Community  Food  Activator  


    Position  Summary  

  The  Community  Food  Activator  helps  increase  local  food  security  by  helping  community  members   obtain,  prepare  and  dispose  of  food  sustainably.  Inspire  community  members  to  help  create  a  more   sustainable  local  food  system  through  gardening,  nutrition,  recycling  and  composting  activities.       The  work  requires  knowledge  and  skills  to  design  and  implement  food  system  related  recreational   activities  for  diverse  groups  and  special  populations.  Personal  contacts  are  with  the  public  to  provide   recreational  programs  or  information  on  recreational  programs,  and  with  other  departments  or   community  agencies  to  coordinate  program  activities  or  facilities  use.  


Responsibilities     • • • • • • •

• • •

• •

Organizes,  plans,  implements  and  leads  recreation  daily  indoor/outdoor  recreational  activities   such  as:  food  gardening,  cooking,  food  waste  recycling,  field  trips  and  special  events.     Secures  and  maintains  all  materials  and  equipment  for  assigned  programs.     Supervises  youth  and  adult  recreation  activities  and  maintains  order  and  discipline.     Coordinates  seasonal  programs  or  special  activities  for  City-­‐wide  recreational  programs  and   recreational  programs  for  special  populations.   Lead  volunteers  and  community  partners  assigned  to  their  program  area.  Monitors  performance   of  volunteers  and  community  partners  during  these  activities.     Assure  satisfactory  program  performance  by  training  and  supervising  volunteers  and  staff   assigned  to  the  project.   Solicits  information  from  participants  and  communities  on  recreation  needs/desires.  Prepares   recommendations  for  new  program  development  or  program  revisions  to  meet  community   needs.     Responds  to  comments,  questions,  and  complaints  from  program  participants.  Plans  and   conducts  special  events.     Solicits  volunteer  participation  in  supervising  recreational  activities  and  special  events.     Observes  necessary  precautions  to  secure  the  safety  of  recreation  participants  and  spectators,   and  renders  routine  first  aid  in  cases  of  minor  injury.  Responds  according  to  Parks  protocol  in   emergency  situations.   Maintains  such  records  as  attendance,  program  activities,  volunteer  participation  and  special   events  activities.  Prepares  weekly  report  of  all  activities.     Contribute  to  public  awareness  of  programs  and  services  by  making  public  presentations,   designing  brochures,  and  developing  other  promotional  materials  as  appropriate.  



Shanyanika  Burton   Food  System  Program  Coordinator     Seattle  Parks  and  Recreation   [email protected]        


Community  Food  Activator  


      Minimum  Qualifications   Requires  one  year  experience  in  a  community-­‐based  recreation  program  and  an  associate  degree  in   Recreation,  Therapeutic  Recreation,  or  related  field  (or  a  combination  of  education  and/or  training   and/or  experience  which  provides  an  equivalent  background  required  to  perform  the  work  of  the   class.)   Minimum  of  two  years  of  work  experience  in  urban  agriculture,  or  in  the  propagation  and   maintenance  of  flowers,  plants,  shrubs,  and  trees  at  a  conservatory,  greenhouse,  or  nursery   (Combinations  of  education,  training  and  experience  will  be  evaluated  on  an  individual  basis  for   comparability).    Occasionally  lift,  carry,  push,  pull  up  to  30  pounds    

  Desired  Qualifications   Has  a  preventative  approach  to  safety  while  working  with  teens     Experience/interest  in  asset-­‐based  community  development   Basic  knowledge  of  youth  program  development   Strong  oral  communication  skills,  including  public  speaking  skills   Desire/ability  to  work  collaboratively  with  teens  of  diverse  backgrounds     Washington  State  Food  Worker’s  Permit     First  Aid/CPR  certification    

• • • • • • •  

Job  Location:  Seattle,  Wa   Employment  Type:  Service  Contract.  Contractor  will  be  paid  based  upon  deliverable.       Duration:  Up  to  five  months       Start  Date:  ASAP  




Shanyanika  Burton   Food  System  Program  Coordinator     Seattle  Parks  and  Recreation   [email protected]        

Community Food Activator

recreational programs or information on recreational programs, and with other departments or community agencies to coordinate program activities or facilities ...

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