100+  dancers.   Six  groups.   One  passion.   Demetrakia  I  :  YAL  –  12th  grade   and  up   Demetrakia  II  :  8th  grade  –  11th   grade   Demetrakia  III  :  5th  grade  –  7th  

Community.   Demetrakia  Dance  Groups   perform  at  all  types  of   community  events.  

Demetrakia  IV  :  3rd  &  4th  grades  

Please  contact  us  if  we  can  help   make  your  event  more  cultured,   exciting,  surprising,  and  GREEK!  

Demetrakia  V  :  1st  &  2nd  grades  

•  Festivals  

Demetrakia  VI  :  4  &  5  yrs.  

•  Fundraisers  


•  Cultural  events   •  Seminars   •  Banquets   •  And  more!  

Saint  Demetrios  Demetrakia   Facebook.com/DemetrakiaDanceTroupe  

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Faith.  Culture.  Community.  

The  Demetrakia  Dance  Troupe  takes  pride  in  uniting  many  families  within  Saint  Demetrios   and   preserving   the   Greek   culture   through   traditional   Folk   Dances   and   music.   Besides   learning   and   performing   these   dances,   members   learn   about   teamwork,   perseverance,   respect,   hard   work,   coordination,   endurance,   and   much   more!   The   relationships   the   dancers  make  within  this  organization  are  the  ones  that  last  a  lifetime!   The   dance   groups   cover   dances   from   Thrace,   Pontos,   Macedonia,   Ikaria,   Crete,   Rhodes,   Epirus,  Kalymnos,  Kalamata,  Peloponnesus,  and  many  more!    

“We  should  consider  every   day  lost  on  which  we  have   not  danced  at  least  once.”   Instructors:   D  I  :  Emily  Liadakis,  Irene   Giannaros,  Mathew  Polites   D  II  :  Katina  Zozos,  Dimitra  

Fun  Facts  about  Greek  Folk  Dance:   •

All  regions  have  their  own   specialized  dances  

Dances  usually  move  in   counterclockwise  circles  

Zozos-­‐‑Eleftheriou     D  III  :  Ekaterini  Mavrophilipos    

D  IV  :  Maroula  Giannaros     D  V  :  Hrisoula  Mavrophilipos  

There  are  different  hand  holds   associated  with  different  dances  

There  were  more  than  200  ancient   Greek  dances;  comic  dance,  warlike  

D  VI  :  Elisabeth  Fassas,  Tina   Kazakos  

The  person  on  the  end  is  the  “leader”   which  will  typically  do  a  variation  on   a  step  or  a  “figoura”  

dances,  dances  for  athletes  and  for   religious  worship,  plus  dances  for   weddings  and  celebrations  

Each  region  has  different  costumes   based  on  climates  and  resources  

Different  styles  of  music  also   correspond  with  different   instruments  used...  i.e.  lyra:  Pontos,   violin:  Crete,  clarinet:  Xios  

Some  dances  were  danced  by  men   and  some  by  women;  rarely  did  they   dance  together  

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