NFIR of IndianRailwaymen Federation Natiorial ROAD,NEWDELHI. 11O055 3, CHELMSFORD Affiliatedto : lndianNationalTradeUnionCongress(INTUC) lnternationalTransportWorkers'Federation(lTF) Dated: 0910612016

NO.II/95/Pt.IX The Secretary(E), RailwayBoard, New Delhi DearSir, sub:

{ from 11tnJuly' 2016 charter of demands- RailwayEmployees'Strike



N F I R d e s i r e s t o c o n v e y t h a t p u r s u a n t t o t h e d e c i s i o n t a k e n b y t h e N a t (JCM), i o n a l J othe intCouncil of Joint consultative Machinery of Action (NJCA) consistingof the constituents on the GMs etc on 9thJune,2016 in termsof affiriatedunionsof NFIR haveservedstrike Notice on that Railway employeeswill go 'B' 'A' & provisions of the Industrial oisprlg; Act, conveying (Part ,,IndefiniteStrikb" from 6 AM of 11* July; 2(|.6 on tf,e Charterof Demands enclosed). Yours faithf Encl:'Charterof Demands Part'A' &'B'

GeneralSecretary ExecutiveDirector (lR)' Railway Board' copy togetherwith the enclosuresis forwardedto the New Delhi. of Affiliated Unionsof NFIR' , lopy to the GeneralSecretaries v MediaCentreA',lFIR. File No.IVA{JCA(N)/2014/Pt.II.

: RAILMMDOR Telegram Rly.22382, 011-23744013, ph.: 011-23343305, Hty.22283,22626,Fax: 65027299, website_: [email protected], E-mail: [email protected]; EARLYoerecrtoHoFH|v/A|Ds.PRoLoNGsQUAL|TYoFL|FE


Charter of Demands


of the 7tnCPC senttoCabinet 1, Settletheissuesraisedby the.NJCAon the recommendations 20| 5' vide le,tterdatedl0''' December Secretary etc'. categories of pay scalesto technical/safety 2. Removethe injristicedonein the'assignment by in otherCentralGovernmentestablishments in Railways8r Defence,differentcategories the7'ncPC. Pensionto all CG employees 3, Scrapthe pFRDA Act and NPS and grant Pension/Family Rules.19728LRailwaysPensionRules,1993. underccS (Pension) functions of governmental 4. i) No privatization/outsourcing/contractorisation to benefiton pensionandallowances andextendproportional ii)TreatGDS asCivil Servants t h eG D S . of DefenceProductionUnits and Postal 5. No FDI in Railways& Defence;No corporatization Department. lift the ban on creationof posts; departments, 6. Fili up all vacantpostsin the government workers. the casual/contract Regularize groundappointments' 7. Removeceilingon compassionate of paymentceilingto the g, Extendthe benefitof BonusAct, 1965amendment on enhancement with the effectfrom the Financialyear employees adh6cBonus/plB of CentralGovernment 2014-15. g. Ensurefive promotions in theservicecareerof an employee' reformswhichwill takeawaytheexisting 10.Do not amendLabourLawsin thenameof L.abour benefitsto theworkers. I L R e v i v ei C M f u n c t i o n i nagt a l l l e v e l s .



Charter of Demands- RailwaYs


r n L r l t i p l ifearc t o rf o r improYe I m p r o v em i n i m u mw a g eo f R s . 1 8 0 0 0a/ -n dc o r r e s p o n d i n g l f of Vll I PC. payfixation.Reiecralfretrograde andresloreold pensionschemeto be madeapplicable 2 . ScrapNew pensionSche*relNPS) by Horr'ble as recommended emplovedon & after i.t.ZOO+ to thoserailwayemployees R a i l w a rM i n i s t e r s . and Ministry of 3 . SettleNFIR's Charlerof Dernandssubmittedto the Covernmetit & 1 0 ' 1 2 ' 2 0 1 5 11'09'2015 R a i l w a y so t ' t 2 4 . 1 2 . 2 0 1 3 . 2 8 . 0 1 . 2 0 1 4 . 0 3 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 4 . 0 7 . 0 7 ' 2 0 1 4 . for reached agreements of VI CPC.irnplementation includeremovalof anornalies r.^,,hich C r o u p ' B' p o s t st o sg,r a ' t u p - g r a d a t i oonf A p e x C r o u p ' C ' 'oi m e r g e ro f T e c h n i c i J n removal.of salary' gunOa CP of variouscategories' Gazetted,replacemen, euy grant of parityin case ceilingfbr ensuringpaymentof PLB on actualwages, calculation Services'reduction with thoseworkirrgin central Secretariat of Railway stenographers facilities'creationof New of duty hours.improvemeltin RailwayQui,rers.Medical withoui insistingon matcliitrgsurrende!:i:' Ensure Postsfor Ner,vAssets/Services in Railr'vayssPAD dehnitionto be of Safaiwalas/Safaiwalies careerimprovemerrt of Running& Safetystaff"Absorptionof reviewedto preventharassment/victimiz-ation Statf againstGP Ri' 1800/-(PB-1),Settingup of Llnits/Offices euasi-Adminisrrative electronic training irrstituteto ilpa'r training in rail related mu.lti-disciplinary Act Completed Course lndr-rct technologiesto the *urJ, of Railway erliployees. A p p r e n t i c easg a i n sSt a f e t lv a c a t t c i e st c ' more than severrhours' The dLty lroursof railwal employeesshouldPl b. Stafffronr"signingon'' to "Signirrg includingtheduty hoursof Loco& Traific'Ru,rnirrg at variouslevels'Sanctionadditionalposts Off'. Settlealt pendingstafTgrievances of ne"i lines'cperringof o1-trer'"traitts,exieirsion with tiie int|odirctiort commenslrraiing assets' of newlycreated andfor maintenance newstations of positiverecommendations Scrapreportof Bibek DebroyCsmmittee& irnplernerrt (Rurrrrirrg & Saf-ety)' High PowerComrnittee - -r{ ^ - nn, , :- ^^. of lrrdiadated22''0August,2014in collstructlon, Covernntent of 5 . RecallFDI notifrcatiorr enteredinto with of IndianRailwaysand scrapall agreements & maintenance operation to the interests aredetrimental foreigncompaniesas well as Nationalcompaniesrvhich of Railways& Nation.


rec!1ic3] lil
Srafl"Medical operating

scopeshouldbe dorreawaywith and ensure iilCpC RuyViutri" levelsand prornotional wjth thoseworkingin categories scopefbr conrnron & pro,noiional parityin paystructure i nistries"' the CentralSecretariat/M '7. p'm' for the year2014-15aswas Ensurepaymeniof P.L. Bonusat the rateof Rs.7000/limit rvasrevisedfi'omRs' 2500/-to donein october,2008whenthe salarycalculation - .rn. R s .3 5 0 0 / p


Charter of demands.PDF

the 7'n cPC. ... 4. i) No privatization/outsourcing/contractorisation of governmental functions ... Railways ot't24.12.2013.28.01.2014.03.07.2014.07.07'2014.

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