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Attribution insights may suggest strategic shifts that require significant stakeholder buy-in. Build trust, secure support, and create momentum — with Adometry’s data monitoring feature. Congratulations! You’ve moved beyond the confines of the last touch mentality and into a new era of data-driven decisionmaking. With advanced attribution in place, your organization has a new view of customer behavior and ROI. But as attribution insights roll in, don’t be surprised if skepticism rolls in as well. Gaining real visibility into the customer journey may suggest strategic shifts — and create new debates. As organizational friction mounts, stakeholders may begin to ask: “Can we trust the data these insights are based on?”

Garbage In, Garbage Out Stakeholders have a right to healthy skepticism. Since many complex data sources must come together to reveal attribution insights, the quality and consistency of data inputs is a critical success factor. When it comes to attribution, the output is only as good as the quality of the data provided. Until now, ensuring input data quality required business decision-makers to slow down and wait as technical resources completed laborious, hand-pulled data comparisons. The availability of Adometry’s real-time data monitoring functionality changes the game.

Real-Time Transparency Data monitoring provides real-time visibility and instant quality checks across data inputs. Now, you can verify all data sources are represented, confirm data accuracy is within industry standards, and take necessary actions, instantly. With data monitoring, you can easily: • Check that impression and click data are accurately tagged and captured. • Ensure that conversion data, such as page tags, are present and properly deployed over time. • Analyze impressions by publisher, clicks by channel, and compare against 3rd-party ad server data to alert you of discrepancies of greater than 10%. • Validate landing page and conversion events broken down by day. Using this standard feature within the Adometry Platform, your team is empowered to combat — and ultimately resolve — input data inaccuracies. The result is increased organizational trust in attribution findings, ensuring stakeholder confidence remains high as you pursue new, data-driven strategies. 

Real Customer Reactions Data monitoring delivers a new level of data confidence to Adometry customers. Our customers have confirmed that the new functionality addresses a need long-felt by decision-makers across the enterprise, from IT to the C-suite. 

As Johnathan Haynes, Director of Data Sciences at Starcom USA, points out in an article for, “Algorithmic-based attribution ... is capable of great accuracy in terms of identifying which media is driving conversions. All this said, models are only as good as the data put into them.”

Take the First Step to Transparency Examining the customer journey with Adometry’s data-driven attribution — including a new level of data transparency — can help you refine your marketing strategy and maximize performance at every step. “With Data monitoring, I know that the conclusions I’m drawing and the strategies I’m recommending are derived from data I’ve confirmed with my own eyes. It makes an incredible difference.” Brandon Bethea, Chief Conversion Officer, Sq1

PRO TIP No matter who you select as your attribution partner, ensure your vendor provides visibility into the quality of your input data — and that your in-house technical resources will have access to vendor-based experts in order to resolve data issues as needed.

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Data Monitoring: Trust in Your Data Services

checks across data inputs. Now, you can verify all data sources are represented, confirm data accuracy is within industry standards, and take necessary actions, ...

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