Collaborative Agreement This is not a legal document. It does not create any kind of legal relationship. It is just a template to exchange information. Primary contact name: Brain Lube Organization name: Windstream Email: [email protected] Phone: 864-331-7037 Description – Describe the proposed collaboration in enough detail to be assessed, but no longer than 1 page. It is helpful to see how you envision your contribution furthering the overall project (i.e., in being specific, avoid losing the forest for the trees). We believe that in order for CORD to be a widely used open source platform for development it needs the ability to be deployed across a wide variety of hardware with greater ease than CORD in its current state. An extensible CORD installation process should lead to a higher adoption rate and greater contribution from the community. One way to envision a more extensible CORD is deploying a scaled down infrastructure. Our team within Windstream has a unique perspective on how CORD can be implemented on a smaller scale. This outlook, which we have gained through years of experience in smaller scale network development, can be leveraged to help push CORD to be more extensible for various types of deployment. Our first goal is to develop a process in which various types of hardware for compute nodes can be tested and verified for use with CORD. Our current hardware, which differs from the current ‘standard’ CORD hardware, reflects the smaller scale network capabilities. The servers currently in use are Dell PowerEdge R630’s with 10 gigabit integrated network adapters; we believe these are good candidates for initial development. Our long-term objective is to create a tool that uses the methodology described above that can interact with the install process in order to crowdsource hardware certification. We envision this tool to have both a pre-install check as well as a means of interacting with the automated CORD install to report back test results. Once a new series of hardware has passed testing, the output can be uploaded to a standardized location as a part of the validation process. This output could be used by both the development team and users in the installation process - the development team to diagnose failures and the users to have standard troubleshooting practices. Throughout the development of this process we intend to work with members of the CORD team on making the install process of CORD more robust within the automated processes. We are excited to collaborate with the open CORD community to help realize the vision of an extensible CORD install. In the future, the ability to use any hardware that meets basic requirements will allow for robust updates, user base and collaboration.

Resources – List the people and other resources to be committed to the collaboration. Highlight any connection(s) to existing collaborators or project community members. One full time team member to work on development with three part time members aiding in development and deployment. All work done will include documentation but there will be no technical writer dedicated to the team. We plan on working closely with David Bainbridge to develop our solution in a way that is beneficial to the current work being done as well as assist in development of the install process. Windstream lab space and hardware including 8 Dell PowerEdge R630 rack mount servers, 4 Dell S4048-ON 48-port 10G switches with ONIE, and 2 Dell S6000-ON 32-port 40G switches with ONIE to be used for the project. Additional resources including rack space and equipment may be available as the project matures. Deliverables and Timeframe – List the proposed deliverables to be provided by the collaboration and the timeframe in which they will be available. Seeing how deliverables fit into the project roadmap is especially helpful. We feel that there are two distinct deliverables from the vision stated in the description: a process by which new hardware can be manually tested against the installation procedures to create appropriate user stories to update the install; and, a tool to help with the testing and diagnosis of the installation process. The lessons learned from the generation of the process will help to guide the vision for the tool, and how it can help to automate installation diagnostics and new hardware certification. Timeframes are as follows: ●

A process for hardware certification that can test, verify and update a hardware compatibility list as well as define a set of minimum requirements for CORD compute nodes ○ Estimated timeframe: 4-6 months

An open source tool that can interact with the install process to be used to crowdsource hardware certification ○ Estimated timeframe: 5-8 months

Collaborative Agreement -

It is just a template to exchange ... Email: Brian. ... tool to have both a pre-install check as well as a means of interacting with the automated CORD install to ...

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