RX SMART COFFEE INC. HEALTH & DRUG | RXSMARTCOFFEE.CO/BITCOINTALK.ORG Best Practices for RXSC ICO (10/06/17) This report is to inform and protect buyers, and increase the chances of a successful token sale.

RXSC TOKEN A NON-SECURITY TOKEN RXSC PUBLISH A DETAIL WHITE PAPER A white paper defines the RSXC P2P network and its use cases. It is critical for buyers to be able to understand the characteristics and functionality of RXSC token before ICO, the challenges and risks of development, and the benefits of using the P2P network.

“SOLELY FROM THE EFFORTS OF OTHERS” Essentially, each of the RSXC token allows token holder to utilize, contribute to or license the use of the system in various ways, none of which would be considered a passive investment. Rather, we see RSXC token holders as active participants, like franchisees or licensees.

RXSC USES A PUBLIC BLOCKCHAIN (WAVES) Building with Waves Platform open source and using an open, public blockchain provides transparency, enables real participation from token holders and independent developers, allows for auditing, and helps prevents fraud. KYC/AML is needed to deposit and withdraw fiat money.

The holder of RXSC token is similar to a franchisee in that the rights granted by the token holder allow the holder to contribute to the system in a manner remote from the issuer of the tokens. In essence, the issuer provides the token holder with rights to the system by virtue of the associated token, rather than through a passive investment interest.

FAIR PRICING IN TOKEN SALE The total proceeds from the ICO will not exceed the estimated costs of development. The ICO will be capped at the number and price of tokens required to raise this amount. RXSC token price will be in a USD currency to reduces the potential for confusion and arbitrage. RXSC TOKEN IS A UTILITY COIN Waves’ decentralized features allow us to create RXSC token as fuel for our online peer-2-peer networking marketing platform for global distribution of our national known blends: Gentlemen’s Blend, Thin Blend, Beautiful Mind, Heart Smart and Fresh Breeze.

Source: https://www.coinbase.com/legal/securities-law-framework.pdf





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Blend, Thin Blend, Beautiful Mind, Heart Smart and Fresh Breeze. Best Practices for RXSC ICO (10/06/17). This report is to inform and protect buyers, and. increase the chances of a successful token sale. Source: https://www.coinbase.com/legal/securities-law-framework.pdf. Page 1 of 1. Best Practices for RXSC ICO.pdf.

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