BSI Advisory Committee Meeting Notes April 22, 2010 Present: Kim Bartlett, Dione Carter (Chair), Vanessa Christian, Marsha Elliott, Mary Foster, Jorge Gamboa (Chair), Anna Garza, Valentina Purtell, Fred Rocha, Andrea Sibley-Smith, and Terrie Taylor Agenda Item Action/Discussion Action/Outcome Those in attendance supported all proposals that BSI Reviewed the proposals to continue currently funded totaled to $580,031. Terrie indicated the estimated “Continuing” positions (see below). carryover will be $253,000 and we may not know SCE’s Positions Proposals included: 2010-11 allocation until August or September. Terrie All ƒ Section A—Organizational/Administrative Practices also recommended for alternative funding sources to o Hourly, Classified Administrative Assistant be considered i.e. AEFLA, VTEA, and DSPS grants as well (TEA),Basic Skills/High School Diploma Program as funding from the colleges to support SCE staff (Dione Carter) development. Terrie, Valentina, Jorge, Martha o Professional Expert; Project Expert for unique Gutierrez and I are scheduled to meet on April 29th. In technical support and training in new software the meantime, all positions were approved for three (3)packages and hardware configurations at all month contracts beginning July. Anna stated that the three campuses (Fred Rocha) ACCT professional expert position would begin mido Hourly, Classified Support (TEA); Technical August. At some point, the committee chairs may support, repair and installation services (Fred Rocha) need to meet with Chris Terry to review professional ƒ Section B—Program Components expert positions that are ongoing and funded at 40 o Professional Expert, Adult College & Career hours per week, $45 per hour as the hours per week and Transitions—ACCT (Anna Garza) rate per hour may need to be decreased. The next o Professional Experts, Assessment Center Proctors meeting, tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 27th, (Jorge Gamboa) 3:30 to 4:30 pm, Anaheim campus, room TBD, will o Special Projects Coordinator, DSPS Transition discuss alternative funding sources and (Kim Bartlett) recommendations for “continuing” proposals reviewed ƒ Section C—Staff Development on April 22nd. Special Projects Manager, ProD & SLO’s (Valentina Purtell) o Professional Expert; Project manager for development of distance education training and curriculum, and management of Moodle (Fred Rocha) ƒ Section D—Instructional Practices o Hourly, Classified Tutors (TEA), Basic Skills/High School Diploma Program (Dione Carter) o Adjunct Faculty; Co-teach in the Anaheim Learning Center (Vanessa Christian, Dione Carter) o

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 27th, 3:30 to 4:30 pm, Anaheim campus, room TBD

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