NAME: Rosen Lubomirov Lutskanov

DATE OF BIRTH: September 30, 1979

PLACE OF BIRTH: Sofia, Bulgaria



EDUCATION: 1993 – 1998, Sofia School of Mathematics 1998 – 2002, Sofia University, Faculty of Philosophy 2002 – 2006, Department of Logic, Institute for Philosophical Research

ACADEMIC CAREER: 2002 – Bachelor in Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University (BA Thesis Title: “The living idea in the system of philosophical sciences”) 2006 – PhD in Logic, Institute for Philosophical Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (PhD Thesis Title: “The Incompleteness Phenomenon: logical analysis, metamathematical justification and philosophical interpretations of the limitative theorems”)

SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: Logic, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology


2 Russian – good German – basic Spanish – basic

SHORT-TERM SPECIALIZATIONS: ♦ Slovenia, State University of Lubljana, Faculty of Philosophy – 01.05.2004 – 30.05.2004 ♦ Hungary, Eötvös Loránd State University, Faculty of History and Philosophy of Science – 01.10.2005 – 01.11.2005 ♦ Slovakia, Slovakian Academy of Science, Institute of Philosophy – 05.10.2006 – 05.11.2006

MEMBERSHIP IN SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS: ♦ Bulgarian Ontological Society (since 2006) ♦ Institute for Critical Social Studies (since 2006)

PUBLICATIONS: 1. Lutskanov, R. 2008. Once again about Hegel’s swimming lessons. In: Proceedings of the conference devoted to Prof. Gentcho Donchev (forthcomming) 2. Lutskanov, R. 2008. Dimiter Michalchev and the remkean critique of the traditional logic. In: Proceedings of the conference devoted to Prof. Dimiter Michalchev (forthcomming) 3. Lutskanov, R. 2008. From non-classical to universal logic: the categorical imperative of logic in XXI century. Philosophical Alternatives (forthcomming) 4. Lutskanov, R. 2007. Logical necessity and revision: the dynamics of logical consequence. In: Petrov, V. (ed.) Being and knowledge in post-metaphysical context. Sofia: IPhR-BAS (forthcomming) 5. Lutskanov, R. 2007. Dynamic theories of logical consequence. Philosophy, 2. 6. Lutskanov, R. 2007. Do we need epistemic standards? In: Stefanov, A., L. Gurova and A. Apostolov (eds.) Epistemic standards in science. Sofia: St. Kliment Ochridski 7. Lutskanov, R. 2007. Logical form and logical consequence. In: Stefanov, V. (ed.) Logic in time. Sofia: Sofia University Press (forthcomming)

3 8. Lutskanov, R. 2006. Gödel, Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle. In: Philosophy bridging Civilizations and Cultures. Sofia: IPhR-BAS (forthcomming) 9. Lutskanov, R. 2007. Remarks on the apocryphic history of mathematical logic. Critique and Humanism, 4 (forthcomming) 10. Lutskanov, R. 2007 The future of the philosophy of mathematics. In: Kaneva, S. (ed.) The Future of Philosophy. Sofia: Marin Drinov Academic Publishers (forthcomming) 11. Lutskanov, R. 2007. Remarks on Wittgenstein’s theory of meaning as use. Philosophical Alternatives, 1. 12. Lutskanov, R. 2006. The incompleteness theorem – schematic reconstruction of its historical context. Philosophy, 3. 13. Lutskanov, R. 2006. Revision theory of truth. Philosophical Alternatives, 1. 14. Lutskanov, R. 2005. Metamathematics and metaphysics. Philosophy, 5. 15. Lutskanov, R. 2005. Aristotle’s logic: non-classical and non-traditional. Philosophy, 2. 16. Lutskanov, R. 2005. On the epistemic significance of the logic of dissensus. In: Petrov, V. (ed.) Ontologic and epistemic optics to the phenomenon of contemporaneity. Sofia: Virtual Center for music, culture and scientific research. 17. Lutskanov, R. 2005. Incompleteness and non-monotonicity. In: Christov, I. (ed.) Philosophical Readings: Plovdiv, 2004. Sofia: LIK Publishers. 18. Lutskanov, R. 2004. Apology of metaphysics. Philosophy, 5. 19. Lutskanov, R. 2004. The limitative theorems in philosophical context. In: Christov, I. (ed.) Philosophical Readings: Arbanasi, 2003. Sofia: LIK Publishers. 20. Lutskanov, R. 2003. The open society and the organic state. Philosophy, 3. 21. Lutskanov, R. 2002. The constitution of the particular realms of experience through the higher cognitive faculties in Kant’s philosophy. Philosophical Alternatives, 3-4.

PAPERS READ AT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS: 1. October, 2005: “Changing rules as we go along” (Department of Logic, ELTE, Budapest, Hungary) 2. June, 2006: “Gödel, Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle” (Varna International Summer Philosophical School, Varna, Bulgaria) 3. October, 2006: “Wittgenstein’s use theory of meaning and his critique of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem” (Department of Analytic Philosophy, Slovakian Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia)

4 4. January, 2007: “Science wars and epistemic ruptures” (Institute for Critical Social Studies Workshop, Plovdiv, Bulgaria) 5. March, 2007: “Hilbert’s program: the transcendental roots of mathematical knowledge” (Contemporary Philosophy Seminar, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria) 6. June, 2007: “Logical necessity and revision: the dynamics of logical consequence” (Being and Knowledge in post-metaphysical context, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria) 7. December 2007: “The meaning of logical constants in proof-theoretic semantics” (Theoretical Philosophy Seminar, ELTE, Budapest, Hungary)

TRANSLATIONS: Boole, G. 2005. The nature of science and the constitution of intellect. Philosophical Alternatives, 5, pp. 49-63.

PARTICIPATION IN RESEARCH PROJECTS: 1. Whiteheadian Process Thought and Its Relevance for Contemporary Challenges in Philosophy and Science (Joint Research Project with the University of Liege, Belgium) 2. Representation and Inference (Joint Research Project with the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences) 3. Modality, Truth and Knowledge (Joint Research Project with the Institute for Philosophical Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: 2006/2007, 2007/2008: Assistant Professor in Formal Logic at the Faculty of Ethnology and Philosophy, University of Plovdiv.

EXPERT ACTIVITIES: 2007 Scientific editor of the collected logical treatises of Prof. Dobrin Spasov.

curriculum vitae

Slovakia, Slovakian Academy of Science, Institute of Philosophy – 05.10.2006 –. 05.11. ... Lutskanov, R. 2008. Dimiter Michalchev and the remkean critique of the traditional logic. In: Proceedings of the conference devoted to Prof. Dimiter Michalchev ... October, 2005: “Changing rules as we go along” (Department of Logic,.

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