COORDINATION AND RESPONSE Complete the crossword below 1




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Across 3. Example of external environment changes faced by organisms 5. One of diseases related to nervous system 6. Largest and complex part of brain 9. First main process in formation of urine 11. Part of Central Nervous System 12. An action of body towards a certain stimulus 14. Efferent neurons also known as _____ neurons 15. Functional unit of a kidney

Dow n 1. Neurons which conduct nerve impulses from sensory receptors to spinal cord 2. Example of involuntary action 4. Specific chemical messenger molecules in bloodstream that regulate the activities of organs and tissues. 7. Necessity to respond to stimuli in human 8. A change in external or internal environment in body and can be detected by body's system 10. A group of specialised to detect stimulus 13. Cells carry information through nervous system


One of diseases related to nervous system. 6. Largest and complex part of brain. 9. First main process in formation of urine. 11. Part of Central Nervous System.

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