P.O. Box 1150, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies Tel: (246) 431-8950 ♦Fax No: (246) 430-0715 email: [email protected] http://www.systemsconsulting-ltd.com

Our client has exciting Contract positions/opportunities for the following - These positions are for 3 months to 1 year renewable and is project based. We especially would like to hear from persons in Barbados, Trinidad (based in TnT) and Jamaica (based in Jamaica). We are looking for Java, ASP.Net, C# and SQL as our core developer competences. Sharepoint site development, and knowledge of web/ Mobile technologies are platforms persons should have experience if possible and We would also be interested with anyone with reporting experience in Tableau, Cognos, or Business Objects. Advisory Systems Developer

Completes complex systems development assignments, with minimal supervision, within budget and to client expectations, as required, which may include the following:

Participate in the formulation of standards to support the Application Development Life Cycle;

Design, develop and execute complex migration, implementation and/or rollout plans based on technology utilized and the business requirements such that no outages or problems are experienced by the client or Operations Services;

• •

Lead problem solving in a complex business and/or technical environment;

Participate in medium to complex planning, analysis/design and construction activities in conjunction with client personnel, other development specialists and ITD personnel (Communications, Computer Services, etc) to ensure business requirements and operational procedures are captured and implemented;

Ensure that no outages/problems are identified during user acceptance, operability and/or stress and performance testing or product implementation;

Provide expertise in areas of speciality, e.g. becomes the specialist in one or more information technology disciplines, commensurate with the current state of technologies, to upper management and other ITD personnel;

Participates in projects delivering products/functionality, fully meeting business requirements, and participates in post-implementation reviews, as required;


P.O. Box 1150, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies Tel: (246) 431-8950 ♦Fax No: (246) 430-0715 email: [email protected] http://www.systemsconsulting-ltd.com

Forecast future trends; anticipate problems and conditions (e.g., volumes, new developments, turnover, etc.

Conduct highly complex evaluations for product releases, stand alone products,etc.

Systems Developers

Leads planning, analysis and design activities including the development and testing of External and Internal Design documentation;

Participates in analysis of complex business opportunities/problems to deliver designs to satisfy business requirements;

Participates in estimation of tasks and assists in the development of project plans for small to medium sized projects;

Codes or makes modifications to programs of high complexity according to detailed specifications. This includes the execution of unit and operability testing in accordance with the SDLC as required;

Provides for each application development project, the required documentation including Software unit test strategy and plan, matrix, scripts, execution completion report, Software impact analysis, Back-out and Recovery procedures, Technical Implementation;


and/or participates in Operability and System Integration testing of applications, as required;

Conducts medium to high complexity evaluations for product releases, stand-alone products, etc;

Acquires solid business knowledge in assigned application programs and information technologies;

Provides leadership and subject matter expertise in the identification and resolution of major application issues that may arise;

Send CVs to [email protected] Website: www.systemsconsulting-ltd.com ltd.com/careers.php?id=11




Contract Advisory Systems Developers and Systems Developers ...

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