Dated: July 13, 2017

Bedford Cell Tower Study Committee – Proposal Purpose: To review the placement, usage, affects, zoning, and legal requirements of cellular communication towers and emergency communications networks within the Town of Bedford in order to make recommendations on zoning and town policy. Background: On April 19, 2017, the Bedford Town Council approved a motion to form a review committee in response to a proposed cell tower on Town property off of Chubbuck Road. This location had previously been approved for a tower that was never built in 2005 and then in 2015 a proposed tower at the same location was denied by the ZBA and ultimately withdrawn while being appealed in federal court. In 2017, a third tower at the same location was proposed at which time the Council chose to not permit a lease for a period of one year. The Town is also reviewing necessary upgrades to its emergency communications system which anticipates needing to add equipment and antennas in various locations throughout Town. Committee Formation: 1. Term, this committee shall sunset one year from the date of its first scheduled meeting. 2. Membership shall consist of seven members including a member of the Town Council, a member of the Planning Board, and five members of the public, all of whom shall be appointed by the Town Council. 3. The five citizen members should consist of one from each of the four quadrants of Town and one at large member, if possible. Members should be of varied backgrounds. 4. As a subcommittee of the Town Council, the Committee must follow the requirements of the Right to Know Law (RSA 91-A) with agendas of all meetings posted as required, minutes taken, and meetings open to the public. 5. The committee should organize themselves with a Chair and Vice Chair. 6. The committee shall not voice opinions on behalf of the Town or interfere with any pending or proposed application before any public body. 7. The committee shall not influence or interfere with the responsibilities of any Town staff members. 8. The committee will be assisted in its efforts by the Town Manager, Planning Director, and Town Executive Assistant.

Minimum Actions: 1. Develop a Scope of Work (what needs to get done and when) 2. Interview the Town Attorney 3. Interview the Planning Director 4. Interview the Police Chief 5. Interview experts in the field(s) 6. Meet with telecommunication providers 7. Meet with residents and business owners 8. Review/summarize Telecommunications Act 9. Review/summarize Bedford Zoning as it relates to telecommunications 10. Review/summarize NH and Federal Case Law 11. Review/summarize the tower locations & carriers currently serving Bedford 12. Review/summarize the needs of the Bedford emergency communications system 13. Review/summarize the practice and zoning of similar communities 14. Review/summarize the state of the art and its impacts on Bedford over the next 6, 12, & 24 months 15. Recommend changes to zoning (if any) 16. Recommend Town policy considerations (if any) 17. Any further actions determined by the committee 18. Report to the Council at 6 and 12 months Recommendation: Recommend the Town Council approve the establishment of the Bedford Cell Tower Study Committee as outlined and confirm the appointment of seven members. Recommended Motion: I MOVE THAT THE BEDFORD TOWN COUNCIL approve the establishment of the Bedford Cell Tower Study Committee as outlined in the proposal dated July 13, 2017 (or as modified) to sunset one year from its first meeting and confirm the appointment of seven members as follows: (state their names)

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