Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association Community Meeting Tuesday, May 27, 2014 6:30-8pm Stewart Park (Multi-purpose Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis Board members present: Aaron Lockridge, Jana Metge, Sunshine Sevigny, Marj Magnuson, Chris Lomheim, Evan Hall Board members absent: Dan Wilder, Laura Sanchez, Maria Valencia, Veronica Cruz, Katherine Blauvelt Also present: Jennifer Naglak, Pr. Patrick Hanse, Carol Vara, Naomi Mohammed, Don Gerberding, Tracey Goodrich, Denise Eloundou, Loren Niemi, Abdirasir Aziz, Apodulkarim Dahir, Abdulakai Abikar, Onash, Ben Tucker, Mohammed Kali, Rachelle Peleska, Alondra Cano, Melody Johnson I. Call to Order Jana called the meeting to order. II. Agenda Update • Don Gerberding requested to add Wentworth Aircraft Site, purchased by Medina Mgmt, to August agenda. Restaurant and Coffee shop will occupy space. (30 min) III. Midtown Phillips Home Fix Up Installment Loan • The Midtown Phillips Neighborhood operates a home improvement loan administered by Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC). Through the Housing Resource Center located at 3749 Cedar Ave. S, Midtown Phillips residents can apply for a home loan to fix up their homes. This program provides an installment loan at 2% interest. There is no income limit and the maximum loan amount is $7500. If the project includes energy and or accessibility improvements, the loan amount is $8,500. Borrowers must be current on mortgage and property tax payments. Rental properties must be property licensed by the City of Minneapolis. While there is no income limit for this program, property owners must have the ability to repay the loan. Owners who have a debt to income ratio in excess of 55% will be denied financing. Applicants who are denied financing may be eligible for a deferred loan. The amount of liens against a property including the new financing cannot exceed 120% of the value. Call the Housing Resource Center at 612-722-7141 to request an application. Interior and exterior improvement are eligible. Money paid back to program goes back into pool for other uses. Question from resident: are there loans for businesses? Answer: Not at this time; the loans are for owner-occupied resident homes. Jennifer Naglak recommended we make the loan program info available to block leaders for National Night Out. Also commented it is not a lottery, but on first-come first-serve based on qualifications. Interpreters are available at the Housing Resource Center, usually available same-day.

IV. Community Action of Minneapolis Jennifer offered packages on energy assistance program and crime victim services resources. V.

Tracy Goodrich with HomeLine HOME Line, a tenants’ rights organization, opened its hotline service to Minneapolis renters in April of this year. The hotline is staffed by attorneys and volunteers, providing legal and practical advice to Minnesota renters who have questions or issues regarding their rental housing situation. HOME Line has been in operation for over 22 years and in 2013, they took over 11,700 calls from tenants around the state, providing them with information on issues like repairs, evictions, security deposits, privacy, bed bugs, leases, etc. Spanish and Somali speaking advocates will soon be joining the hotline staff, so that more renters will be able to access their legal services. There are no income restrictions for using this service. All calls are free and confidential. Top topics of callers are regarding evictions and repairs, leases, privacy issues, foreclosure.

VI. Sustainable Resources Center • Rachelle Peleska offered overview of services provided by Sustainable Resources Center Sustainable Resources Center (SRC) is a community-based nonprofit that is dedicated to advancing the cause of Healthy Homes. Our mission is to create health and energy efficient home environments in partnership with families and communities. Our programs include lead hazard education and control, weatherization, and training. SRC offers the following services: · Free in-home visits that include home lead testing and education (for homes built before 1978 in which a child under the age of six lives or visits frequently.) · Audience-tailored presentations and puppet shows about healthy homes and lead hazards. · Free lead testing for children under the age of six and pregnant women, from our famous Leadie Eddie mobile blood testing van. · Assistance in applying for funds (through the Hennepin County Window Grant Program) to have lead hazards safely removed from your home. · In-depth lead risk assessments with full report of lead hazards · Training on how to do lead-safe work (Lead Safe Work Practices, EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting certification course for contractors, and Healthy Homes courses) · Healthy Homes education and assistance including: radon, pests, mold and moisture, asthma, fixing safety hazards, lead-based paint and toxic products. · Energy-saving measures for your home include: energy audits, insulation, ventilation, air sealing, and replacing appliances for energy efficiency and safety, when appropriate. For questions or to set up an appointment, please contact our main number (612)870-4255. The is a 4-5 month wait for risk assessment so plan ahead. Suggestion by board that SRC have booth at the Midtown Phillips Festival to bring lead testing equipment (for toys or other household items) Refer those with bed bugs to University of MN, they have facilities to deal with that issue. Jana asked how best to partner to help residents with infestations? Maybe plan a training outreach presentation for the community.

VII. HOTB/ST Paul’s Community Engagement proposal • Loren and Patrick presented their community outreach participation proposal promoting arts, sustainable gardening, and community outreach. By engaging neighborhood youth via HOTB and ST Paul’s, they become involved in making art. Likewise youth become involved with planting via Stones Throw. HOTB/ST Paul’s wish to partner with multiple neighborhoods. Re-wild Phillips focuses to create natural spaces in the neighborhood. Youth will receive leadership training and job skills for future success. Art Cart program to provide art materials and fund more materials. Goal to create map of neighborhood highlights. The board will put together memorandum of understanding, and discuss adoption of proposal at June meeting. Loren will provide updated copy of proposal; Sunny to send to Carrie Day VIII. Announcements • Community Event at East Phillips Park June 22, 2014 from 1-8pm • Mohammed Kali invited all to come to the Grand Opening of Greenway Child Care in the previous Wentworth Aircraft site this Friday May 30th at 2 pm. • MIDTOWN PHILLIPS FESTIVAL IS JULY 26, 2014, Saturday, Noon to 8 pm at Stewart Park, 2700 block of 12th Ave. So. Flyers were made available to the public with request of all to help post and advertise. • Next Midtown Phillips Community Meeting is June 24, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Multipurpose Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis – Discuss traffic calming on 26th and 28th. Alondra Cano and City staff to host discussion. • Alondra Cano gave update on Ventura Village mall. Vote was no to the expansion and yes to everything else. Owner required to provide traffic flow study (travel management plan, takes 68 weeks), working with CPED. June 19th will go before the zoning and planning committee chaired by Lisa Bender. Somali community expressed concerns about misrepresentation due to Medina Mall and its associate. IX. Ongoing Schedule • Next Meeting: June 10, 6:30-8pm. Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis X.


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Restaurant and Coffee shop will occupy space. (30 min). III. Midtown Phillips Home Fix Up Installment Loan. • The Midtown Phillips Neighborhood operates a ...

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