crop yield in rice {Oryza sativa L.

of nitrogen and potassium on the incidence of sheath rot and crop yield in rice revealed that the disease incidence increased with increase in nitrogen level from ...

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Assessment of genetic diversity among rice (Oryza sativa L.) landrace ...
Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 1(4): 474-483 (July 2010). 474. Research ... management of farmer landraces under traditional production. .... Data on quantitative traits were statistically analyzed using. INDOSTAT statistical software.

Oryza sativa L.
Rice Research and Regional Station. ,Khudwani ... Research Sub-Station, Larnoo (2250m amsl) during ... panicle length, grain yield/plant and 100 grain weigh.

Oryza sativa L.
length and test weight in addition to grain yield plant-1. ... spikelet fertility and test weight while, MTU II- ... recorded high per se performance and significant.

Genetic Behaviour of Some Rice (Oryza sativa L ...
Minolta Camera Co. ltd., Japan) at heading stage, 7,. 14 and 21 days after ..... Lai, M.H.; C.C. Chen,; Y.C. Kuo,; H.Y. Lu,; C.G. Chern,;. C.P. Li, and T.H. Tseng.

oryza sativa L.
control of water application is essential for success in ... production system to grow rice aerobically, ... sampling was carried out before and after irrigation.

(Oryza sativa L.) genotypes
Keywords: Rice, stability, genotypes x Environment. Introduction. Rice is one of the main sources of food in the world where the increased demand for rice is expected to enhance production in many parts of Asia, Africa and. Latin America (Subathra De

Oryza Sativa L. - Semantic Scholar
variance and covariance tables, the corresponding genotypic variances and covariances were calculated by using the mean square values and mean sum of.

Oryza sativa L.
Correlation and path analysis of yield and yield attributes in local rice cultivars (Oryza sativa L.) Basavaraja, T, Gangaprasad, S*, Dhusyantha Kumar, B. M and Shilaja Hittlamani. Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, University of Agricultural

Studies on wide compatibility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
inheritance pattern for utilization in developing inter sub-specific ..... IR 68544-29-2-1-3-1-2. IR 69853 -70-3-1-1. India. India. Philippines. India. Philippines.

Computational Prediction of Rice (Oryza sativa) miRNA ...
NAs did not qualify the algorithm criteria or could not get through the filters, or the target sequences could be absent in the cDNA collection, since they.

Computational Prediction of Rice (Oryza sativa) miRNA ...
We carried out global computational analysis of rice (Oryza sativa) transcriptome to ... confers confidence in the list of rice miRNA targets predicted in this study. Key words: miRNA, target .... ing Karyoview software (

Heterotic expression of two line hybrids in rice (Oryza ... - CiteSeerX
problem associated with the classical three line system may be overcome by two line system of hybrid rice breeding (Yuan et al., 2000). The present.

Research Article Hybrid purity testing in rice (Oryza ...
Email: [email protected] (Received: 08 Dec .... dendrogram of nine parental lines based on similarity ... parental polymorphism between the nine parents.

Photosynthetic response of Cannabis sativa L. to variations in ...
Photosynthetic response of Cannabis sativa L. to varia ... ton flux densities, temperature and CO2 conditions.pdf. Photosynthetic response of Cannabis sativa L.

(Oryza sativa) genotypes for seedling characters under ...
affected (FAO, 2009), with India having 6.73 ... and availability of good quality water resources. Therefore, the development of salt tolerant varieties would be ... conducted using the software NTSYS-pc version .... W. H. Freeman and Company,.

Dissecting yield-associated loci in super hybrid rice by resequencing ...
Freely available online through the PNAS open access option. Data deposition: The sequences .... chored to chromosomes to create a 322 Mb chromosome-scale genome sequence. ..... by a gene with a potential signature of domestication.

Grain Yield Response Of Rice Cultivars Under ... - Semantic Scholar
The correlation, path analysis and drought indices viz., relative yield (RY) and ... correlation and the path analysis were calculated as per INDOSTAT package.