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(0uGD3UoOTht6U 1. Who was the founder of the Samatva Samam ; (a) Dr. Palpu (b) Aankali (c) Thycaud Aya (d) Vaikunda Swamikal 2. Who is the Father of Local Self Government in India; (a) Daihousie (b) Rippon (c) Lytton (d) Canning 3. International Yoga I)ay is observed on; (a) June 21 (b) June 23 (c) July21 (d) ,JuIy 23 4. Who was the first President of Nair Service Society; K Kelappan Mannathu Paslmanabhan C K Madhavan K P Kesava Menon 5. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was beatified on; 9 March 1985 8 February 1986 (c) 7 August 1984 (d) 6 July 1987 6. The Lion Capital of Saranath belongs to which King; (b) Kanishka (a) Harsha (c) Ashoka (d) Samudra Gupta 7. How many banks were nationalised in 1969; (a) 10 (b) 11 (c) 12 (d) 14 8. Which was the language of discourse of Gautama Buddha; (a) Sanskrit (b) Prakrit (d) Kharoshti (c) PaD 9. The famous Mamankain festival was celebrated at; (a) Kappad (b) Aluva (c) Thirunavay a (d) Thrissur 10. The name 'Vagbhatananda' was given to V K Gurukkal by; (a) Brahmananda Sivayogi Chattampi Swamikal Sree Narayana Guru Gandhiji 11. The Wildlife Protection Act was enacted in the year; (a) 1972 (b) 1980 (c) 1983 (d) 1986 12. The subject Forest is included in which List of the Constitution ; (a) State List (b) Union List (c) Residual List (d) Concurrent List 13. In which state is the Corbett National Park situated; (a) Assam (b) West Bengal (c) Uttarakhand (d) Rast.han 14. Which Prime Minister of India launched the Project Tiger; (a) Rajiv Gandhi (h) Indira Gandhi (c) Morarji Desai (d) Charan Singh 15. The National Forest Policy aims to achieve percent of the land under forest cover; (a) 30 (b) 27 (c) 33 (d) 25 16. The Forest Research Institute of India is situated at; (b) Dalhousie (a) Ranchi (c) 1)ehradun (d) Simlipal 17. in which district is the Arippa Forest School situated ; Thiruvananthapuram Kollam (c) ldukki (d) Pathanamthitta 18. Which is the last formed wildlife sanctua of Kerala; (a) Malahar (h) Aralam (c) Mangalavanam (d) Kottiyur 19. Salim Mi Bird Sanctuaiy is situated at; (a) Mangalavanam (b) Thattekkad (c) Kuinarakam (d) Pakshi Pathaiam 20. Who was the first Forest Minister of Kerala; (a) K P Gopalan (b) TV Thomas (c) Abdul Mtjeed (d) K C George

QUESTIONS 21. Which is the only district of Kerala not to have any protected forest land; (b) Malappuram (a) Kottayam (c) Kasargod (d) Alappuzha 22. Which artist decorated the the hand written copy of the Constitution with pictures; (a) Nandalal Bose (b) SN Banerji (d) KCS Panicker (c) Mihir Sen 23. Which Article deals with the Constitutional Amendment procedures; (b) Article-368 (a) Article-360 (c) Article-370 (d) Article- 256 24. The Preamble of the Constitution has been amended; (b) 1\vice (a) Thrice (d) Never (c) Once 25. Which Writ is issued to a detaining author. ity (a) Prohibition (b) Mandamus Certiorari (d) Habeas Corpus 26. The total number of official languages in India; (a) 24 (b) 20 (c) 18 (d) 22 27. Which Committee of the Parliament is headed by the Leader of Opposition; (a) Estimates Committee Public Accounts Committee Expenditure Committee (d) Committee on Public Undertakings 28. Who decides that a bill is Money Bill or not; (a) President (b) Finance Minister (c) Speaker (d) Prime Minister 29. Which Amendment reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18; (a) 61 (b) 52 (c) 59 (d) 63 30. India shares maximum land border with; (a) Pakistan (b) Bangladesh (c) China (d) Nepal 31. Which Indian lake is famous for floating islands; (a) Wular (b) I)al (c) Kolleru (d) Loktak 32. Who headed the first Education Commission of Independent India; (a) Kothari (b) Ahul Kalani Azad (c) S Radhakrishnan (d) S S Bhatnagar 33. The Right to Information Act came into force on (a) 15 August 2006 (h) I ,Januaiy 2007 (c) 2 October 2004 (d) 12 October 2005 34. Which states classical dance form is Satriya; (b) Assam (a) Manipur (c) %st Bengal (d) Bihar 35. Which among the followings is a terrestrial planet; (a) Saturn (b) Neptune (c) Uranus (d) Earth 36. Which was the last Sultan Dynasty of Delhi; (a) Lodhi (b) Khilji (c) Sayyid (d) Thghluq 37. Which metal is present in chlorophyll; (a) Manganese (b) Magnesium (c) Copper (d) Barium 38. Which was the last formed district of Kerala (a) Kasargod (b) Pathanamthitta \Vayanad (d) Malappuram 39. What is used the manufacture lead pencil; (a) Lead (b) Graphite (c) Charcol (d) Cadmium 40. Which metal is stored in mineral oil (a) Sodium (b) Potassium (d) Lithium (c) Cadmium 41. Which was India's first atomic reactor; (b) Dhruva (a) Apsara (c) Kamini (d) Aiyabhatta 42= Which was the first satellite launched - from india; '. (a) APPLE (b) Aryabhatta

(c) Rohini (d) Bha.skara-1 43. Which is the oldest mountain range in India; (a) The himalayas (h) Aravalli (c) Vindhya (d) Satpura 44. Orologi' is the study of; (b) Irrigation (a) Soil (d) Mountains (c) Seeds 45. Which is the most abundant metal on the Earths crust; (a) Silicon (b) Iron (c) Copper (d) Aluminium 46. The ozone layer is situated in (a) Troposphere (b) Stratosphere (c) Mesosphere (d) Thermosphere 47. What is the average weight of human heart; (a) lOt) gin (b) 150gm (d) 300 gin (c) 75 gin 48. Which part of the brain is known as little brain; (a) Cerebrum (b) Thalamus (d) Cerebellum (c) Medulla 49. The total number of muscles in human body; (a) 206 (b) 260 (c) 639 (d) 420 50. Which among the followings is not a genetic disease.; (a) Haemophilia (h) Color blindness (c) Goitre (d) Sickle cell anaemia 51. Who calculates the National Income of India; Reserve Bank Finance. Commission NITI Aayog Central Statistical Organisation 52. Which Five Year Plan was based on Ilarrod-Domar Model (b) Second (a) First (d) Fourth (c) Third 53. Who was the founder of the Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan; Swami Chinmayananda K M Munshi Vinoba Bhave (d) Gandhiji 54. Who was the author of The Discovery of India Jayapraka.sh Narayan Rajendra Prasad Jawaharlal Nehru Aurobindo Ghosh 55. Operation Vijay was carried out in 1961 for the liberation of; (a) Hyderabad (b) Kargil (d) Goa (c) Sindh 56. Who was the first female recipient of Bharat Ratna; (a) Indira Gandhi (b) Mother Teresa (c) NI S Subbulakshnii (d) Lata Mangeshkar 57. 'Satyameva Jayate is taken from; Mandukya Upanishad Mundakopanishad Isavasyopanishad (d) Kathopanishad 58. The first Buddhist Council was held at; (a) Rajagriha (b) Pataliputra (c) Vaishali (d) Kashmir 59. Which was the ruling period of Razia Sultana; (a) 1221-1226 (b) 1198-1204 (d) 1267-1276 (c) 1236-1240 60. Arya Samaj was founded in the year; (a) 1828 (h) 1846 (c) 1863 (d) 1875 ANSWERS 1D, 2B, IA, 4A, 5B, 6C, 71), 8C, 9C, bA, hA, 121), 13C, 14B, 15C, 16C, 17A, 181), 19B, 20[), 211), 22A, 23B, 24C, 25D, 26D, 27B, 28C, 29A, 30B, 31D, 32C, 33D, 34B, 351), 36A, 37B, 38A, 3911, 41)1), 4lA, 42C, 43B, 44D, 45D, 46B, 47D, 48D, 49C, 50C, 51D, 52A, 53B, 54C, 55D, 56A, 5711, 58A, 59C, 60D

Which is the most abundant element in the human body? - O'gen Which is the largest organ in the human body? - Skin What is the average weight of the human brain? - 1500 Grain Which is the longest hone in the human body? - Femur (Thighbone) What is the total number of bones in an adult human being? - 206 Which is the largest endocrine gland? - Thyroid Gland What is known as 'the emergency hormone? - Adrenaline What is known as 'the Master Gland'? - Pituitary Gland The islets of langerhans are the cells situated in which gland ? - Pancreas What is the main function of the hormone insulin, secreted by the pancreas gland? - Control the sugar level Which gland becomes fully developed by the age of 7 and degenerates and disappears after the age of 14? - Thynsus Gland Which gland is also known as 'the biological clock' ? - Pineal Gland Which disease affecting the vision is also known as 'Daltonism' ? - Color blindness Who invented Electro Cardio Grant (ECG)? - Wilhelm Einthoven What is the pH value of blood? 7.4 What helps the blood in the transportation of oxygen? - hlaemoglobin Which disease is also known as Christmas Disease? - Haemophilia Which blood group is known as 'Universal Donor' ? -0 group Which blood group is 'Universal recepient' ? - AB group Which is the only vein in the human body that carries pure blood? - Pulmonary vein Which is the largest gland of human body? - Liver Who is the author of the book 'Silent Spring', which played a key role in the modern environment movement? - Rachel Carson The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 is popularly known as? - Earth Summit The modern Chipco Movement started in the early 1970s in the Garhwai Himalayas of which state ? Uttarakhand Kyoto l'rotocol deals with ----? - Green House Gas Reduction The International Agreement

dealing with substances that deplete the Ozone Layer is known as .....? - Montreal Protocol Who is the author of the book 'The Light of Asia' ? - Edwin Arnold Which country is known as 'the land of rivers and distributories'? - Bangladesh The largest Hindu temple complex in the world Angkor Wat is situated in which country? - Cambodia Which is the only permanent member of UN Security Council from Asia? - China Which country is the sole member from Asia in the 6-8 group? Japan Which is the most spoken language in the world? - Mandarin Which country was formerly known as Persia? -Iran 'Zend Avesta' is the sacred text of which religion ? - Zoroastrianism (Parsi) Which country's official language is Hebrew? - Israel ' Zionism' is the movement of which religious sect ? - Jews Who is the author of the famous work 'One Straw Revolution'? - Masanobu Fukuoka Which Asian religion is devoid of holy texts? - Shintoism Paleontoiogr is the study of ......? - Fossils Who is the author of the book 'The Origin of Continents and Oceans'? - Alfred Wegner Who developed the concept of Continental Drift? - Alfred Wegner The total number of the planets in the Solar System is ---- ? - Eight Which celestial body was excluded from the list of planets on August 24, 2006 by the International Astronomical Union? - Pluto Which is the brightest planet? - Venus Which planet is often called as 'the Morning Star and the Evening Star ? - Venus Which Planet is also known as 'Earths Sister or IWin Planet' ? - Venus In which planet the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east ? - Venus Which planet is closest to the Earth? - Venus Which planet is named after the. Roman god of war? - Mars Which is the Red Planet? -


Who was the author of the 'Natyashastra? - Sage Bharata Who was the first Malayalee to be



nominated to RajyaSabha? Sardar K.M.Panicker The o ly State Party that became the chief opposition in the Lok Sabha is? Telugu Desans Party (TDP) Who was the first Finance Minister of independent India? - ILK.Shanmukhans Shetty What is the main constituent in the LPG? - Propane What is added to LPG to help warn of gas leaks? - Ethyl mereaptan What are the constituents of the Ammonia gas? - Nitrogen and hydrogen What is produced through the Haber-Bosch process? -


I Who is known as the Father of I Who was the author of Planned - September 1, 1956 Economy for India ? Indian Planning ? As part of the second phase of • Which model was followed by the -•M.Visveshara)ya Second Five year plan? I - M.Visvesharayya bank nationalisation, how many n bankswere nationalised in 1980? Mahalanobis Model • Major steel plants of Bhilai, -6 II (0 j [IT-011I 0 Durgapur and Rourkela were Who was the Prime Minister of e20 DJ :o -s UCA established during which five "°J India at the time of bank nationoxcio' sooeieiTo 5o ClT crnw0CMA co>mJ mo6a~ -.n year plan? alisations? ewi0naaoo amn0 uajuiu nu1us oeao m JCAcfli m - Second five year plan - Indira Gandhi es s2cma wimIce mooqqo aaoieo . eaem, ouo1m ------------ ------------- ----------------- - -eseICMA etasuaaae 050 Qeosa aswt CEO,COO.CFO osto one05a41e0jaQ. Which is the largest commercial ---sm CMA oeJs05 CAl AJ)0)J05 5(Ag Ja05 MD sumo mo mmxnee. bank of India - State Bank of India 40o .6Sflh) In which year was the Life 0 ay1m4m .2 & oQomd .4Km 5 nfl%05, 4A(058QX0TO5(0 Insurance sector of India nationAC04 ,asssaam, 50i1G0 cayArj Ô'0J44 o 99oC'40 en1xKo0 CAl es L05SOJOOThJG, JQ{4QO eAo alised? easm. nilmfl.nx405 .cnugn.e & s1w5o oa1oeeees WMAW - January 19, 1956 (mulern 59Q1Y5141R5 Q05A251 5n em)o)gTc 2016 s5d SXS)o In which year was the Life Dadabhai Naoroji omm1oe05ae eacmauoso Insurance Corporation of India In which year was the Reserve Dr.G.HENRY(Former Princlpal,FMN CoIlegeKoIIem) DiroctorBIshop Jerome Vljnana viher, Kollam was founded? Bank of India nationalised? Ph: 9447045905 (DIrector), 0474-2768583(Oftice)

The Comptroller and Auditor General submits the report to? The President of India The allocation of revenues between the Union and State Governments is done by? - Finance Commission of India Who was the chairman of the first Finance Commission? - KC.Neoi Who was the first to calculate the national income of India? - Dadabhai Naoroji Who is known as the Father of Indian Economics'? -


- January 1, 1949

- 10 Watt






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What is the main component of shells of marine organisms, snails, coal balls, pearls, and eggshells? - Calcium carbonate Who is the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces? - The President of India Who was the first Indian to become Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army? Field Marshal K.M.Cariappa What is the highest rank awarded in the Indian Army? Field Marshal Who was the first Field Marshal of the Indian Army? SHFJ Manekshaw (1973) Who was the second Field Marshal ____________________________________________________________ Army? -M.Cariappa(1986) Where is the Indian Military Academy? - Dehradun Who was the first Keralite to become the Defence Minister of India? VKXrislma Menon


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2703122 2575722 mo2406640 0mSQ&I8A)(U2497322 remove the Sikh seperatists from 2537322 8281698173 no41oo the GoldenTempleinAinritsar? 2226422 258542 - Operation Blue Star .ine1 2202022 2 13731 What was the code name of the 8281698178 .nei im 233480 Indian operation to clear the a,n'o 8281698177 eenIaoo 2534576 intruders from Kargil in 1999? oaos 2294229 n))Cø1 8594089991 enins 2244224 -Operation Vujay 205654 Q13I 8281698172 o21Iao1 Where is Asia's largest Naval 282814 nii4oei 2608860 ________ Academy INS Zamorin is situated -? ' 9645100026 Whatwasthecodenamegivento the Army's operation in 1984 to

-Ezhimala(Kaousur) Which was the first aircraftcarrier of the Indian Na'y? -INS Vikrant When was the Indian Coast Guard formally established ? -18 August 1978 Whowasthefirst Indiantostinati










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iI Morning, Day, Evening & Holiday Batches

PSC Degree LeveI LLB Entrance] T)(' JOl66))Cf8 (1U,W1Q,(IJTu('lI(8a6r AC) G61I86)6)1C%Ô

J' ILI) 6rcI8mf ofmc / lIJ6IT) j'1613

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University Assistant 1500 1800

U1(13fl' 1300 1500 1900 2500 BanK 0 1500 1900 Bank Clerk 1300 1500 L.D.*38e6c 1800 2 PSCDegreeLevelExam 1500 1800 HSA(EachSubject) 1500 1800 RRBDegreeLevelExam 1500 1800 LP/UP Ul(0J(T 1300 1500 900 KSEB ç48 iflni Asst girteec( ecl'EIect) 1150 1950 DraftsmaniOverseerGrl 1150 DcaftsioanOvecseerr lull 1500 06(II 1500 o(fl

njmsao 8943342896 9745140400 eia1 27 1 40 90 9745440400 es1iad J5)IDS 2870306 1dp9145611400 ,um4 20 948 0 A1022Iau1 9745144400 maza1 9745011146 eaeid eo)0)ems 2324711 Oscar? La223OO53 9745944400 o1 2494390 2423732 m1eimi -BhanuAthaiyya 12201 001 $$Hi9herSecondarYLevel 1300 1700 mxasim8 9745011142 i3 0S 9946108985 I1saQ) 9145844400 mOl.on omitlnJ In which river is India's highest .imeid enjej1aoia 9946108981 J)eJaQlS1 2708383 9745011141 0li0fl1f 23671 00 Graduate Level Exam 1800 2200 9745140786 3277728 IGn31 waterfall Jog situated? 1moeT)o),deo2232811 2810053 8592845333 ciei nm2O 9946108983 a1toeies 2834852 eo,a€i.8 9745340400 2471 390 t)W(m ,o1mc M0!DD 4sa1 Bril-Sharavati 9145011145 aan asd lianceCo Uege.SS,KoVIIRoad.Tha1aoOor, owsaGmo 2801881 i8ea1a1 9745540400 245200 9946108982 Which river is known as 1angpo nnn 2594322 nfl1.W ncsns 9388692658 Trivandrum-1 05 aiJ)( niOOB)U) olcmoolo 21 1 7 11 glswt 2684611 onud Speed Post I &61a eát nit05 aamjjd 2503122 A)oAo 9946108984 inTibet? 2398700 9388692658 nquom1marm For online payment 2871001 Q(rn,S1A 2849500 r? 9145011144 )Ud r 2768399 fliM1)d Brahmaputra 2560053 (USôQ2oCi& 235255 usoa 257267 through Credit CardlOebit Card etc. log l 2522977 Which is India's indegenous light 8e&T)laQ)flf 9745011148 m1Ofljê 2209700 ontowwwbrilliancecollege.com 2571006 &ieiaoe 9745011140 250077 iea1 2641755 A)6D c'ombataircraft? 2868629 BñllianceCollegeCorrespondenceJOnline .iwu 2513122 20fl 2895706 c.JatmJ 3254400 2262480 -Tejas 2523004 AGB0 2525622 J)aQ 2754717 miejd m,sJoa 2442755 m1:eijao 2281177 CoaiingHe1pUne: 0471.2325565,2336282 Electricity is a subject in which List of the Constitution? Concurrent List What is the amount of power confl sumed by a zero watt lamp? _______







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Page 1 of 2. 22 ocrtfl 3W3(t(OT) 2016 c4(JkT$Z 23. Aiwin Jo. Which is the most abundant. element in the human body? - O'gen. Which is the largest organ in the. human body? - Skin. What is the average weight of the. human brain? - 1500 Grain. Which is the longest hone in the. human body? - Femur (Thighbone). What is ...

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