Social App, Who’s That Rebrands To Cheers,  Unveils Complimentary Drinks With Spirits Icon, Absolut Millions can now get complimentary drinks from Absolut Elyx  and meet awesome people with friends, any time they go out.   

Who’s That, the social app that connects groups of friends going out, has relaunched as Cheers (​​ ) and today announced a partnership with premium spirits giant Pernod Ricard, which will make the first round of Absolut Elyx (​​ ) cocktails complimentary every time two groups of friends meetup via Cheers. “If ‘​ Who’s That?​ ’ is what you say when you first see someone of interest, ​ ‘Cheers’​ is what happens when you bring those people together,” said Sam Davidson, co-founder and CEO of Cheers. The app’s user base has grown over 400% since they launched complimentary drinks in October with Fireball (​​ ), the fastest growing spirits brand in the US.

How It Works Cheers is the first app​ to show you other groups of friends going out in your city and get you complimentary drinks at popular venues.

1. Make a group with your friends and see all the other groups of friends going out in your city. 2. Tap Cheers for people you’d want to grab drinks with - get a match when interest is mutual. 3. Pick a place for drinks together, right in the conversation. 4. Your concierge will leave a reservation and a round of complimentary drinks under your name. Cheers!

Dating Apps: We’re Doing It Wrong “There are dating apps galore, but there’s nothing that optimizes the vast amount of time we ​ already​ spend going out with friends trying to meet people,” remarked Davidson, “Instead of forcing you on uncomfortable, potentially unsafe, 1-on-1 dates with total strangers, Cheers optimizes your existing social life.”

The One Area Tech Hasn’t Touched  Americans spend $105,000,000,000 annually going out for drinks. While on­demand apps like  Uber, Drizly, and countless others have added a layer of transparency, efficiency and  convenience to many facets of our lives, deciding where to go and what to do on a Friday night  remains a shot in the dark.    “The experience of going out to a bar with friends, buying drinks, and hoping to meet people  hasn’t evolved one bit since our parents were doing it,” said co­founder Sam Davidson.      New Wave of Experiential Marketing  The ​ Cheers​ , Pernod Ricard partnership kicks off with drinks from Absolut Elyx, which often come served in a copper pineapple.   The collaboration gives alcohol brands a unique interaction with  consumers, taking them from digital impression on their phones,  to memorable brand experience, often in the same day. In  addition, the brands gain access to consumer insights historically  difficult to ascertain otherwise as alcohol brands have been barred  from selling direct­to­consumer since prohibition ended in 1933.         

CONTACT INFO NAME: Sam Davidson TITLE: Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 781.454.6372 APP STORE: ​ VIEW: ​ Cheers Logos, Photos & Product Images      About The Team: Cheers (​​ ) was founded by two friends, Sam Davidson and Brian Sachetta, who went to school down the street from each other at Boston University and Boston College. Prior to this Sam was the first-hire at Ohana, a family sharing app in Palo Alto, which was acquired by Facebook. Brian is a Techstars Boston alum with Wymsee and started his own mobile design and development firm at age 23. They felt a strong desire from their generation to meet people and make meaningful connections more often, but that dating apps like Tinder led to more time behind a screen and fewer memorable nights. They want to fix that.        

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Page 1 of 3. Social App, Who's That Rebrands To Cheers,. Unveils Complimentary Drinks With Spirits Icon, Absolut. Millions can now get complimentary drinks from Absolut Elyx. and meet awesome people with friends, any time they go out. Who's That, the social app that connects groups of friends going out, has ...

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