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Mr C’s class loves the new playground!


April 2015


4 Annual Spring Fling! Spring Break March 30 – April 6 Students will return on Tuesday 4/7


April 17 , 6-10pm Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course $50/ticket Buy your tickets now! If you didn’t get tickets at conferences, email Chrissy!

Lunches April menu is online for ordering!


It’s not too late! Tuesday April 7 is the absolute last day to get your tickets!! Buy now! [email protected]

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Innovation 2

Director’s Corner

This Spring California administers a new academic testing program called California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (some may know this as Smarter Balanced Assessment, SBAC, or CAASPP) which includes computer adaptive tests in English-language arts and mathematics, as well as paper-based tests for science. This new test will provide useful information to monitor student progress, and ensure all students leave high school ready for college and career. Bay View Academy will begin testing the third week in May. Our students in grades 3-7 will take the test th nd beginning the week(s) of 18 -22 . The assessment will test students’ mastery of reading, writing, and th mathematics. 5 graders will also be tested in science. We highly encourage parents, guardians and families to learn more about the types of questions on this computer-based test. Also, you can have your child take a practice test online. Visit the California Department of Education (CDE) test web page at SCORING Students will receive individual scores and these reports will be sent home. Reports will include an overall score, a description of the student’s achievement level for English language arts and mathematics, and other information. These scores cannot be compared to scores your child previously received on the STAR Program tests because this test is based on new state standards. LEARN MORE You may learn more by visiting the Parent/Student tab on the CDE assessment page at --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reminder: School begins at 8:00 am for grades 4-7 and at 8:30 for K-3. We want our students in their seats and ready to learn as soon as the day starts. Please have your student(s) at school in time to begin the day at their grade’s designated time. Coming late not only takes away instructional minutes from their learning, but also disrupts the class as a whole. Thank you for your efforts to start our day on time!

Volunteer Corner We'd love to recognize two wonderful volunteers: Kay Sorenson and Monica Williams Kay has been working tirelessly to get the Box Tops and Labels For Education money for our school. She also works to make the winning class have a fun reward for getting the top number of Box Tops turned in. (remember the pumpkin games, and bowling in the MUR?) She always has a smile and never complains about counting those itty bitty Box Tops! Monica Williams is the mother of two at BVA that has been volunteering whenever she gets the chance, but she also puts together the tile displays of the BVA artwork. Check those out in the library and the 3rd grade hall! Monica is one of those ‘can do’ volunteers that will help in any capacity! Thank you ever so much to our outstanding volunteers! YOU ROCK!!!

Bay View Academy



Healthy Tidbits: Positive Role Models for a Healthy Lifestyle

March is National Nutrition Month ®! This year’s theme is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle” with a focus on making informed food choices and developing regular physical activity habits. What a great time to be a positive role model! Whether it is parents taking the lead by modeling healthy behaviors, or kids reinforcing positive messages, the entire family can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. These are some healthy lifestyle habits that can be a great way to start setting positive examples: • • • • • • • • • •

Focus on family meals, eating together at least one meal daily at the table as often as possible Keep a positive approach about food without focusing on foods as “good” or “bad” Try new foods – but don’t force your children to try them Avoid skipping meals – especially breakfast Start with small portions of food and only eat seconds if still hungry Turn the TV off while you are eating Drink water when thirsty instead of sugar-sweetened beverages Learn new strategies for managing stress that do not include eating Include vegetables and fruits with meals and snacks. Try fruit for dessert! Plan for daily physical activities that can be enjoyed as a family

Art blog:

Square 1 Art orders due Friday!

Dia del Los Ninos

BVA is hosting Dia del Los Ninos April 30th. We are looking for donations and volunteers. Please contact Sra. Maria to help! [email protected]

A Clear Bay View

Want to stay informed about the direction Bay View is headed? Join the online discussion group that is now forming. The yahoo group is designed to help parents, teachers, and staff create a meaningful, constructive conversation about things such as Charter options, campus splitting, and more. Everyone is encouraged to participate and help communicate information about upcoming meetings and changes occurring on our campus. Want to add your thoughts or concerns? Send an email to [email protected] to be added to the list. Let’s grow our Bay View community together.



Bay View Academy

Kitchen Help

If you would like to train to help our kitchen staff occasionally, please see the office! We need some backup volunteers!

Walk & Roll to School Program

Is looking for a juicer. If you have one that you don’t need anymore – please bring it to the office!

Book Fair

April 7-10th 11:45am & 3pm BVA Library Buy one get one FREE!

Morning Program

Parents, clean out your closets! Do you have any extra Lincoln Logs, Legos, playing cards, games, Uno packs?...The Morning Program can use some fun games, gizmos and gadgets. Bring any donations to Miss Kim in the office. Thank You so much!

Bay View Academy Spelling Bee February 6, 2015

Winners: Casey Brown and Ashton Pineda-Bohn Runner Ups: Nicholas Sharma and Sara Millette All Participants: JayDe Beaudry Emmanuel De Reza Tenki Donadlson Camila Jeronimo Kesia Lualemana Ladislav Nozicka Noah Telford Natalie Cabrera-Hernandez Zahra Diallo Ashlyn Cingari Owen Pesenhofer Sage Ghastin Sara Millette Theo Paris Lily Pesenhoffer Taylor Hollister Casey Brown Amanda Chand Jordan Royal Ashton Pineda-Bohn Kai Pineda-Bohn Nicholas Sharma Jade Bartley Kenji Penniman CONGRATS TO ALL!

The Star is getting a new look! In April, it will be Weekly again! Thanks CVO and your volunteers!


April Star.pdf

... email to aclearbayview-groupurl- [email protected] to be added to the list. Let's grow our Bay View community together. Page 3 of 4. April Star.pdf.

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