St. Ansgar, Iowa December 10, 2012 The St. Ansgar Community School District is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Educational Agency. The Board of Directors of the St. Ansgar Community School District met in regular session in the High School Media Center at 7:02 P.M. Present: Directors Char Gordon, Gene Hertel, Tara Bork, Matt Hanna, Ed Kleinwort, and Steve Groth. Superintendent Jody Gray. Principals Scott Cakerice and Kristy Wagner. Secretary Lisa Groth. Seven guests were also present. Absent: Director Bryan Shupe. The meeting was called to order by President Gordon. Kleinwort moved duly 2nd by Hertel to approve the agenda. Ayes-Hertel, Bork, Hanna, Kleinwort, Groth, and Gordon. Nays-None. Steve Pope of Steve Pope Photography LLC, presented checks totaling $1,000 to the school district for allowing his business to take the 2012-2013 student school pictures. $250 is for the Yearbook, $250 for a 2013 student scholarship, and $500 is a donation for the districts’ operating fund. Director Bork reported that the Lego League students did an awesome job this year and thanked Mrs. Powers for all of her work with the teams and students. Director Kleinwort shared an idea he had seen at another school district that made it easier for P.E. and substitute teachers to know students names. Principal Wagner asked that a middle school “Toys for Tots” fundraiser be added to the list for approval tonight. She has also had a teacher request that a “Math Counts” team be allowed to compete at NIACC. The staff member is willing to coach the team. Director Kleinwort mentioned that if the school needed a sponsor for the “Math Counts” registration fee that St. Ansgar Mills would probably cover it. Superintendent Gray reported on the new Plasma Cutter recently purchased for the Industrial Tech and Ag departments, a new van, transitioning the district radios to narrow band, and the Elementary Facilities Committee. Kleinwort moved duly 2nd by Bork to approve the Consent Action Items which included the following: A. Minutes from the November 12, 2012 board meeting. B. Warrants in the amount of $75,755.93, November prepaid bills in the amount of $51,988.41, and November payroll and payroll related expenditures of $447,102.41. C. Financial Reports including General and School House Fund, Employee Health Fund, Investment Report, Hot Lunch, and Activity Accounts. D. Approve the resignation of Melissa Edgington as Assistant High School Volleyball Coach 1

at the end of the 2012-13 contract. E. Approve IA Core Curriculum payments of $100/each to Luke Nielsen, Connie Jenkins, Jason Squier, and Lowana Hannam and a payment of $75 to Craig Christensen. F. Approve Teacher Quality Committee Payments of $56.25/each to Mary Wittenburg, Nina Bates, and Laura Larson. G. Approve November Learning Connection salary payment to Susan Loken in the amount of $2,668.00. Ayes-Bork, Hanna, Kleinwort, Groth, Gordon, and Hertel. Nays-None. Bork moved duly 2nd by Hanna to approve the Toys for Tots, American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart, and the Hoops for Heart fund raisers as presented. Ayes-Hanna, Kleinwort, Groth, Gordon, Hertel, and Bork. Nays-None. Superintendent Gray gave a building update. The Middle School/High School building will be closed December 22, 2012 thru December 26,2012. All keys will be deactivated for that period of time. This is the conference black out and custodians will be waxing. Superintendent Gray also reported on the possibility of doing something with door access, and that the Fire Marshall and Health Inspector were both here last week. An Early Start Calendar Hearing was held at 7:30 P.M. President Gordon called the hearing to order. There were no written or verbal comments. The hearing was closed. Superintendent Gray gave a short Baseball Field Project update. Kleinwort moved duly 2nd by Bork to approve the second reading of Board Policies 403.7 Drug and Alcohol Testing and 401.12 Employee Travel Compensation. Ayes-Kleinwort, Groth, Gordon, Hertel, Bork, and Hanna. Nays-None. Kleinwort moved duly 2nd by Groth to table Student Pictures for 2013-2014 until bids are available. Ayes-Groth, Gordon, Hertel, Bork, Hanna, and Kleinwort. Nays-None. Bork moved duly 2nd by Hanna to approve the 2013-2014 Modified Allowable Growth Application for Dropout Prevention which requests MAG in the amount of $82,258. AyesGordon, Hertel, Bork, Hanna, Kleinwort, and Groth. Nays-None. There were no open enrollment requests. Board members shared what they learned at the IASB Convention last month. Kleinwort moved duly 2nd by Groth that we hold a closed session as provided in section 21.5(l)(i) of the open meetings law to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose performance is being considered to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation, as that individual has requested a closed session. Ayes-Hertel, Bork, Hanna, Kleinwort, Groth, and Gordon. Nays-None. The board entered closed session at 8:05 P.M. The board left closed session at 8:52 P.M. 2

Kleinwort moved duly 2nd by Hanna to hold a special board meeting/work session on December 17, 2012 at 6:00 P.M. Ayes-Bork, Hanna, Kleinwort, Groth, Gordon, and Hertel. Nays-None. The meeting adjourned at 8:55 P.M. Attachments to the board minutes may be viewed at the Board Secretary’s Office. There may be a charge for any copies that are requested.

____________________________ Charlotte Gordon, President

_______________________ Lisa Groth, Board Secretary


December 10, 2012 Minutes.pdf

Charlotte Gordon, President Lisa Groth, Board Secretary. Page 3 of 3. December 10, 2012 Minutes.pdf. December 10, 2012 Minutes.pdf. Open. Extract.

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