Ready to listen?

Ready to learn.

Ready to rock?

Ready to roll.

Macaroni Cheese… Everybody freeze. All set?

You bet.

Hocus Pokus …

Let’s get focused.

Yakety, yak…

Don’t talk back.

Peanut Butter…

Jelly, jelly.

Eyes on me.

One, two, three.

Pretend to squirt cleaner on window with sound three times. Then circular wipe motions say FANTASTIC!

Stomp, stomp, clap. Stomp, stomp, clap. Sing…Your are, you are awesome. To the tune of “We will rock you..”

Bring in cheese grater to show class. Pretend to grate cheese and say…great, great, great, great!

Using opposite side hand and body move (like John Travolta) Sing…Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! You did a good job. You did a good job. Clap to the beat when you say “you did a good job”.

Like a truck driver…Beep, Beep…Talk on CB… Lookin’ good big buddy, lookin’ good. Beep, Beep!

Attention and Celebration.pdf

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Attention and Celebration.pdf
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