"to get" vs "to be get+ PP" to start changing, growing, beginning to become

Logic • I will get food, because I am getting hungry • Brad is usually looks happy, but not right now. I don't understand it. • Right now, Tom is annoying Brad, so Brad/ Tom (to be) + (to get) + ADJ/PP


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If you're used to _______, you experienced ________ at some time.

The more used to _______ you are, the more experience you have with _________.

Logic • I used to speak Korean in school, but now I am getting used to speak___ _______ in school. • I am getting used to ______, so ________... • I am getting used to the LSAT, so I'm devoted to the English language. • I am getting used to guitar, so my fingers hurt. • My fingers used to hurt when I played guitar, but then I got used to guitar. So now, ____________.


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S+(to be)+(used to)+(verb)+-ing Steven and Peter used to be close. Peter and Steven got (became) separated. Now, Peter and Steven are used to being separate. However, they should work together because they have different skills. So, they are getting used to working together.

Logic S+(to be)+(used to)+(verb)+-ing

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S + (be)+ (supposed to)+ (Verb/Expectation) S + (was/were)+(supposed to) + (Verb or Expectation that DID NOT HAPPEN)


GOOD EXCUSES and IDEAS • Usually have good REASONS: • Bryn was supposed to go to work, but he had a virus. • Bryn is supposed to race in June, so __________. • Peter and Steven are supposed to pay attention because ___________.

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