C1U1/8A16 Reg. No St. Joseph’s college f Arts & Science (Autonomous) St. Joseph’s College Road, Cuddalore – 607001 BC101S-BIOMOLECULES Time : 3 hrs

Max Marks :75

SECTION -A (25 X1= 25) Answer ALL the questions: 1. Choose the correct answer: (10X1=10) 1. D-galactose and D-glucose are (a) epimers of each other (b) enantiomers of each other (c) anomers of each other (d) mirror images of each other 2. Which of the following is true for covalent bonding (a) by a transfer of one or more electrons from one atom to another (b) by a sharing of one or more pairs of electrons between the combining atoms (c) by a combination of the two processes of transfer and sharing (d) none of the above

3. Which one of the following is a monosaccharide (a) galactose (b) lactose (c) maltose (d) starch 4. Which of the following statements is true for fructose (a) it is an aldose sugar (b) it is usually exists in the pyranose form (c) it is involved in the formation of sucrose (d) carbon 1 is the anomeric carbon atom


C1U1/8A16 5. Sucrose is made up of (a) α-D-glucose and β-D-fructose (b) α-D-glucose and β-D-galactose (c) α-D-galactose and β-D-fructose (d) α-D-glucose and α-D-glucose 6. Glycosaminoglycans are (a) disaccharides (b) homoglycans (c) heteroglycans (d) none of the above 7. Nucleotides are composed of (a) a nitrogenase base (b) pentose (c) phosphate group (d) all the above 8. Which of the following holds DNA strands together? (a) phosphodiester bond (b) hydrogen bond (c) glycosidic bond (d) phosphate ester 9. The end products of catabolism of Heme are (a) bile acids (b) bile salts (c) bile pigments (d) coproporphyrins 10. Molecular formula of the Thiazole is (a) C2H3NS (b) C3H3NS (c) C3H2NS (d) C3H3NS2


C1U1/8A16 II. True or False


11. Nicotine is an example of pyrrolidine 12. hn RNA serve as precursor for mRNA 13. Hydrogen bonds are weak bonds 14. Starch is an example for heteropolysaccharide 15. Fructose is a ketose sugar III Answer in one sentence (10X1=10) 16. What are vanderwalls interactions? 17. What is rule of n? 18. What are the major oraganic compounds? 19. Draw Haworth projection for α-D- glucopyranose 20. Draw the structure of deoxyribose 21. Define denaturation. 22. Draw the structure of Pyridine. 23. In what forms carbohydrate are stored in plants and animals. 24. Write epimers of glucose 25. What is inulin? SECTION -B (4X5=20) Answer any FOUR of the following questions: 26. Write a short note on Covalent bond 27. Discuss structural components of RNA and DNA 28. Write a short note on osazone formation. 29. What is Kiliani synthesis? Give example. 30. Write the importance of pyrrole. 31. Explain structure and function of tRNA.


C1U1/8A16 SECTION –C (3X10=30) Answer any THREE of the following questions: 32. What are Isomers? Explain the concept of Isomerism with example. 33. Write the general properties of monosaccharide with reference to glucose. 34. What are polysaccharides? Classify them. 35. Write a short note on a) Porphyrin nucleus b) Imidazole 36. Write salient features of Watson and Crick model DNA. ******************


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1. Choose the correct answer: (10X1=10). 1. D-galactose and D-glucose are. (a) epimers of each other. (b) enantiomers of each other. (c) anomers of each other.

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