Study of Banking

1. The Union government has recently launched “Jiyo Parsi Publicity Phase-2” scheme in which state?

5. Who has been named as the new secretary general of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)?

[A] Maharashtra

[A] Sanjaya Baru

[C] Gujarat

[C] Pankaj Patel

[B] Madhya Pradesh

[B] N N Patil

[D] Odisha

[D] A Didar Singh

2. What is the current repo rate, as per recently released RBI’s 3rd bimonthly monetary policy statement for FY -18?

6. Which state government has launched “Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar” scheme for jobless youth?

[A] 5.75%

[A] Haryana

[C] 6.25%

[C] Maharashtra

[B] 6.0%

[B] Punjab

[D] 6.50%

[D] Assam

3. The Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated in which Indian state? [A] Kerala

7. Indian Army has developed which mobile app for soldiers to track promotions and postings? [A] ArmyCloud app

[C] Andhra Pradesh

[C] TrackPost app

[B] Karnataka

[B] Soldier App

[D] Tamil Nadu

[D] Humraaz app 4. What is the India’s rank in the Digital Evolution Index (DEI)? [A] 29th [C] 53rd [B] 35th [D] 65th Study of Banking

8. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)? [A] Bharat Lal [C] Pankaj Patel [B] Dhirendra Swarup

Study of Banking



[D] Hassan Rouhani

9. Who has been appointed as the new CMD of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)?

17.Which country hosted the 19th RCEP Trade Negotiating Committee (TNC) meeting?

[A] Mohammad Mustafa

[A] India

[C] Ajay Kumar Kapur

[C] South Korea

[B] Manoj Mittal

[B] Singapore

[D] Kiran Sharma

[D] Philippines

10.Who has will be the new Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog?

18.Which country to host the 15th meeting of the Foreign Ministers of BIMSTEC countries?

[A] Ritesh Gupta

[A] India

[C] Vinod Paul

[C] Sri Lanka

[B] S L Shivappa

[B] Nepal

[D] Rajiv Kumar

[D] Indonesia 11.Which of the following e-commerce companies has been merged with E-commerce major Flipkart? [A] eBay

19.What is the Reverse Repo Rate according to the Third Bi-monthly Monetary Policy of the RBI? [A] 5.55%

[C] Snapdeal

[C] 5.50%

[B] Myntra

[B] 5.00%

[D] Jabong

[D] 5.75% 12.Which of the following e-platform to trade agriculture commodities to ensure better returns to farmers has been launched by the government? [A] e-SaNam

Reverse Repo Rate – 5.75% Marginal Standing Facility Rate – 6.25% Bank Rate – 6.25% Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) – 4.00% Unchanged

[C] e-BaTum [B] e-RaKam

20.The 2nd Agri UDAAN, food & agribusiness accelerator program has launched from which city?

[D] e-FaCam

[A] New Delhi 13.Who is the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan?

[C] Lucknow

[A] Khaqan Abbasi

[B] Bhopal

[C] Naveed Qamar

[D] Jaipur

[B] Shahbaz Sharif 21. Who has been appointed as the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of Payback India?

[D] Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

14.Which state government has launched Aadhaar-authenticated Direct Benefit Transfer portal “MahaDBT”?

[A] Gautam Kaushik [C] Vinay Pujara

[A] Madhya Pradesh

[B] Navneet Sethi

[C] Maharashtra

[D] Hardik Sahu

[B] Kerala [D] Uttar Pradesh

22.India has recently signed how much amount of loan pact with AIIB for Gujarat road project?

15.The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has opened in which country?

[A] $229 million [C] $429 million

[A] United States

[B] $329 million

[C] Indonesia

[D] $529 million

[B] Switzerland [D] Japan

16.Who has been sworn-in as the new President of Iran? [A] Ayatollah Ali Khamanei [C] Sadeq Larijani [B] Mohammad Khatami Study of Banking

23.MobiKwik has entered into tie-up with which non-banking financial company to launch India’s first debit and credit wallet? [A] Reliance Capital [C] Muthoot Finance [B] Centrum Finance [D] Bajaj Finance Ltd

Study of Banking


MOST IMPORTANT CURRENT AFFAIRS 2017 24.Which city hosted the meeting of BRICS Trade Ministers? [A] Brasília

32.Which of the following state govt. has decided to appoint Harmanpreet Kaur as DSP in the state police? [A] Himachal Pradesh

[C] Shanghai

[C] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Cape Town

[B] Punjab

[D] Moscow

[D] Haryana 25.Who has been roped in as brand ambassador of InCred, the Mumbaibased new age financial services group?

33.India’s rank in the Digital Evolution Index (DEI)_____.

[A] Rahul Dravid

[A] 24th

[C] Sourav Ganguly

[C] 20th

[B] Sachin Tendulkar

[B] 65th

[D] Rohit Sharma

[D] 53rd

26.Which Bollywood actor has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission by the Uttar Pradesh government?

34.Which of the following Indian state has highest number of child labourers, as per latest Child Rights and You (CRY) report-?

[A] Amitabh Bachchan

[A] Odisha

[C] Farhan Akhtar

[C] Uttar Pradesh

[B] Akshay Kumar

[B] Bihar

[D] Shahrukh Khan

[D] Maharashtra

27.Who has been named as the world’s highest-earning author by Forbes? [A] James Patterson

35.Which of the following state government has launched ‘Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar’ scheme for jobless youth? [A] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Jeff Kinney

[C] Himachal Pradesh

[B] Dan Brown

[B] Punjab

[D] JK Rowling

[D] Odisha 28.India’s first dedicated helicopter-taxi (heli-taxi) service will be launched in which city?

36.The National Statistics Day is being observed every year on _____.

[B] Bengaluru

[A] 25th

[A] Mumbai

[C] 30th July

[C] Pune

[B] 22nd June

[D] Kochi

[D] 29th June

37.Pushpa Mittra Bhargava, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?

29.National Handloom Day observed on which date ____. [A] 7th

[A] Molecular Biology

[C] 6th

[C] Literature

[B] 8th

[B] Actor

[D] 4th

[D] Sports 30.Which of the following city hosted the 2nd AGRI-UDAAN programme, launched by the union govt. of India? [A] Bangalore

38.Sam Shepard, the Pulitzer-winning playwright passed away. He hailed from which country? [A] France

[C] Jaipur

[C] Germany

[B] Mumbai

[B] United States

[D] New Delhi

[D] Italy 31.Who has been selected for this year's Prem Nazir Award? [A] Sharada [C] Kajal Aggarwal [B] Lata Mangeshkar [D] Anushka Shetty Study of Banking

39.Indian political leader BB Shivappa passed away recently. He hailed from which of the following state? [A] Andhra Pradesh [C] Telangana [B] Kerala

Study of Banking



[D] R.R. Laxman

40.The World Population Day is observed across the world on ____.

48.Which city is going to host the 2024 Olympic Games?

[A] July 11

[A] Los Angeles

[C] June 15

[C] Tokyo

[B] June 20

[B] Paris

[D] 12

[D] Berlin

41.Which of the following ministry has launched “Mission RetroFitment”? [A] Ministry of Railway

49.Which Indian shuttler has won the men’s singles Lagos International ? [A] Rahul Yadav Chittaboina [C] Manu Attri

[C] Ministry of Finance

[B] B Sumeeth Reddy

[B] Ministry of HRD

[D] Karan Rajan Rajarajan

[D] Ministry of Home Affairs 50.Who has won the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix tournament? 42.The International Day of the Seafarer was observed globally on _____ [A] 24th June

[A] Lewis Hamilton [C] Sebastian Vettel

[C] 23rd June

[B] Valtteri Bottas

[B] 25th June

[D] Kimi Raikkonen

[D] 26th June

43.Junior World Wrestling Championship bronze medallist Manju Kumari is related to which of the following category? [A] 58kg category

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[C] 60kg category [B] 72kg category [D] 59kg category

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44.Who among the following has won the National Rapid Chess Championship?

[C] Anwesh Upadhyay [A] Krishnan Sasikaran

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[B] Prantik Roy

[D] Neelotpal Das


45.Who among the following has lifted the Indonesia Open Super Series men’s singles Premier title?

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[A] Kidambi Srikanth [C] Nikhil Kanetkar [B] Dinesh Khanna [D] None of these

46.Who among the following has become the world's most expensive footballer? [A] Cristiano Ronaldo [C] Lionel Messi [B] Neymar [D] Andres Iniesta

47.Who has clinched the National Blitz Chess Championship title? [A] P. Karthikeyan [C] Mitrabha Guha [B] Abhijit Kunte Study of Banking

Study of Banking

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... how much amount of loan pact with AIIB for. Gujarat road project? [A] $229 million. [C] $429 million. [B] $329 million. [D] $529 million. 23.MobiKwik has entered into tie-up with which non-banking financial. company to launch India's first debit and credit wallet? [A] Reliance Capital. [C] Muthoot Finance. [B] Centrum Finance.

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