S.D.H.S.C.A - 2015-2016 Officers & Directors President: Sheri Keck, Rapid City Stevens 390-9560 President Elect: Travis Carpenter, Mitchell 996-0315 Past President: Bill Clements, Dakota Valley 712-259-4745 Executive Director Emeritus: Max Hawk 665-3139

Executive Director: Jim Dorman, Sioux Falls 940-1262 email: [email protected] website: www.sdhsca.k12.sd.us

2016 Russ Bailey – 3 Custer 999-7916

2017 Mitchell 770-7264

2018 Mike Flakus - 1 Aberdeen Central 228-9596

At Large Tama I’Atala Red Cloud 867-1289

Sport Secretary Virg Polak Watertown 321-4908

Boys Basketball

Michael Ricke – 1 Madison 256-4847

Blake Gardner – 3 Hill City 840-1697

Cole Knippling – 2 Elk Point-Jefferson 730-1773

Eldon Marshall White River 259-3135

Lynn Frederick Brookings 690-1579


Shawn Lewis – 1 Pierre 216-0785

Clay Leonard – 3 Red Cloud 308-862-4295


Steve DeNoyer Todd County 856-3503

Chris Sayler Freeman 759-1223

Boys Track & Field Cross Country

Jesse Coy – 3 Rapid City Stevens 645-9820

Cindee Evenson – 2 Menno 661-4944

Terry Dosch– 1 Aberdeen Roncalli 228-3605

Bob Kornely Todd County 856-4372

Georgia Adolph Flandreau 359-8379


Sherri Knippling – 3 Chamberlain 245-2492

OPEN – 2

Missy Huff – 1 Sisseton 725-3890

Girls Basketball

Mark Stadem – 2 Brandon Valley

Mark Senftner – 1 Sully Buttes 258-2890

Larry Aaker – 3 Winner

Girls Track & Field Cross Country

Byron Pudwill – 2 Bon Homme 369-2730

Kurt Schultz – 1 Baltic 529-5689

Royce Wuertzer- 3 St. Thomas More 484-5878

Sue Peterson SF Christian

Russ Cournoyer Red Cloud 867-1289


OPEN – 1

Doug Rinken – 2 SF Washington 371-3954

Mike Beardt – 3 White River 259-3135

Travis Lappe Harrisburg 360-5529

Tom Cameron White River 259-3393


Kent VanOverschelde – 2

Assistant Chase Hirt Harrisburg 207-0206

Matt Mueller Brandon Valley

Skye Bork SF O’Gorman 488-0177 Amanda Carlow Red Cloud 867-1289

Joey Liesinger Madison 530-5274

2016 Mark Schlekeway – 2 Brandon Valley 582-2988

2017 Pat Moller – 1 Mitchell 770-7474

2018 Jason Olson – 3 Rapid City Stevens 390-7806


Kari Jung – 1 Warner 228-0373

Jeff Nugent – 3 Douglas 787-9108

Rob Wilson– 2 Beresford

Steph Daly Aberdeen Central

Peri Strain White River

Nancy Hoeke Milbank 887-7730


Kari Svatos – 2 Yankton

Jenna Schroeder – 3 Rapid City Central

Arionne Reiter – 1 Aberdeen Central

Kallie Gebhard Rapid City Stevens

Tayler Morgan Red Cloud 867-1289

Bruce Kleinsasser Aberdeen Central 225-5135


Ryan Beier – 2 SF O’Gorman

Luis Usera – 3 Rapid City Stevens

Merle Aske – 1 Aberdeen Central

Athletic Directors

Naomi Hatfield – 3 Douglas 209-4965

OPEN – 1

Toby Bryant– 2 Harrisburg 380-4476



At Large

Sport Secretary Jason Olson Rapid City Stevens 390-7806

Ryan Beier SF O’Gorman Arlo Provost Little Wound 455-6226

Jim Dorman Sioux Falls 940-1262

Active Past Presidents: Max Hawk, Jerry Miller, Wayne Carney, Lolly Forseth, Virg Polak, Judy Busch, Georgia Adolph, John Nyhaug, Jim Dorman, Marc Murren, Carmen Robinson, Connie Nyhaug, Ken Bruckner, Deb Thill, Bill Weber, David Dolan, Bob Billotto, Arlin Likness, Bill Clements Past Presidents: Paul Marschalk*, Joe Dunmire*, Rube Waltman*, Bill Hauge*, Bob Burns*, Dwane Clodfelter*, Floyd Mitchell*, Jim Marking*, Mylo Jackson*, Bill Mitchell*, HW Hadorn*, Don Allan*, Tom Prendergast, Bob Schroeder, Clair Lilevjen*, Howard Naasz*, Burdell Coplan*, Rich Greeno, Wendell Handley*, Bob Brooks*, Marlyn Goldhammer, Max Hawk, Jerry Applebee, Jack Doyle*, Jack Schuver, Dale McElhany, Mike Stadem*, Bob Dubs*, Harvey Naasz, Jerry Miller, Lyle Claussen, Roberta Morin, Roger Schaffer, Steve Swisher, Fred Tibbetts*, Rich Donovan, Marv Sherrill, Dave Scott*, Annette Johnson, Wayne Carney, Cal Corey, Lolly Forseth, Galen Busch*, Virg Polak, Ron Riherd, Judy Busch, Jim McGlone, John Huth, Mick Wysuph, Georgia Adolph, John Nyhaug, Daryl Fletcher, Jim Dorman, Jim Drake, Marv McCune, Marc Murren, Carmen Robinson, Marv Bohnet, Jerome Garry, Connie Nyhaug, Ken Bruckner, Rod Garrison, Deb Thill, Bill Weber, David Dolan, Bob Billotto, Arlin Likness, Bill Clements (*deceased)

Scholarship Committee: Judy Busch, chair; Georgia Adolph, Ken Bruckner and John Nyhaug Hall of Fame Committee: Jerry Miller, chair; Virg Polak; Lolly Forseth; Marc Murren and David Dolan. National Assistant Coach of the Year Selection Committee: Georgia Adolph, Ken Bruckner, David Dolan, Jim Dorman and Virg Polak. Kathie Larson Coaches’ Grant Committee: Jerry Miller, Lolly Forseth, and Jim Dorman. Sportscaster/Sportswriter of the Year Selection Committee: Wayne Carney and Jim Dorman.

Board of Directors 2015-16.pdf

Custer Mitchell Aberdeen Central Harrisburg Red Cloud Watertown. 999-7916 770-7264 228-9596 207-0206 867-1289 321-4908. Boys Basketball Michael ...

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