate Spade, jewelry, candles, make up, and more!

$20/ticket January 20, 6:30-9:00 Paint night $20 per participant Alternatives for those not painting, Playing cards, Chess, Cribbage, tea tasting, etc.

Limited amount of tickets are available in the office or through Cindy Canavan 781-872-0042 or [email protected]

February 17, 6:30-9:00 participant

Floral Arranging Class….$10.00 per


Please Join Us! First Saturday Mass For the Blessed Mother Saturday, Jan 6 Rosary 8:45am Mass 9:00am

THANK YOU FROM US !! The St. Athanasius Christmas Faire is over for another year. That being said, we want to acknowledge all those who contributed to its success. The team at the Stitchers' Corner (Knit Table) wishes to Thank all who donated handmade items to the Faire, especially anyone who left items but didn't leave your name. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Join us for Eucharistic Adoration at St. Athanasius Every Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm With Confession

Diane Bukowski, Stitchers' Corner Coordinator

Something to Think About …

Donation Opportunities for Special Items

With the end of Christmas Season, are we ready to accept God’s love and grace while moving into the new year ? 4

Heating Oil (1 week)


1 Month of Altar candles


Flowers for the week


Bread & Wine for the week


St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

December 31, 2017

Feast of the Holy Family Sometimes it seems odd to listen to politicians talk about family values as though no one has ever heard of them. People live family values every day, often heroically, helping one another achieve greatness and success. The family value is love. It carries us through, and helps bring us together as one. It supports and affirms, it heals and nourishes, and it forgives and accepts. With the focus on Jesus, the role of the Holy Family can sometimes be forgotten. Joseph, as husband and father, protects and guides. Mary, as wife and mother, nourishes and supports. Jesus, as a son, obeys and grows in holiness and wisdom. Despite their unique roles in salvation history, the members of this family are pretty much like the rest of us: living together in faith, hope and love. The Christmas Season gives us many opportunities to express our love and appreciation for our family. Time spent together is so precious and we should try to include everyone, even those who over time and events have grown a bit distant. Pray for the grace of the Holy Family and let others know how much they are loved. ~James Gaffney, St. George Publishing [email protected]


St. Athanasius Parish, Reading, MA

December 31, 2017

Reading Has Welcomed a Refugee Family

Parish Staff

Members of Reading POWR (People Organized to Welcome Refugees), a program of Catholic Charities of Boston, greeted a family of three adult refugees from Ethiopia at Logan Airport on Wednesday, December 20. Volunteers brought a “Welcome” banner and an array of warm clothes for people who had never experienced snow or cold weather. Reading POWR located an affordable apartment for them in Reading and will turn now to helping them to improve their English and adjust to life in a new country. Their arrival in Reading just before Christmas was a poignant one: we hope to be able to assure them that there is, indeed, “room for them at the Inn” after their years of privation and turmoil. The family includes a respected tribal elder, his young adult son, and a nephew. All have spent the last twelve years in a refugee camp in Kenya, hoping for a permanent home where they could live in peace and safety. They have passed multiple background checks, and are able to work and pursue U.S. citizenship. Financial donations are still most welcome to help with their expenses until they are self-supporting: visit the Reading POWR website at https:// or go to .

Pastor ………………………………. Reverend Darin V. Colarusso [email protected] Parochial Vicar………………………..Reverend Patrick Armano [email protected] Permanent Deacon………………………….Deacon Neil Sumner [email protected] Permanent Deacon…………..….………… Deacon Matt Baltier [email protected] Administrative Office Manager………………. Kerry Basford [email protected] Director of Religious Ed……………………………….. Jo-Ann Rossi [email protected] Music Director..………………………………………..John Donovan [email protected] Business Manager……………………………………...Janine Castro [email protected] Administrative Assistant ……………………….. Luann Barretto [email protected] Youth Ministry……………………………………….Brad Agostinelli [email protected] Religious Ed Administrative Assistant …..Michele Barrette [email protected]

Submissions for our bulletin are by Monday 9am [email protected]

READING FOOD PANTRY Suggestions for January White Tuna in water, Hot Chocolate, Cereal, Snacks for children, Ramen Noodles, Soup , Coffee, Tea Caring for the needs of our Community


Elder Crisis Law Protect Home & Assets

(781) 782-6000

Gosselin & Kyriakidis, P.C. MA Elder Law Attorneys

841 Main Street Tewksbury, MA 01876



(978) 851-9103





Rosaries from Flowers “Handmade from the Flowers of your Loved One”

Elegant Independent and Assisted Living, with Exceptional Alzheimer’s Care. Ask about our

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West Concord,

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What’s Insid

N e w E n g l a n d J r. C la y C J u ly 1 0 t h t o J u ly 1 3 th o u r t C h a m p io n s h ip s N e w E n g l a n d Jr. H a rd C o u rt C A u g u st 1 4 h a m p io n s th to A u g u h ip s s t 1 7 th


C e le s t e F r e y A c a d e m y M a n a g e r


[email protected] | 617-779-3777 | 20


A le x H o w a rd H e a d C o a c h

D a v e C o lb y J u n io r P r o g ra m

Saturday, June 26

th, 2


Kindly RSVP by June 23

Clergy Health and Retirement Trust Caring for the Well-being of our Priests


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West Concord,

Clergy Health and Retirement Trust


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Through a unique collaboration The with Cambridge Homes , a local assisted living residence and The Griffin Museum, come view remarkable and inspiring photography in a comfortable home-like setting.


“Be a Servant” Matthew 20:26

“God is Love” 1 John 4:8

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Help Them Make A Decision 617-779-3777 They Can’t Make Themselves

[email protected] CASH FOR YOUR

Have you reached the point where you feel like you can’t fully meet the needs of a loved one struggling with memory impairment? Reflections at The Arbors can help.

Any Size Big Or Small | ✔ Downsizing ✔ Life Transition ✔ Inherited Property

Any Condition We Buy Them All ✔ House Needs Repairs ✔ No Home Inspection ✔ Close In as Few as 5 Days As Seen On

Our assisted living residential program offers specialized memory support, keeping your loved one engaged and active in a safe, homelike environment. Call us to make an appointment today.

The Arbors at Stoneham 140 Franklin Street Stoneham, MA 02180 (781) 435-1958

800-983-1193 | For Advertising call 617-779-3771

Pilot Bulletins

Saint Athanasius, Reading, MA


Family Owned and Operated Since 1960

John B. Douglass, Sr. and John B. Douglass, II 25 Sanborn Street • Reading, MA 01867

Lumber & Plywood Andersen Windows

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The North Shore’s most popular address for maintenance-free retirement living.

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One of “America’s Best Nursing Homes” —U.S. News & World Report

Located above Ryer’s Store 162 Park Street, Suite 201 • North Reading

Licensed Nursing 24 hours a day • Recreational Therapy • Strengthening Physical Therapy Occupational & Speech Therapy • Respite & Long-Term Intermediate Care • Medicare accepted

59 Middlesex Avenue, Reading, MA (781) 944-4410



Stoneham Fuel 781-665-3100

Advanced Funeral Planning and Irrevocable Trusts Available •

Dr. Suzanne M. Ward - Optometrist

Automatic Delivery • 24-Hr. Burner Service Budget Payment Plans • Service Contracts Fuel Assistance Family Owned & Operated for Over 35 Years!

Heating Systems & Boiler Installations

Home Cooking At Its Finest

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Best Breakfast in Town! • Casual Family Dining • Home Cooked Specials Daily • Children’s Menu Available OPEN: MON.-FRI. 6AM-2PM – SAT. & SUN. 7AM-2PM

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FENCING FOR YOUR KIDS, DOGSfrom & UGLY NEIGHBORS! We have any type of fencing vinyl to cedar to We have any type of fencing from vinyl to cedar to ornamental, and even chain link! ornamental, and even chain link!

Home Healthcare

NORTHEASTERN FENCE AND SUPPLY 74 Broadway (Route 1 North) Saugus, MA 01906 (781) 233-3324


P r o f e s s i o n a l s


Beth Stakem CBR, REALTOR [email protected]

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Leading Edge

248 Main St. Suite 201, Reading High School

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Chris Cook


Family owned private home care services specializing in elderly and chronic care




Douglass, Edgerley & Bessom Funeral Home


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CFBS & Partner Office: (617)526-9325 Cell: (781)718-1715 [email protected] Holistic Business and Personal Financial Planning – Reading, MA






need-based scholarships for students at 84 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston

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Pilot Bulletins

Saint Athanasius, Reading, MA


December 31,2017 -

Dec 31, 2017 - Brad Agostinelli [email protected] Religious Ed Administrative Assistant …..Michele Barrette [email protected]

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Dec 18, 2009 - ALIX: Commercial building best buy on 2 corner .... Council table this item until the next budget meeting. ...... Tupperware Party Hosting.

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Weatherly welcomed it's first Pre-K class this year. St. Matthews Union Church made each Pre-K stu- dent a blanket to keep them toasty and warm this winter. Page 3 of 9. December Newspaper.pdf. December Newspaper.pdf. Open. Extract. Open with. Sign I