M ARCH 12, 2018 W EEK 27

OUR WEEKLY CALENDAR: Trimester 3 begins Monday 3/12! MONDAY 3/12


MISA (Science) testing gr 8

MISA (Science) gr 8


Winter Clubs

Winter Clubs

3:30 –4:15 Chess Club

3:15-4:45 MS Drama Club

3:30 Newspaper Club

FRIDAY 3/16 8:20 Coffee

9:15 Kindness to animals all school (k-5)

3:30 –4:30 Afterschool Math Club (3-5)


1:00 pm Dismissal

9-11Third grade exhi- with Kate bition of learning 8:30-10:30 Talent Winter Clubs show rehearsal 3:30-4:30 Art for Change: Doodling…

8:30-12:45 MS project panels

3:30 Afterschool Math 1:00 Dismissal (PD Day) Green Baked Club (3-5) Goods Bake Sale for 3:30-4:15 NO Debate grade 5 camping trip Club 3:15-4:45 MS Drama Club

Winter Clubs

3:30 MS Coach Class

1:15 Enviro Squad

4:30-5:30 3rd grade exhibition for parents

Dear Families, Welcome to Trimester 3! The last 60 days of school will bring much learning-new studies and experiences, our German visitors, gardening and Gallery Night, not to mention June’s graduation. We are looking forward to this active time and the culmination of nurturing the growth of our students begun way back in September. Robust learning will continue, but there will be a significant change next week: Second Trimester Report Cards and IEP progress reports will be backpacked home next Monday, March 19. We ask that you sign and return the receipt of the report card with your child next Tuesday. We want to be absolutely sure you have gotten this important communication from the school. Thanks! -Kate BCPS Calendar Changes for 2018 to make up for winter school closings. Half day of school next Friday, March 16th. 1:00 dismissal. (Eliminate one full PD Day) Back to school after Spring Break Monday April 2 (add one day, take away one vacation day) Last Day of school Friday, June 15, 2018 (add one day)

NEXT BUILDING WORK DAY SATURDAY MARCH 17 8am-12 pm Spring Cleaning and Spring Fixing Stan Brown, Director of Facilities will be here with his Building Committee Co-Captains. All Welcome to Help! Please bring tools: drills, drivers, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. We will have cleaning supplies, paint, etc. Good for the whole family! Special focus on safety!

Malone Memorial Playground Update

We were well represented in Annapolis Saturday when AJ, Elda, and London went down with Miss Bobbi and AJ's Mom, Colleen, to testify in the House and the Senate asking the legislature to support a bond bill for the Malone Memorial Playground. A special thanks to Senator McFadden and Delegate Branch for co sponsoring the bill. And to Delegate Glenn who was there to help us present. Our students testified and shared what was important to them. They told the Legislators, "We want to work together and build this playground so that we can cherish the memories of the friends we lost.” And, “We want to make something beautiful for the community." The legislators were moved by our story. We will let you know if the bond bill gets funded. They have 240 bond bills to consider this year. Fundraising update:So far we have raised close to $80,000 for the playground thus far. If you are interested in helping us plan for the playground please join us on March 20 at 5:30 at CNCS. We will meet in the parent room. If you have any questions please contact Kate. City Neighbors Students Testify for Malone Memorial Playground Bond Bill in Annapolis last Saturday, March 10, 2018. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR THOUGHTS WITH LEGISLATORS! THANK YOU Miss Bobbi!

CNCS Talent Show rehearsal information

The Family Partnership Committee is currently collecting engagement/volunteer hours from January and February. There is a copy This year, our CNCS Talof the newest form attached to the Monday Mailer and a digital ent Show will be held on version available at Friday, March 23rd durPlease take a moment and fill one out. This information helps ing an extended allmake us more competitive for grants and helps with the charter school. renewal process. You can send your paper forms back to school in your child's folder, drop off your forms in the main office or email Students have already your hours directly to [email protected] auditioned and Ms Emily EARN ENGAGEMENT/VOLUNTEER HOURS AT THE SATURDAY and Ms Paylor will help BUILDING WORK DAY 8am-12 pm get everyone more performance ready with a Culture of Care Committee will now meet the First Monday of each month at Talent Show rehearsal 6pm in the CNH Cafe This group of parents and staff are committed to creating a school climate that is this Friday morning, free of Bullying and Sexual Harassment in our City Neighbors School. March 16. We discuss parenting, teaching, discipline, handbook, norms, and every means we can to help students internalize the value of others, empathy, multiple perspectives and social emotional learning that results in considerate behavior among children and adults. Please join us if this cause is important to you. It is important to our schools.

Students should practice this week at home and come with their Talent Show act more polished to try out on stage.

Call for Nominations for CNCS Board Chairs

March 12, 2018

We hold elections for 3 Board positions each Spring for the following year and seek nominations from the community for excellent candidates that support the running of the school. This year the positions for election are : Director of Classroom Parent Committee: Coordinates classroom parents as they support staff and teachers; organizes appreciation events; supports other Board committees Secretary to the Board: writes Board minutes; helps maintain accountability for audit; can serve as ambassador for school at community events Director of Fundraising: Coordinates team of parents in creating fundraising events and annual giving with the goal of gathering approximately $28,000/year for school budget. You can nominate a community member or yourself. Nominees will be asked to present a brief bio and share why they want to commit to the position. Board chair positions require attendance at monthly Board meetings and the commitment is for a three year term. Please make a difference in your child’s school by running for the Board. See Nomination Form attached Contact April or Kate in Office or Kuana Holley Burris, Board President or use the Board Nomination Form attached to this Monday Mailer. Diversity and Inclusion Storytelling Event: Next Thursday, Mach 22, 2018

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee assists the school community in understanding and living the statement that Diversity is Essential to Who We Are at City Neighbors. Their event last week gave context for this statement with lively conversation and connecting with the meanings of diversity in the school context and how we continually expand the ways each of us in the community understands diversity and inclusion as a result of the school context . The next Diversity and Inclusion event will focus on race. Thursday, March 22, from 6:00-7:30 pm: Conversation about race. This is a participatory storytelling event inspired by Stoop Storytelling and the progressive education summit. What is your first memory of understanding race? How do these stories shape who we are today and how we talk to our kids about race? Questions? Contact Liz Zogby, D & I Chair [email protected] Art Supplies Needed! (from Ms Kotkin)

Family Surveys Coming your way

Three students in Community Arts are working on a unique project and need your help!

Each year The Maryland State Department of Education field tests its statewide climate survey of students, parents and staff.

They are seeking donations of paraffin wax and/or bags of tea light candles and the donation of a used (but in working order) crockpot(s)

BCPS asks us to send home a parent survey and postage paid envelope to complete the survey. We are doing this today with the Monday Mailer.

Please drop off in the Art Room at any time, thank you!

Try to complete the survey asap. Please.

CNCS Fundraising News April 14th, 2018: Save the Date for: "It's Bingo, Hon" the theme for this year’s annual Big Party Fundraiser. Together, we will be playing Bingo and celebrating Hon-tastic Baltimore! We will need lots of volunteers to step up and help us make this happen, and with this year's theme, it ought to be a hoot! Contact Fundraising Chair Rob Hatch if you want to help but could not attend last week’s meeting. ([email protected])

Raffle Baskets for Bingo Nite Reminder: Please Donate to Class Raffle BasketsThanks to everyone who has donated so far to the class Raffle Baskets for the April 14th "It's Bingo, Hon!" fundraiser. The Classroom Parent Committee still needs your help to ensure that every class Raffle Basket is the best it can be! You can either donate items that go with your class's theme or you can donate cash. A $5 to $10 donation is suggested per family. If you would like to donate cash, please place it in an envelope and mark with your student's grade and "Raffle Basket Donation" and place it in the metal box outside of Ms. Seidl's office. Here is a reminder of the themes for each class along with the CPC member who is coordinating the basket for each class: • • • • • • • • •

Kindergarten -- Movie night basket (Ashley Lapointe) 1st Grade -- Coffee and tea basket (Aisha Gladden) 2nd Grade -- Games (board games, etc) basket (Stacey Bridges) 3rd Grade -- Baltimore/ Maryland basket (Jen McCann & Tamerri Lewis) 4th Grade -- Date night basket (Tanya Engram) 5th Grade -- Wine and chocolate basket (Michelle Morkovin) 6th Grade -- Relaxation/spa day basket (Anny Kezar) 7th Grade -- Outdoor adventure basket (Colleen Mantegna) 8th Grade -- Celebration Gift Card basket (Ann Marie Harvey & Onya Boyd)

Thanks so much!!

Simple ways to help raise $$ for school Save and send in Box Tops Go to Frank’s on the second Thursday of the Month: get cannoli! Sign up for small monthly donation on the web page Give to a raffle basket for your child’s classroom Drop off a check in the office as your annual gift Thanks!

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(add one day). NEXT BUILDING WORK DAY SATURDAY MARCH 17. 8am-12 pm Spring Cleaning and Spring Fixing. Stan Brown, Director of Facilities will be here with his. Building Committee Co-Captains. All Welcome to Help! Please bring tools: drills, drivers, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. We will have cleaning supplies, ...

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