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: : : : :

Ben Tanfous Noureddine 17 May 1957 Tunis / TUNISIA Married + 3 Residence El Milaha 83 Rue L Aigle 1074, El Mourouj2 - Tunis Tunisie : + 216 71 376 840 + 216 98 358 939


: [email protected]

Languages Written And spoken

: Arabic : English : Frensh

Fluent Fluent Fluent

School Background 1981 1977 1969 1963

To To To To

1983 1979 1977 1969

STCW 95 Certificates February 2004 February 2003

: Merchant Marine high School Nantes (France) : Merchant Marine high School (Sousse) : Technical School (Tunis) : Primary School (La Sadiki)

: STCW 95 chief Engineer endorsement Liberian goverment issue : STCW 95 chief Engineer endorsement Tunisia goverment issue

Academic Degrees. February 1987 June 1983 June 1981 June 1979 June 1977

: First Class Marine Certificate Of Competency : First Class Mechanical of engineer officer diploma (Nantes France) : First Class Mechanical Lieutenant certificate of competency : First Class Mechanical Lieutenant diploma (Sousse) : Baccalaureate Math & Technical(Tunis)

Training Course. March 2007

: HMI (Human Machine Interface) Programming

March 2007

: Hammelman HP Pumps & Pyroban Protection System Training

April 2005

: Vibration analysis course

April 2004

: Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming.

December 2003 July 2003 November 2002

September 2002 August 2002 July 2002 March 1997 June 1994 December 1993

April 1990 March 1989 March 1988 June 1987

: Welder qualification and welding procedure course (Bureau VERITAS) : Oil Tanker specialised certificates (Warsash Maritime Center UK) : Medical 1st Aid Training certificate (Medic MultiService Sousse)



Advanced Fire fighting Training Course(Menzel Bourguiba)

: Certificate of Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat (Menzel Bourguiba) : Amos Maintenance Software Use and administrator course (Xantic Manchester UK) : Corrosion Control Course

(Cabinet Pezou)

: Leader Ship Course (LAAMOURI Institute TUNIS) : Project Planning and control course . (ECITB ALTENS ABERDEEN SCOTLAND) Maintenance Management Course. ECITB ALTENS ABERDEEN SCOTLAND) : Leader Ship Course (LAAMOURI Institute TUNIS) : Standard & Advanced First Aid Course (Survival Center ABERDEEN) : Basic Fire Fighting course : (Offshore Training Center. MONTROSE SCOTLAND) : Work Planning course (CIFTEC TUNIS)

Career Objective : -

Maintenance , planning superintendent

Additional Skill : -

B.Veritas certified chief engineer. DNV certified chief engineer. Computer Software hardware abilities, Word processor, Spreadsheets 2nd level, Access Microsoft Database programmer and most of the PC programs. Familiarities with the most recent software as well as other Engineering software.


: Available upon request.

Summary : Isis Field offshore Tunisia -

Lundin Netherlands 4 Years Chief Engineer (Maintenance Supervisor)

Bouri Field Oil Offshore Lybia -

Agip Oil Ltd 3 Years Senior Plant (Senior maintenance and operation)

Tazeka Oil field offshore Tunisia -

SMIP (Petrolium maintenance Company) 2 years Technical Superintendent / Maintenance Supervisor Samedan Of Tunisia American company 6 Years Mechanical Supervisor. Shell Tunirex Deutch Company 4 Years Mechanical Technician ./ Supervisor

Sailing Compagny -

C.T.N (Cargo & Tanker Shipping Company) 7 years (51effective Months Mechanical Engineer.)

Professional Experience Detailed : April 2002 up to date Compagny name : Lundin Netherlands B.V Title

: Maintenance Supervisor / Chief Engineer

I am the head of Planning / Maintenance and Purchase of the whole installation, supervising a team of maintenance Engineers from different Skills (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, IT , Oil Process & space tracks) , my main task is to keep production high without time loss. Maintain the installation at the high level with the minimum cost. As well as using the new technologic tools to assure the the ongoing predictive and planned maintenance system. I started in this field from scratch, I trained the actual team. Using the Amos maintenance system we success to have a very good computerised maintenance system.

May 1999 To April 2002 Compagny name : Agip Oil Title

: senior Plant Engineer

In this position I was the head of the Mechanical section of the installation I was in charge of the maintenance and operation of the steam plant, Turbo power generation and Turbo cargo pumps. During the short period spent there, I won the confiance of the management as by using my computer skill to organise the existing jobs, computerizing most of the routine reports and made data more accessible which lead to the reduce of the man hours. I was elected to be the resposible of the new compterised planned maintenance system SAMA

January 1997 To March 1999 Compagny name : S.M.I.P Title

:Technical Superintendent / Maintenance Supervisor

With S.M.I.P I was in charge of the technical side of Tazerka offshore FPSU .I was the head of the marine section as superintendent for the supply boat owned by SMIP. I worked as technical coordinator on many project like painting program, B.V Certification, yoke disconnection preparation and on revamping program.

January 1991 To December 1996 Compagny name : SAMEDAN OF TUNISIA Title

:Mechanical supervisor

The Tazerka Offshore installation installation was handovered from Shell Tunirex to Samedan oil Of Tunisia In the same oil field and platform I continued in the same position. - In this Position. I was the head of the mechanical section . All planned and breakdown maintenance are carried out effectively safely and in the most economical way. I maintained relevant records and adequate stock of spare parts. - My computing skill , allowed me to computerise the planned and unscheduled maintenance, stock check I developed a GMAO program to control and make machinery and data accessible .(Under Microsoft Access database) - As I am holding the Bureau Veritas agreement , I carried out all machinery equipment maintenance under continuous survey and hull inspection for B. V requirements. - Safety side During my shift I assume the responsibility of the intervention team leader. I prepare the safety lecture and planned exercises and in sometimes I prepare the first aid exercise.

From April 1987 To December 1990 Compagny name

: SHELL TUNIREX (Tazerka Offshore F.P.S.U)

Tazerka Platform is a super tanker converted on LACIOTAT on oil production and storage unit by adding new facilities . April 1987 To April 1988 : (Mechanical Technician)

In this period I carried out all maintenance and repairs on the platform mechanical equipment such as diesel engines HP Steam boiler, air conditioning and refrigerating compressors and pumps. Under the supervision of the mechanical supervisor . January 1988 To December 1990 : (Mechanical supervisor) Same position as described above with Samedan.

From Sept 79 To March 87 Compagny name : Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation Merchant Marine Sept.79 ToSept. 81 July.83



Total Marine Experiences

- 13 Months As Cadet Engineer. - 8 Months As 2nd Engineer. - 8 Months As 2nd Engineer. - 22 Months As 1st Engineer. : 52 Months Effective Sailing months .

On board motor ships over than 8000 HP . I was responsible for repair maintenance and operation on stemn diesel, electric, hydraulic pneumatic , refrigerating and air conditioning installations This experience allowed me to success in my next job with SHELL TUNIREX.

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Tazeka Oil field offshore Tunisia. - SMIP (Petrolium maintenance Company). 2 years Technical Superintendent / Maintenance Supervisor. - Samedan Of Tunisia ...

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