CURRICULUM VITAE Personal detail       

Full name: Thach To Nhu Date of birth: 18th September, 1994 Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Postal address: 233/53B Vo Van Kiet Street, Co Giang Ward, District 1, HCMC. Email: [email protected] Telephone number: 096 212 6465

Education background From 2012 to 2016

Majoring Finance at HCMC Open University, Vietnam Achieve GPA of 8.30/10

Career Objective  Sharpen and develop analytical mind  Widen my knowledge and get more experiences and skills in work and life Working Experience Sep 2016- Feb 2017

Working as Financial Debt Accountant in Dolphin Logistics Job description:

 Observe and remind when customer’s payment term is overdue  Inform the monthly liabilities to customer  Make the payment’s schedule to estimate the amount of weekly receivable money  Contact to get back the overdue payments  Check and make payment for suppliers  Type invoices as the input data to do tax report  Manage the customer’s debt contract  Organize to taking the red invoice  Assist in issuing invoice or being a cashier if it is required June 2015-April 2016

Working as a part-time data staff in Kim Ngan entrepreneur Job description:

 Write down data into book and typing into computer

 Manage the data as well as finding the best way to boost the search smoothly  Do invoice report to tax authorities every month May-July 2014

Working as a server at O’briens factory Job description:

 Serve for most of foreign guests  Coordinate with teammate to get the division and serve together  Always concentrate to any signals of customer  Being under high pressure as lots of task to deal and having difficulty in time of working (5:30pm-1am) Extracurricular activities Dec 2016-now

Being a tour guide for foreigner in Ao Dai Tour Job description:

 Introduce the Vietnamese culture, customs as well as visiting places to foreigner  Take care of the guest as careful as possible  Coordinate the conversation to be the friendly environment as well as meet the customer’s demands. Mid June-Mid July 2013

Engaging in Green Summer of 2013 Job description:

 Collect the data to write the campaign’s newspaper  Contribute for Open University’s Green Summer campaign in HCMC to work well. Achieve: Get the certificate to award one of the fifty best volunteers during the campaign of Green Summer of 2013 at university. Key Skills Analysis Willing to learn Language Computer

I naturally analyze the causes as well as results when an issue happen. If I met some task harder than my own knowledge, I would explore and acknowledge those. TOEIC 750 Getting B Certificate in Computer (Advanced Excel, Word and Powerpoint)

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Working as a part-time data staff in Kim Ngan entrepreneur. Job description: ... Getting B Certificate in Computer (Advanced Excel, Word and. Powerpoint).

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