Beaglebone Device Tree + Capebus Pin Control Weather Cape I2C

One Wire

Geiger Cape GPIO


Radiation Event

GPIO Interrupt Event ~1 millisecond pulse

COSM Reporting

COSM Graphing +Alerts

•  Green – Ground •  Red – Power Supplies •  Blue – PWM •  Purple- I2C •  Black – Analog In

Beaglebone -

Beaglebone. Device Tree + Capebus. Pin Control. Weather Cape. I2C. One Wire. Geiger Cape. GPIO. PWM. Page 18. Radiation. Event. GPIO Interrupt Event. ~1 millisecond pulse. COSM. Reporting. COSM. Graphing. +Alerts. Page 19. • Green – Ground. • Red – Power Supplies. • Blue – PWM. • Purple- I2C. • Black – Analog ...

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