ANARTHAS (an-without, artha- wealth or value) maya mugdhasya jivasya jneyo ‘nartha catur vidhah hrd-daurbalyam caparadho ‘sat-trsna tattva-vibhramah “The jiva is beset with four types of anarthas, 1) weakness of heart (hrd-daurbalyam), 2)offences 3) (caparadho), thirst for material enjoyment(asat-trsna) and 4) bewilderment about the truth(tattva-vibhramah)” 1) Hrdaya-daurbalyam (weakness of heart). a) b) c) d)

Attachment to worthless objects not related to Krsna. Hypocrisy and deceit (Kutinata). Envy on seeing anothers property. Pratistha (seeking ones own glory rather than glorifying Krsna)

2) Aparadha (offences). a) Nama. b) Seva (to Krsna’s form) c) Dhama (also Vaisnavas) d) Other minute entities. 3) Asat-trsna (thirst for material gains) a) Desire for objects of this world. b) Desire for Svarga. c) Yogic and mystic powers. d) Liberation. 4) Tattva Brahma (Illusion about ones real identity. a) svaruupa-vibhrama: The jiva has forgotten his real identity as a servant of Krsna b) Para-tattva-bhrama: Confused about who is the absolute, Siva, Brahma or Visnu? c) Sadhya-sadhana-bhrama: What is the sadhya, jnana, karma or bhakti? Which Sadhana? Prema of 2 types, aisvarya and madhury? d) Bhajana-virodhi-visaya-bhrama: e.g. mayavada impersonal path. Two functions of Maya, avaranatmika- (binding) and viksepatmika- (throwing

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