CASE STUDY Name: Khiley J. Birthdate: 4-14-06 Age: 9

School: Hilltop Elementary School Grade: 3rd Date of Report: 5-26-15



(List source of information in parentheses) A.



Reading Difficulties

Below Grade Level Reading Ability Word Attack Problems Sight Word Problems Comprehension Problems

(List source of information in parentheses)


Birth Data: Complications: _____ Other: She was born premature.


Developmental History: Concerns : _____ Other:

___X__ __X___ (QRI-5) _____ _____ __X___ (QRI-5)

C. Writing Problems


Difficulty in Communicating thru Writing _x____ (teacher) Inappropriate Grammatical Knowledge _____ Inappropriate Spelling Knowledge _____

D. Listening Comprehension Problems


E. Time on Task Problems (testing observation)




Study Strategy Problems

G. Poor Attitude Toward Reading/Writing






Poor Attitude Toward School

Lack of Interest in Reading/Writing (LA teacher observation)

C. Medical History: Concerns:


Eyesight Problems: Specifically:


Hearing Problems Specifically:


On Medications: __X___ Specifically: Takes medication in the mornings for ADHD.

__X___ Other Physical Impairments ____

Comments: In terms of Khiley’s reading and writing, her major weakness is her level of comprehension. Her word accuracy is strong and at grade level. Khiley’s fluency is choppy and lacking smooth expression. She does not enjoy writing during LA class, which is also a weakness of hers.

Comments: This is the first year that Khiley hasn’t taken a noon dose of her ADHD medication. When Khiley misses her morning dose, it is obvious and majorly affects her ability to learn and behave appropriately.

EDUCATIONAL HISTORY Above Grade Level Achievements/Grades Specifically:


On Grade Level Achievements/Grades Specifically:


Below Grade Level Achievements/Grades __X____ Specifically: On a 1, 2, 3 point grade scale (1 being low), Khiley has a 1 in all academic areas.

Attitude Towards School – Generally: A) Good _X__ B) Average ___ C) Poor ___ Comments: Attitude – Self Towards School: A) Good _X__ B) Average___ C) Poor ___ Comments: She doesn’t realize her struggles.

Retained a Grade Specifically:


Attended More Than One School Specifically:


Subjects Likes: Recess, Art, Gym Subjects Dislikes: Math, Writing

FAMILY HISTORY (List source of information in parentheses) Lives With: Mother, Step-dad, Brother

Number of Siblings (M/F) and Ages: 2 months

Relationship to Care Givers: Apparently Normal: ___X__ Comments: Only sees father once in a while.

Relationship to Siblings: Apparently Normal:


Comments: Really likes her baby brother!



Showed Evidence of Anxiety


Difficulty Understanding English


Refused to Cooperate


Possible Vision Problems


Possible Hearing Problems


Any Difficulties with Test That Would Effect Reliability/Validity of Test Results

Comments: Khiley had a difficult time staying focused while testing. This is likely due to her ADHD diagnosis.


ASSESSMENT RESULTS Assessment Used: QRI-5 Word List Independent: Level 2 Instructional: Level 3 Frustrational: Level 4 Narrative Independent: Instructional: Level 1 Frustrational: Level 2 Listening level Independent: Instructional: Frustrational: Expository Independent: Instructional: Level 1 Frustrational: Level 2 Other Formal/Informal Reading Tests San Diego Quick Assessment Independent: Grade 2 Instructional: Grade 3 Frustrational: Grade 4 Teacher Made Tests Sight Words Writing / Spelling stage Attitude/Interests Concepts of Print – 21/22 General Achievement/Grades On a 1, 2, 3 point grading scale (1 being low), Khiley has received a 1 in all academic areas. Formal/Standardized Tests WKCE NWEA Comments: (2-3 sentences) F & P Benchmark Instructional : Level M: 98% Word Accuracy, 1:2 Selfcorrection Rate, Fluency=0, Comprehension=6/10

PHONEMIC AWARENESS / PHONICS RESULTS Letters/Sound Relationship Upper Case Lower Case Sounds Segmentation Blending Rhymes Early Names Test Initial Consonants: 50/50 Ending Consonants: 40/40 Consonant Blend: 13/14 Consonant Digraphs: 10/10 Short Vowel: 39/44 Long Vowel: 5/7 Vowel Digraph: 3/3 Rimes: 50/58 Names Test Initial Consonants Initial Consonant Blends Consonant Digraphs Short Vowels Long Vowels Vowel Digraphs Controlled Vowels Schwa Comments: Based on this data, rimes are the biggest struggle for Khiley, with short vowels also presenting a bit of an issue. Focusing in on these rimes would help Khiley to more accurately break apart and pronounce words she is not familiar with. Additionally, distinguishing between long and short vowels would also help expand Khiley’s storage of sight words.



(Source of Information listed in parentheses) A.

General Capacity (+ / -)

High Listening Level Compared to Reading Level Low Listening Level Compared to Reading Level

___ ___

B. Prognosis for Reading Improvement (X) Rapid _____ Average _____ Slow __X___ Comments: Because Khiley struggles greatly to work on task and to stay engaged for extended periods of time, Khiley may improve more slowly. However, her positive attitude and general enjoyment of school may work in her favor. C. Reading Achievement Instructional Reading Level: Level 1 (QRI-5), Level M (F&P Benchmark)

G. Learning Style: Khiley does really well working oneon-one with a teacher and enjoys that attention. Khiley does well when she is able to work interactively on something and prefers hands-on learning activities. H.

Apparently Normal Wears Glasses Tracking Concerns Hearing Apparently Normal

Initial Consonants Ending Consonants Consonant Blend Consonant Digraphs Short Vowel Long Vowel Vowel Digraph Rimes Initial Consonant Blends Controlled Vowels Schwa

__+___ __+___ __+___ __+___ __-___ __+___ __+___ __-___ _____ _____ _____

SIGHT WORDS Grade Level Achieved: Comments: 1-2 sentences E.

Comprehension (+ Strength; Retelling Explicit Questions Implicit Questions Familiar Text Expository Text Narrative Text

- Weakness) __-___ __-___ __-___ __+___ __-___ __-___

Comments: Khiley’s level of interest and amount of background knowledge in a text plays a large part in whether she is successful with it or not (QRI-5) F. General Achievement/Grades Strengths: Math (compared to other subjects) Weaknesses: Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies Helpful Attitudes: Genuinely enjoys being at school, believes knowing how to read well is important, finds reading enjoyable, likes being read aloud to (Reading Attitude & Identity Survey). Inappropriate Attitudes: Gets uncomfortable when reading aloud in front of classmates and doesn’t plan to spend time reading over the summer (Reading Attitude & Identity Survey).

__X___ _____ _____ _X____

Comments: Neither vision nor hearing are problems for Khiley.

Attitude Toward Competence in Reading (X) Good _____ Average __X___ Poor _____ (Reading Attitude & Identity Survey) D. Word Analysis Skills (Early Names Test) APPLICATION (+ Strength; - Weakness)

Specialized Areas (yes / no) Vision


Word Analysis Skills (list 2-3) -Reading by Analogy (focus on rimes and vowel patterns)/Morphological Analysis -Personalized Word Meaning: “Word in my Life Card” -Word Meaning through Context


Comprehension Strategies/Skills (list 1-2) -Various Idea Maps for Expository & Narrative Texts -Text Annotation and/or Thinking Aloud -Self-Questioning & QAR

C. Writing Skills/Strategies (list 1-2) -Interactive Writing (“Cloze Writing,” which uses context to fill in missing words, freewriting, dialogue writing with a peer, etc.) D. Learning Style Modality (describe) -Khiley works well in one-on-one situations with teachers and prefers hands-on activities. E. Wide Range Reading (List what genres or types of books student likes) -Comic books -Funny books -Magazines -“How to” books -Plays -Adventure books Comments: Trying to ensure that Khiley has enough prior knowledge before beginning a text will be essential in building her up for success with that text. Additionally, it is essential to find ways to deeply engage her with a text by finding ways to connect it to things she is interested in or has experienced first-hand.

OVERALL SUMMARY STATEMENT For the most part, Khiley brings a positive attitude with her to school and genuinely enjoys the school atmosphere and community. Khiley struggles in all academic areas, most severely in Science and Social Studies. Word accuracy is another strength for Khiley, while her comprehension holds her back. Because of her comprehension weakness, she hasn’t been able to reach grade level accuracy on the QRI-5. Khiley struggles with retelling and remembering key details from a text. She also has difficulty thinking implicitly about a text, especially one she isn’t interested in. An intervention for Khiley should include a focus on comprehension, with both explicit and implicit thinking.

case study

Attitude & Identity Survey). D. Word Analysis Skills (Early Names Test). APPLICATION (+ Strength; - Weakness). Initial Consonants. __+___. Ending Consonants.

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