I2U1/8A16 Reg. No St. Joseph’s college f Arts & Science (Autonomous) St. Joseph’s College Road, Cuddalore – 607001 BC203S-BIOMOLECULES-II Time : 3 hrs

Max Marks :75

SECTION – A (25X1=25) Answer ALL the questions I choose the best answer: (10X1=10) 1. Which one is the most abundant protein in the animal world? a) Collagen b) Insulin c) Trypsin d) Haemoglobin 2. Myoglobin is a) Protein with primary structure b) Protein with secondary structure c) Protein with tertiary structure d) Protein with Quaternary structure 3. Which of the following amino acids is most compatible with an αhelical structure? a) Tryptophan b) Alanine c) Leucine d) Proline 4. Which one of the followings is not a fibrous protein? a) Carbonic anhydrase b) Collagen c) Fibrinogen d ) Keratin 5. The rancidity of butter was determined by a) Iodine number b) RM number c) Acid number d) Saponification number 6. The “Repeating Unit” of glycogen is a) Fructose b) Mannose c) Glucose d) Galactose


I2U1/8A16 7. Which is phospholipid a) Lecithin b) Cholesterol c) Sterol d) Steroid 8. The number of double bonds in Arachidonic acid a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

9. Essential fatty acids are a) Linoleic acid b) Arachidonic acid c) Linoleic acid d) All of these 10. The following is not a phospholipid a) Sphingomyelin b) Lecithin c) Cephalin d) cerebroside II Say true or false (5X1=5) 11. All proteins are freely soluble in water. 12. All fatty acids in food and in the body exist only as triglyceride molecules. 13. Flaxseed oil is high in alpha-linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid. 14. High HDL level indicates a healthier cholesterol factor than a high LDL level. 15. The body typically produces nine essential amino acids.

III Answer all the questions (10X1=10) 16. What is primary structure in protein? 17. In which tissue fats are abundantly found? 18. What type of structure present in Fibrous protein such as silk fibroin? 19. Name the liquid form of Triglycerides. 20. Which type of bonds maintains tertiary structure of protein?


I2U1/8A16 21. What are essential fattyacids? 22. Name the simplest aminoacid? 23. Which aminoacid is a α-helix terminator? 24. Which aminoacid has buffering capacity? 25. Which aminoacids forms disulphide bonds? SECTION-B (4X5=20) Answer any FOUR of the following: 26. Give the biological importance of proteins? 27. How aminoacids are classified? 28. Explain the structure and function of glycolipids? 29. Explain the functional groups of aminoacids and peptide bond? 30. Explain N-Terminal determination? 31. Write a note on Fibrous protein SECTION-C (3X10=30) Answer any THREE of the following: 32. Explain the properties of lipids? 33. Describe the structure and significance of phospholipids? 34. Describe the primary, secondary and tertiary structure of protein? 35. Describe Globular proteins in Detail. 36. Explain the various methods of protein sequencing. *******************



Give the biological importance of proteins? 27. ... Write a note on Fibrous protein. SECTION-C (3X10=30) ... Displaying BIOMOLECULES-II - 04 16.pdf. Page 1 of 3.

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