Waterview Cluster Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes JANUARY 6, 2014

Present: President John Melnick (JM) Vice President Charlie Saunders (CS) Board Officer Aimee Freeman (AF) absent Board Officer Tiffany Lockhart (TL) Board Officer Theresa Monturano (TM) Appointee Roger Brown (RB) Treasurer Appointee Bobbie Kennedy (BK) Secretary

Additional Attendees:

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM at the home of John Melnick, 11483 WV. 2. Secretary Report: Minutes of the December 2, 2013 meeting were accepted as distributed and will be posted on the cluster website www.waterviewcluster.org according to protocol. 3. Financial Report: RB reported a surplus of around $5000 at year’s end. These funds will be rolled into the House Reserves. The addition of these funds moves House Reserves into the positive column as recommended by the reserve study. There are also positive balances in the Carport Reserve fund as well as the Contingency fund. The contingency funds will be used to defray costs related to the December snow /ice damage. 4. Board Member Reports a. Capital Improvements: (CS) reported the railing to be installed near the stairs across from 1400 has been built and is ready for installation, weather permitting. b. Trees: Back log of tree work has been completed. It was noted that COT was quick to respond to the December snow/ice emergency. Timely removal of damaged trees at the marina, in Orchard Lane and also removal of pine branches from the roof of a damaged vehicle. Some additional work that was necessary after the restoration of the tree line at the tot lot is being addressed. c. Carports: Painting, brick work, investigation of drainage issues, storage areas repairs are planned for spring of 2014. CS has already been in contact with Michael Landgrover regarding getting started on this multi-year project. Carports will be inspected during 2014 and necessary repairs scheduled. d. Drainage: CS and JM are investigating the source of the collection of water at the base of the stairs opposite 11404 OL. This is to determine if it is RELAC, FFX water or simply a drainage issue. CS and JM will be informed of any digging activity required and inform residents. In the meantime the area has been flagged with an orange cone. 5. Communication: (AF) The January edition of the Warbler is forthcoming. 1

6. Trash, Snow, Website: (TM) a. Trash: There are currently no outstanding issues with trash and recycling pickup. Pick up for Christmas trees is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8th and the 15th. Yard waste should be place in the general area of trash pickup. Yard waste pick up will resume in March. b. Snow: Overall the snow removal of Perfect Landscapes has been satisfactory. They are prompt in responding to calls regarding missed areas. The spreading of sand has been in line with expectations. There are a few areas that may need attention for restoration in the spring. TM will discuss with Perfect Landscapes the plan for snow management in the event of a major snow event that could require more than one pass through. There are some residents of the cluster who have more than their fair share of walkways to shovel. It was suggested that a call for help from neighbors would help share alleviate this problem. c. Website: Hits to www.waterviewcluster.org are up. The site is being updated as needed by all members of the board. 7. Covenants/Design, Signage Streambed Restoration: (TL) a. Streambed restoration: No new information at this time. b. Signage: Still in the planning process. TL is planning to meet with Karen Noel and Raj Banga in an effort to move this project forward. c. Covenants Committee: TL is in the beginning process of reactivating the committee. She is planning to reach out to members of the community regarding interest in volunteering to serve on this committee. 8. General Reports (JM) a. RELAC: John has scheduled a meeting with Mike to discuss two areas of possible leaks. The staff at RELAC has agreed to notify the cluster before commencing with any digging, especially digging that may involve large equipment that may damage landscaped areas. There was a short discussion regarding to potential changes to the RELAC guidelines for health related exemptions and the charges to the lot line. b. General Meeting Review: Feedback regarding the General Meeting in early December was very positive. The turnout was better than in previous years. Safety information provided by the Fairfax County Police will be made available to WV households electronically. c. General Meeting: JM will investigate dates for the May meeting. Hopefully there will be space available at the Lake Anne Community Center. d. Upgrades to North Shore Pool Entrance: JM attended the DRB meeting regarding planned changes to the North Shore entrance to our neighborhood pool. JM has registered the cluster as an affected party. At this point the improvements are all positive and should have little or no impact on existing trees. RA anticipates completing


this project before the 2014 pool season begins. Paul Priestly at RA is the contact person. e. Spalling brick: At this point the BOD awaits further information from RA. f. Security: Overall assessment of batteries in carport motion sensor lights will be done, as well as the repositioning of some of the lights. g. Rodents in Carports: Mice have taken up residence in a homeowner’s vehicle parked in carport. Traps will be set. The use of poison is not recommended for obvious reasons. 9. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM. Next board meeting will be held February 10th at 7:00pm at the home of John Melnick, 11483 WV.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta Kennedy, Secretary


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defray costs related to the December snow /ice damage. 4. Board Member Reports. a. Capital Improvements: (CS) reported the railing to be installed near the ...

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