Death Watch by Jack Cavanaugh

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Description: YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR DEATH STOP PRECISELY FORTY-EIGHT HOURS FROM THE TIME OF THIS TRANSMISSION YOU WILL DIE STOP THIS IS AN OFFICIAL DEATH WATCH NOTICE STOP Rookie news reporter Sydney St. James found the first Death Watch notice in a vehicle at the scene of a fatal accident. That was just hours ago. Now other notices are turning up worldwide-and Sydney finds herself paired with renowned international newscaster

Hunz Vonner in a desperate attempt to unmask the terrorists. The wording of the notices is always the same-as are the results. There is no pattern to the victims' deaths. Every attempt to save the recipients fails. Government agencies and news organizations are stumped. Then it gets personal. People close to Sydney begin receiving Death Watch notices. The clock is ticking ...and suddenly, Sydney finds herself in possession of an astonishing secret. It could break the power of Death Watch, save the lives of those she loves ...and ruin her forever.

About Author:

Jack Cavanaugh is an award-winning, full-time freelance author with twenty-five published novels to his credit. His nine-volume American Family Portrait series spans the history of a nation from 1630 to the present and is still in print nearly fifteen years following its release. A student of the novel for more than a quarter of a century, Jack takes his craft seriously, continuing to study and teach at Christian writers conferences. He is the former pastor of three churches in San Diego County and draws upon his theological background for the spiritual elements of his plots and characters. His novels have been translated into a dozen foreign languages, largely because of the universal scope of his topics. Jack has not only written about American history, but about South Africa, banned English Bibles, German Christians in the days of Hitler and Communism, revivals in America, and angelic warfare. Jack’s current writing schedule includes motion picture screenplays and e-book serial fiction with Internet distribution. His novel Death Watch has been optioned to be made into a motion picture by Out Cold Entertainment, Inc. Jack has three grown children and lives with his wife in Southern California. AWARDS • Silver Medallion Award (1995), Christian Booksellers Association • Christy Award (2002, 2003), Excellence in Christian Fiction • Silver Angel Award (2002), Excellence in Media • Gold Medal, Best Historical (2001), ForeWord Magazine • Best Historical Novel (1994), San Diego Literary Society • Best Novel (1995, 1996, 2005), San Diego Christian Writers Guild

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Apr 12, 2010 Lynnda Ell Rated it: it was amazing Shelves: books-i-will-keep What if every person on earth received a 48-hour notice that they would die? That is the premis of Death Watch. The twists and turns of this story kept me turning the pages long after I should have been in bed. Well written, wholely believable, and thought provoking, this Christy Award winner is definitely a keeper. 1 like


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