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CUE POSITIONS BELLYFLOP Magazine is pleased to present Cue Positions, a two-day event that (BELLY)flips the usual organisation of a symposium. Instead of presentations that precede shorter discussions, Cue Positions will be a series of long-form conversations in unusual modes that are punctuated, interrupted or embellished with carefully chosen, short interventions selected from offers gathered through an open call. These offers responded to a provocation that describes our interest in how we, and anyone else, might take a stand, speak from a position, share an opinion. We’re interested in how we might enable ourselves and each other to speak from where we are and where we want to be and where we know we’re not. Each conversation happens within a specific environment that serves to shape the nature of our thinking and acting. These have been designed and are guided by BELLYFLOP. About BELLYFLOP BELLYFLOP is an online magazine run by an editorial team of independent dance artists. Initiated as a lone enterprise by Louise Mochia in 2008, BELLYFLOP is now a collaborative artist-led undertaking run by Charlie Ashwell, Alexandrina Hemsley, Jamila Johnson-Small, Gillie Kleiman, Alice MacKenzie, Louise Mochia, Eleanor Sikorski, & Flora Wellesley Wesley. This core team of eight people are all artists working in contemporary dance in London and beyond as performers, makers, producers, curators and writers. We aim to generate new forms of doing and thinking in the field: expanding perspectives on dance, making visible emergent practices, and stimulating debate. BELLYFLOP experiments with modes of responsive and critical writing in order to challenge the ‘us and them’ relationship between artists and critics. We are a collection of voices celebrating the plurality and subjectivity of critical opinions outside of the mainstream press and academia. As well as running the magazine we devise and realise a range of public activities, often in association with other organisations, which work towards the same goals through other means. Cue Positions is part of a year-long project which has included a number of events and a new website along with the regular publication of reviews, interviews and blogs. This project has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and Cue Positions is also supported by Chisenhale Dance Space.




Friday 22 November – Artsadmin’s Toynbee Studios Session 1: PAPER 10am – 1pm This session will feature offerings from David Bloom, Mil Vukovic and Hamish MacPherson, while we communicate through a scored paper-based conversation using writing, drawing and mark-making, guided by Louise Mochia and Eleanor Sikorski. David Bloom The Ethical Artist’s Cosmology is a social sculpture game that allows public opinion to become visible in space. Today’s instalment tackles subjects like: Are hierarchies always evil? Do we judge our friends by the kind of dance they enjoy? Is all fair in love and art? David Bloom is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, musician, bodyworker, sexual fortuneteller, 2012 danceWEBber, and father of a half-elven daughter. He enjoys collecting teas, comic books and tattoos. Mil Vukovic Sidekicks is an action poetry karate demonstration that combines two disparate disciplines in order to question what dance is and what it can be. Mil Vukovic is a Yugoslav-born London-based double agent working as a policy and communications professional and dance artist and choreographer. Andy Smart is a graphic designer, animator and karate practitioner. Hamish MacPherson Open House is a score for the whole symposium made from traces of movement, text and choreography collected from the House of Commons on 5 November 2013. When you hear the bell sound, wherever you are, open your score sheet and begin... Hamish MacPherson is a choreographer working with movement, words and pictures to make performances, interventions, workshops and other things.




Friday 22 November – Artsadmin’s Toynbee Studios Session 1: DARKNESS 2.30pm – 5.30pm Harriet Plewis, Justin Hunt and Louise Ahl will give their presentations while we converse under the cover of darkness, hosted by Jamila Johnson-Small and Gillie Kleiman. Harriet Plewis Position Of The Week: a small-talk on the subject of changing one's position. I am cultivating a fascination with changing one's mind and, with it, one's position. I do not see this as indifference in action. Rather, you stand up for your stuff until you stand down. As Boys Night Out have it: “hold on tightly, let go lightly”. Harriet Plewis makes performances and 16mm film works. She often collaborates with artists Deborah Bower and Mat Fleming. Bower Fleming Plewis operate out of the dark room at the Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne. Justin Hunt In her ground-breaking, and troubling, work Melanie Klein changed the shape of psychoanalysis; one of her most useful contributions was her use of the term “position”. In this presentation I want to bring Klein to the table, considering the positionality for artists’ working today. Dr R Justin Hunt is a performer, producer and lecturer. As Sharon Husbands he creates intimate live art work and performative public lectures. He teaches dance at the University of Lincoln. Louise Ahl As a representative of the NICE Institute (the Non-Institute for Choreographic Education), I will present a growl lecture. I will growl through all the reasons to why the NICE Institute is being set up and why initiatives alike are important for a healthy arts ecology. Louise Ahl is a Glasgow-based choreographer and performer. Through an expanded idea of dance and choreography she creates solo work with her performance alter-ego Ultimate Dancer but also works collaboratively with other people.




Saturday 23 November – Chisenhale Dance Space Session 3: SLOW DANCE 2pm – 5pm As we pass through a series of duo, solo and group slow dances led by Charlie Ashwell and Flora Wellesley Wesley, Antje Hildebrant, Alexandra Baybutt and Else Tunemyr will share their interventions. Antje Hildebrandt The End of Choreography – A Polemic This brief performative lecture ambitiously argues the death of choreography in political, social, historical, economical, aesthetic and ethical terms. I propose that to think about the end of choreography means at the same time to think about its future. What is left for choreography to say, or do? Antje Hildebrandt is a London-based choreographer, performer and researcher currently undertaking a practice-led PhD project in the dance department at the University of Wolverhampton. She is in a love-hate relationship with dance. Alexandra Baybutt This turn-taking score sees players speak their sense of their position within the field of dance in London: 5 years ago, now, and 5 years hence. Choosing an initial posture from a selection provided, participants are then free to alter their position and location as the collection of individual position statements unfolds. Alexandra Baybutt, MA, CMA is an artist, educator and researcher. Her experiences include dancing, choreographing, directing, teaching and writing. Alexandra's positions are multiple, her interests corresponding to movement, memory and meaning wide. Else Tunemyr By: Else Tunemyr with Tuuli Hynynen Thanks to: Mark Bromley and Hrafnhildur Benediktsdottir Fusing with an ovum is an absurd take on ownership of the body. Fusing with an ovum is an illogical view of embodied identity. Fusing with an ovum steals. Fusing with an ovum exchanges. Fusing with an ovum reproduces. Else Tunemyr and Tuuli Hynynen met in London in 2007 and have worked together since 2010. Their work subtly humours performance, art and sexuality through conversation and image play.




Saturday 23 November – Chisenhale Dance Space Session 4: DINNER 6pm – 9pm Over a simple, delicious dinner made and hosted by Alexandrina Hemsley and Alice Mackenzie, Eliisa Erävalo, Robbie Synge and Asher O’Gorman & Tara Silverthorn will offer the final interventions of the symposium. Eliisa Erävalo Winner for Now is a project around success in the world history and in our own personal histories. It approaches winning and losing from the perspective of time. Winner for Now is a study on the tendency of replacing social distinctions with the conceptual pair of 'winners and losers'. Eliisa Erävalo works as a performer and choreographer with a base in Stockholm. Eliisa’s current projects are focused on prophetic practices and support structures. Robbie Synge Dashing White Sergeant is a sort of dance class/social experiment. Learn a dance by sharing, shouting, guessing, doing… Drawing on my affinity with two distinct dance communities (in London and Scotland), I aim to create a situation that may be analogous to my understanding of these distinct communities. It might stimulate comparing and contrasting. Maybe even a visit. Robbie Synge studied physiology and worked in the science, health and education sectors before getting involved in dance. Robbie has generally spent time developing projects with untrained performers and/or in diverse community settings. Asher O’Gorman & Tara Silverthorn COMB imagines physically how we can become less serious about the serious, and more serious about the less serious. How can we bring the homemade into our dance-making, with a view to drawing our creative act ‘closer in’ to us? Through our dance, we approach dance, approach approaching, making actions which are open to change, giving time to become sensate to the situation. COMB has been supported by WUK Culture House, Vienna and The Workshop Foundation, Budapest. Asher O’Gorman and Tara Silverthorn met in Hamburg in March 2012, brought together by projects Strich/Chrysantheme/Haar Fällt and Morgan ist ein Tag, two choreographies by Jana Unmüssig. Their strong personal and artistic affinity has led them to their first independent collaboration together.




Booking q Tickets can be bought online here. Advance booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Three ticket prices One session (Session 1, 2 or 3): £7.50 Session 4 (includes dinner): £12.50 BUNDLE (all four sessions): £30 Venues Friday 22 November Artsadmin’s Toynbee Studios (Directions) 28 Commercial Street London E1 6AB Saturday 23 November Chisenhale Dance Space (Directions) 64-84 Chisenhale Road, London E3 5QZ


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