Waterview Cluster Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 7, 2014 Present: President John Melnick (JM) Vice President Charlie Saunders (CS) Board Officer Aimee Freeman (AF) Board Officer Tiffany Lockhart (TL) Board Officer Theresa Monturano (TM) Appointee Roger Brown (RB) Treasurer Appointee Bobbie Kennedy (BK) Secretary

Additional Attendees: Karen Noel (KN) Landscape chairperson

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. at the home of John Melnick, 11483 WV. 2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the March 10, 2014 meeting were accepted as distributed and will be posted on the cluster website www.waterviewcluster.org according to protocol. 3. Financial Report: RB reported the financial standing of the Cluster is stable. Due to the unusual winter weather the snow removal line item has come in over budget. 4. Landscape Committee: A list of projects and the necessary materials will be readily available on the morning of workday, as well as residents to get thing started. It was decided that the planning of the work day luncheon should be a responsibility of the Board of Director or a social committee. Volunteers are in place to pull together the luncheon planned for the cluster work day on April 12, 2014. Electronic updates to the landscape page of www.waterview.com will include landscape guidelines currently hidden in the cluster handbook and the addition of the exotic invasive plant list. KN expressed concern that interest in the Landscape Committee is dwindling. A problem solving discussion ensued including ways to increase interest in the planning aspects of the committee. The need for new members will be mentioned at the annual meeting, an educational walk through by a knowledgeable person in order to sensitize residents to our natural environment, adjusting the time of meeting to an evening meeting, having regular meetings, define goals of the committee, and improving communication of the landscape committee activities were among a few suggestions. The Adopt a Spot project is ongoing. There are still spots available! Thrive has aerated and over seeded the grassy area near the marina and at the tot lot. The fragile area will be taped off in order to discourage traffic while it is getting established.


5. Board Member Reports a. Capital Improvements: (CS)  Trees Care of Trees is behind in its projects due to weather. A spring walk through is planned for the end of the month. There is a small backlog of tree work remaining.  $1800 storm damage in March including a felled spruce near 11485 and also a poplar near 11478. All totaled winter damage fell just under $5000.  Swale maintenance will be completed by Outdoor Structures at the end of April /early May.  The sand at the beach area of the marina will be refreshed as well as the wood carpet at the tot lot.  Carport repairs including brick repair, painting, floor treatments of the two story carports. Proposals for this project will be obtained by CS.  There was a discussion regarding carport users and a plan to do an inventory of who uses which carport.  Proposal needed to address repair of degraded concrete stairway in Upper WV.  Assessment of water damage in bunker carport is also planned. b. Communication: (AF)  The latest edition of The Warbler was sent to 125 residents and has been opened by 78.  Resident Roster remains a work in progress.  Easter egg hunt April 20th. Time and place TBA. Watch the cluster website for updates.

c. Trash, Snow: (TM)  Yard waste pick has resumed on Wednesdays.  Snow removal contractors have been contacted regarding damage to landscaped areas and railings. Negotiations are underway. Problem solving around communications with the snow plow drivers and marking areas of concern including placement of snow piles and the damage to plant materials due to chemically treated sand was discussed. Website: (TM) 

TM will investigate a method of posting happenings at the marina on www.waterviewcluster.org d. Covenants/Design: (TL)  Links to the sign design and an opportunity for comment have been posted In The Warbler. Feedback has been minimal and both positive and negative in regard to size and color. The colors are still to be finalized by Raj Banga and Karen Noel. Submission to the DRB is pending. 2

e. RELAC: (JM)  The season is upon us. RELAC recommends getting units serviced before the start date. Air-conditioning service begins after the second 80 degree day in May or May 22nd. f. Security: (JM)    

Carport lighting sensors will be assessed and batteries replaced as necessary on work day. Graffiti on RA pathways will be reported to RA. RA has is aware of the needed repairs to the railing on the path to the Van Gogh bridge. Dominion Power has been notified by RA regarding the repairs to the light poles near the pool.

g. Cluster wide inspection: Discussion of cluster wide inspection by TWC was discussed and will be investigated further as to implementation and cost. h. Annual Meeting: May 7th, 7:30 pm at the Lake Anne Community Center in the Joanne Rose Gallery. There will be one director position open. i.

Next BOD meeting: Immediately after the Annual meeting on May 7th

6. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta Kennedy, Secretary


BOD minutes April 2014 rk.pdf

Cluster wide inspection: Discussion of cluster wide inspection by TWC was discussed. and will be investigated further as to implementation and cost. h. Annual ...

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