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29 -

ffAQ0 @Ono OaD0 90 630 0,01(r0t OJ(T)o 1."Lifeitself,itsorglnand L.._.I. nwre is d )tItflLlII UUUP. written by

the memory of her husband

A) Robert Cock Alexander Flemming C) Francis Krik D) Karl Worn Frish

A) 1966 8)1980 C) 2000 0)2016

2. Columbidae Colombiformes is a scientific name of

13. Which among the Indian state formed on 1st May 1960?


ological Survey of India in

Owl Pigeon Eagle D)Duck


A) Motilal Nehru B) Gandhiji Jawaharlal Nehru D) Balagangadharalilak

35. Who inaugurated the First Mega Food Park in Jharkhand on 15th Feb.2016?

14. Bernama is the National News Agency of

25.The National fruit of Pakistan is

Paul Ehrlich Joseph Lister Marcello Malpiji 0) Carl Linius

South Korea Iran Sri Lanka 0) Malaysia

Mango Pineapple Banana 0) Apple

4. Allapicha Mollakka is a Character of the Malayalam Novel of

15. Hugo Divries published the Mutation Theory in

26. The first Bank in India got ISO certificate

A) 1935 8)1848 C) 1901 0) None of these

Khasakkinte ithihasam Marubhumikal Undakunnathu Daivathinte Vikrithikal Iruttinte Athmavu

I A)State Bank ofIndia I

6.Who is the Present Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker of India?

17.The train Mythri Express or Moitree Express runs between

28. Which is the Headquarters of the Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering?

Karia Munda Sumitra Mahajan M.Thambidurai 0) P.M. Sayeed

Attari-Waga Jaipur-Karachi Calcutta- Dhakka 0) None of these

Ahmedabad Bhuvaneshwar C)Bhopal 0) Simla

7. Which Constitution Amendments provides for the formation of National Judicial Appointment Commission in 2013?

18. US Military operation against the Islamic State of Iraqi and Levant (ISIL) is known as

29. The first planet to be discovered with a telescope was

8. Headquarters of Medicins

Sans Frontieres (MSF), an international Humanitarian Aid Non Governmental Organization A) New York C) London

Shajahan Begum HH Coil Fergusan 0) Ashoka

B) Paris 0) Geneva

9. The famous painting "Relief of

20. United Nations International Female Peacekeeper Award winnerof 2014

Lucknow" painted by A) Thomas Johnes Berker B) Joseph Noyal C) Patton 0) Miss Wheeler

A) Nadia Sakthi Devi Kiran Bedi 0) None of these

10. The name of 24 hour classical music- both Carnatic and Hindustani audio channel launched by All India Radio recently

21. Who is the Chancellor of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies of Kerala (NUALS)?

Ganam Thalam C)Raagam 0) None of these

Governor Education Minister Chief Minister 0) Chief Justice of High Court

A) Indira AwasYojana B) Jawaharlal RosgarYojana Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme 0) Prime Ministers Rosgar Yojana

A) Bombay Lahore C) Port Blair 0) Calcutta

1 12.The Queen's Stepwell, a monument in medieval India constructed by Udayamathi for

23. Who criticized the Catherine Mayo's work Mother India as "report of a drain inspector sent out with the one purpose and

Kurumban Daivathan Pandit Karuppan C)Thycaud Ayya D) None of these

41.The first royal order issued by Rani Gowri l.akshmibai to abolish slave trade inlravancore on

31.Which organization raised slogan "Land to the Tillers"?

5th Dec.1812 5th Nov.1812 25th Dec.1812 0) 25th Nov. 1812


8)94.01 D) 92.07

Ays Kolathunadu C)Ezhimala 0) Perumals

33."A heart shaped lake" is one of the major tourist attractive place in Kerala. It situated in

b)10 d)12

What is the angle subtended by minute hand of a clock at its centre when it runs from 10.10 a.m. to 1030a.m.?

50) In which state in India the

a)60° c)90"

b)120° d)20°

How many days are there between 21-2-2012 and 8-3-2012? b)15 d)14

a)16 c)12

51.A person who works for the good of others Egoist Altruist C) Antagonist d) Anarchist

In a class A ranks seventh. Rank of B is sixth from the last If C is fourth after A and just in middle of A and B, how many students are there in class?

52. My brother lived in Europe. 501 see him once in once ion a blue moon. The underlined phrase means.

a20 c)18


66. Find odd one out a)Circle C) Square

54. Yasin -on his journey last Friday. a)Set out c) Set up

b)24 d)22

lf'SISTER' is related to 'QGQRCP' in the same way as 'BROTHER' is related to

53.The opposite of'decline' is a) Refuse b) Agree c) Accept I d)Syncline

b) Set in d) Set down


b)Point d) Line

If'CAT' is coded as 48,'DOG' is coded as 52, then code for 'COW' is b)60 d)56

a)82 c)41

55.They rarely speak English, a) didn't they? b)did they? C) do they? d) don't they?

34. The helpdesk and short stay homes project of kudumbasree Mission launched in 2013 titled as

Al 1000 A.D. 8)849 A.D. C) 1225 A.D. 0) None of these

56.I would have bought a Ferrari

The Danish fort "Dansborg' constructed in 1620 at

b)to d)on

A man travels 4km to the North and turns East and travels 7 km.Then he turns North and travels 1 km and again turns to East and travels 5km. How far is he from the starting point?

tribal festival "Medaram Jatara" is celebrated? Orissa Gujarath C)Telengana I D)TamilNadu

Tharisapally Copper plate is considered as the first dated inscriptions in Kerala epigraphy. It was issued by Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal in


a) with c)for

a)17 c)13

A)Thenmala B)lravikulam C) Meppady D)Wagamann

A) Snehitha B)Nirbhaya C) Snehasparsam

Lata has trouble remembering people's names

Morocco Brazil France 0) Japan

43. Athulya's Mushkavams akavya is a semi legendary accounts of the rulers of

Manjeswarampuzha Kanjirapuzha Kunthipuzha 0) Bharathapuzha


Often everyday not at all very rarely

42. In the Census of 2011 the female literacy rate in kerala A) 87.72 96.11

a)a b)the c)an d) none of these

A)lsthiune 2005 8)12th Oct. 2005 C) 22nd June 2005 0)15th Nov.2005

Prithvi Shaw Sarfaraz Khan Arman Jaffer Pranav Ohanawade

32. The northern most river In Kerala is


11. Jean Dreze, the Belgian 22. Lord Mayo, the British ViceEconomist is associated with the roy of India was assacinated by programme of Shere Ali in 1872 at

40. Who scores 1009 runs in HI Banduri Cup Inter School Cricket Tournament conducted by Mumbai Cricket Association?

Socialist Party Boodhan Movement Abhinav Bharath 0) All India Kisan Sabha

Does her name begin with

Worlds largest concentrated solar power plant opened on 4th Feb.2016 in

A) Sir Aurobindo International Centre for Education BI Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology C) All India Institute of Medical Science 0) None of these

30."Navodhanathinte Suryathejus" is the biography of

19. Who did patronize and protect Sanchi Stupa?

Camouflage Guillotine Jewelry d)Etiquete

Right to Information Act passed by the Parliment in 2005. It came into force on

39. Which is the first fully Solar Powered Educational Institute in India?

A) Uranus B) Pluto C) Neptune 0) Mars

Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation Inherent Resolve Operation Air Born Dragon 0) Operation Soda Mountain

Ranganath Misra M.N.Venkita Chelliah J.S.Varma 0) None of these

Japan Hungary C)Doha D) Spain

Jammu and Kashmir Orissa Mizoram 0) Nagaland

Bhutan Vietnam South Korea 0) Malaysia

B)98 0)92

37. Which country will host the FINA World Aquatics Championship 201 7?

Mahila Samriddhi Yojana Kudumbasree Ashraya 0) None of these

58. Find out the wrongly spelt word

A) Kerala B)Tamil Nadu C) Gujarath 0) Haryana

47. Who among the following are not the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission of India?

27. Which is the largest Women Empowering Project in Kerala?

A)USA Australia Soth Korea Philippines

46. In Which state Amul launches country's first milk ATM on 24th jan.2014?

August 20 February 12 April26 0) February 13


a) has done b) does do c) have done d) was done

C)Mahe 0) Daman

36. The World Radio Day is observed on

38. Which state in India celebrate the Raja Rani Musical Festival?

16. The famous Merdekka Stadium or Independence Stadium situated in

fhir ccinnnintc

H. Ananthakumar Harsimrat Kaur Badal Anand Geethe Narendra SinghThomar

B) Bank of Baroda C) Canara Bank 0) Axis Bank

5. Hagupit, the most dangerous tropical cyclone affected the country in 2014

A)94 C)96


Nellie Sen Gupta Sarojini Naidu Annie Besant None of these

3. Who was called the father of Taxonomy?

57. None of the students---


examining the drains of the .......LV MV I.. IV1VI LVV ........") country

24. The following are the Presidents of Indian National Congress except

Maharashtra Haryana Karnataka Madhya Pradesh


rirrir: t ,j i ,(*I' zi 6 m (RAOBJU C216I

If I had enough money If I had had enough money C) If I would have enough money dl If I would had enough money

Pointing to a man Geetha sald,'he is the son of my grandfather's only son How is Geetha related to that man? a) Brother c) Mother

b)Aunt d) Sister

69.24-6x3-18--6 b)6 d)1

a)3 c)2

70. 3i.+4!_5i




a) 3 3) C)


19 30



days. In how many days can 11 men finish it? a)30 c)20

b)10 d)12


71.56% of 9+44% of 4 = x% of 34, then value of x is

80. Average age of 7 girls is 12. When age of a boy is included the average becomes 13 years. Find the age of boy.

a)100 c)10

a)15 c)16

b)20 d)50

A loss of 20% was suffered by selling a watch for Rs. 560. If it was sold for Rs. 805 what was the profit percent? a)20 c)5

b)10 d)15

(0.01)2 is equal to a) 0.0001 c)0.0101

b) 600 d) 200

75. If 'CHAIR' is coded as 381918 how will you code'TABLE'? a) 2011125 c) 2012125

b) 2112115 d) 2112115

76. lf+ means, -, - means x and x means +, then 38 xl 6+4,6-2 is a)28 C) 14

b)55 d) 30

77.5:8 - x: 24, then value of Xis a) 12 c) 10

b) 15 d) 16

78. A car is running at a speed of 45km/hr for 3 hours. Then it runs at a speed of 55km/ht for 6 hours. What is the average speed of car? a) 51 2/9 C) 51

81. Endemic plants are defined as the plants growing in Tissue of other plants Shady places Fresh water lakes Geographically limited areas

82. Rhinos are exploited for its b)0.010 d)0.001

74. Perimeter of a rectangle is 90cm. One side is 20cm. What is its area in square cm? a) 400 500

b)18 d)20

b) 511/3 d) 512/3

79.5 men and 8 women can finish ajob in 10 days. While 3 men and 7 women can finish it in 12

a) Tusks c) Horn

b) Bones d) Skin

83. Fall of a Sparrow is the autobiography of Salim Ali Romulus Whitaker C) Maneka Gandhi Sunderlal Bahuguna

84. The National Park declared for the protection of Nilgiri Tahr Silent Valley National Park Eravikulam National Park Pambadum Shola National Park Anamudi Shola National Park

85.The adaptation sunken sotmata are found in a) Xerophytes b) Mesophyted c) Hydrophytes d) Halophytes

86. The plant community that grow in a marshy saline habitat are called a) Xerophytes b) Hydrophytes c) Mesophytes d) Mangroves

87. The ecologically odd one among the plants listed a) Euphorbia b) aloe

Acacia Rhizophora

88.The abbreviation MAB stands for a) Mammals and Biosphere Programme b) Man and Biosphere Programme C) Man and Biology Programme d) Mammals and Biology Programme

89. The population of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard has been declining due to Habitat loss Frequent poaching Construction of windmills All the above

90. In ecology, the term, 'carrying capacity' of a species means Resources that is consumes The highest amount of stress it can withstand Its population size that the envi ronment can sustain indefinitely None of the above

91 .Which of the following regions in India is a biodiversity hotspot? Western Ghats Eastern Ghats Satpura Mountains None of the above

92. As per Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 following is not a protected area category a) National Parks b) Wildlife Sanctuaries c) Biosphere Reserve d) Tiger Reserves

Mycorrhizal assocation is present in a) Fruits c)Roots

b) Leaves d)Trunk

A symbiotic assoaation between a fungus and an alga is Lichen Mycorrhiza Mutualism None of these

96. The term Edaphic factor refers to a)Man b)Soil Temperature Herbivores

97. The term Ecotone is defines as The most extensive ecosystem unit which is convenient to designate Transition area between two biomes The vegetation community developed at the last stage of biotic succession None of the above

98. The bacteria found in the root nodules of leguminous plants are Clostridium Azotobacter Nitrobacter Rhizobium

99. National Animal of India is designed by the scientific name of Capra falconeri Antelop carvicapra C) Panthera tigris d) None of these

93. A symbiotic association where both the partners benefited and neither can survive without the other is called

100. 'Lac' is obtained from the secretion of

a) Mutualism b) Commensalism c) Parasitism d) None of these

Trees Insects C) Animals d) None of these

71.b 56% of 9 + 44% of 4 = 6.8



1.0 6.0 11.0 16.0 21.1) 26.0 31.1) 36.1) 41.A 46.0 51.13 56.13 61.0 66.X 713 76.0 81.0 86. D 91.A 96.8

2.13 7.X 12.13 17.0 22.0 27.8 32.A 37.13 42.1) 47.0 52.D 57.A 62.13 67.A 72.1) 77.13 82.X 87. D 92.0 97.13

3.1) 8.1) 13.A 18.13 23.13 28.0 33.0 38.13 43.0 48.B 53.0 58.0 63.13 68.X 73.A 78.1) 83.A 88.13 93.A 98.1)

4.A 9.A 14.0 19.A 24.0 29.A 34.A 39.A 44.B 49.A 54.A 59.0 64.A 69.A 74.0 79.A 84.13 89.0 94.0 99.0

5.1) b.0 15.0 20.8 25.A 30.A 35.13 40.0 45.13 50.0 55.0 60.A 65.0 70.0 75.0 80.1) 85.X 90.0 95.A 100.13

W6fl$kW0 Q1k1a131o06T1) ffl)a(o 61.c 62.b The angle between 10.10 and 10.30=30x4= 1200 63.b Feb 8 days + Mar 7 days = 15 days 64.a 7(a) 3+1(c)+3+6(b)=20 65.c 66. b )dimension) 67.a Sum of the digits x 2 Cow = 3 + 15 + 23 =41 x2=82 d a 24- 18-3 = 3 70.c


7 13 26 235

79 19 13 _ 2 30


= 6.8

x = 20 72.d 80%= 560 1% = 70 100%(CP) = 700 10 5.s 00

..Profit%= -


= 15. 73.a 74. c 2(l+b)=90 k-b = 45 b = 45-20 = 25 a=lxb = 20 x 25 = 500 75.c 76. d 38+ 16-4-6x2 = 38+4- 12 =30 77.b 8x = 24 x 5 24 5



78.d 3x45+6,55 9 135+330 - 465

=51 79.a Sx+8y= 10 3x+7y= 112 Solving This. llx= 30 11 men finish it in 30 days. 80.d 7x 12= 84 8 x 13 = 104 Age of boy = 104 - 84 = 20.

lbothee°oneqo1 ai @i âi 3 (al o1 PJ o. -

1. EU stands for

(C)Credited to Trading A/C (D)Credited to P and L A/c

As a liability (D)Deducted from Capital

(D)none of the above

European undertaking European Union European user 0) English Union

Sales less cost of goods sold equalto-

14.Balance Sheet is 6. Revaluation method of depreciation is suitable for -

1 0.Single entry system is not followed by-

(A)Building (B)Plant and Machinery (C)Loose tools )D)Furniture

(A) Joint stock Companies (B)SoIe traders (C)Partnership (D)Hindu undivided family

(A)Net Profit (B)Gross Profit )C)Working capital (D)Closing stock

2. The number of products launched by a company is known as

(A)An Account (B)A statement (C)A book (D)None of these

7.Which of the following asset is not subject to depreciation -

11 .An error committed due to lack of knowledge of accounting is known as -

Product line Product positioning Product Targeting Product Promoting

3. Opening and closing entries are passed through -

(A) Land (B)Plant and Machinery (C)Computers )D)Equipment

(A)Cash Book )B)Purchase Book (C)Sales Book )D) Journal Proper

8.Payment of a bill before the due date by the acceptor is known as -

1 2.Which of the following is an example of wasting assets -

(A)Discounting (B)Endorsing (C)Dishonoring (D)Retiring

)A)Stock )B)Patents )C) Mines and quarries )D)Plant and Machinery

9.lncome Received in advance will appears in the Balance Sheet -

1 3.lnterest on Drawing is ---- to the business -

4. Bad debts recovered is debited toP and LA/c credited toP and L A/c (C)Debited to trading A/C )D) Shown in the Balance Sheet

5.Trade expense is Debited to Trading A/c Debited toP and LA/c

(A)As an asset (B)Add to Capital

(A)Casting Errors (B)Posting Errors )C) Error of principle Compensating Errors

(A)an income (B)a expense (C)a liability

15. Share premium is (A)Credited to the P and LA/C Debited to the P and LA/C shown on the liability side of the Balance Sheet )D)Appears on the asset side of the Balance sheet

16. Bank overdraft is )A)An Asset )B)An Expense (C)An Income (0) A liability

17. Difference between the current asset and current liability is )A)Owners Fund )B) Working Capital (C)Net worth (D)Capital

"Narration" is associated with (A)Balance Sheet (B)Journal (C) Ledger (D)Trading Account

20.Generally petty cash is ma intamed under (A)Single Entry Double Entry Imprest System (D)None of the above

Sales Day Book contains only(A)Cash Sales (B) Credit sales (C)Consignment sales (D)Exports

Cash discount is allowed for -

Prompt payment Bulk Purchase )C) Frequent purhi (0) None of thee

23.Cash in hand always shows balance (A)credit (B)Debit (C)Either credit or debit (D)None of these

24. Closing stock is valued at (A)Cost price )B)Market pric (C)Average prI )D)Cost price Cr whichever is less

1. B) 5(B) 9.(C) 13.)A) 170 21.18)

2. A) 6(C) 10(A) 14(B) 180 22(A)


3(0) 7.(A) 11(C) 15.(C) 19(B) 23(B)

4.)B) 8(D) 12(C) 16(D) 20.)C 24(D)

Beat Forest Officer, Forest Department, Exam dt. 23.04.2016 ...

The Danish fort "Dansborg'. I constructed in 1620 at. Feb.2016 in. 39. Which is the first fully Solar Morocco. Powered Educational Institute Brazil. in India? France. A) Sir Aurobindo International 0) Japan. Centre for Education. BI Indian Institute of Space Science 50) In which state in India the. and Technology tribal festival ...

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