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"It's not what happens to you, but how you deal with what happens to you." This real life, real world lesson from actress Judine Somerville was delivered to a group of FCHS theatre students during the recent New York Experience field study. This lesson was just one of the bits of wisdom delivered during the two choreography classes that students took from Judine in Manhattan's Chelsea Studio during the four day field study. On Broadway, she was part of the original cast and singing trio sensation The Dynamites in the Tony Award winning musical Hairspray. Her performing experience as a former Rockette, on Broadway and in television has provided a wealth of information to pass on to students. Somerville is one of the four instructors the students were fortunate to have experienced during the trip. Other classes included Acting Techniques with Kate Grant, Improv Comedy with Steve Rosen and Stage Combat with Judi Okler. Each of the instructors involved in the field study boasts an impressive resume of performance and teaching experience. Rosen, for example, is seen regularly on the hit series Law and Order in a recurring role as a defense lawyer. "If you watch for me, I come along every four weeks as the lawyer who defends somebody who is going to lose. If you're ever on SVU and I'm your lawyer, you don't stand a chance," Rosen told the students as he kicked off the improv class. See FCHS|Page 3

Hall of Fame Induction Gala Inductees: Mrs. Marcia Bonds, Mrs. Queen Davis, Mrs. Sarah McMaster, Mr. Dwight Robertson, Dr. Michael Fanning, and Mr. John Peoples

Tickets are on sale now for the 3rd annual Hall of Fame Induction Gala, which will be held Saturday, April 30th at Fairfield Central High School. The gala will honor six individuals who have made significant contributions to Fairfield County School District, their community, professions, and society. The 6:00 P.M. black-tie optional event will be held in the FCHS gymnasium, with parking and gymnasium entrance from the lower parking deck. Entertainment for the evening will be provided by the JSW Band, a local talented group. Tickets are $25 and available at the District Office.

Reading Engagement and Excitement Reading engagement takes place in many ways at Fairfield Elementary School. Students are required to participate in daily independent reading time. Students in primary grades partner with early childhood classes to read together. Teachers engage and excite students through stories read aloud, as well as during small group reading instruction. Throughout the day, reading is incorporated in all subjects. Students are allowed to escape their world and explore faraway lands, discover new adventures and participate in events that can only be obtained through the fascinating world of books. Fairfield Elementary School is committed to fostering a love for reading and all students are encouraged to read because consistent reading develops the necessary skills for academic success.

Fairfield Career and Technology Center Firefighter program conducts a demo burn at the rear of the career center. The Carpentry program built a "doll house" for the burn with the purpose of teaching students about draft effects on fires.

MARCH PRIDE Fairfield Middle School hosted March PRIDE events on Thursday, March 24 and Friday, March 25 as a part of its Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program. PRIDE stands for personal responsibility, respect, individual readiness, demonstrated learning, and effective behaviors. Through these events, faculty, staff, and students were able to promote artistic expression, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. On Thursday afternoon, students were treated to a student talent show showcasing solo, duet, and group performances, including featured impersonations of Principal Hardy. On Friday, students enjoyed field day activities with outdoor events such as kickball, flag football, and the long jump, as well as games including the three-legged race, sack race, egg spoon race, water sponge relay, and balloon caterpillar race. Students also appreciated the egg hunt, chalk murals, and the teacher egg toss.

March Math Madness Day Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science faculty, staff, students, parents, Fairfield Central High School administrative staff, cheerleaders, basketball players, and the District Office staff enjoyed a day of fun with math at FMSMS annual March Math Madness Day. The students enjoyed a day of fun with our guest using math in many creative ways. They were able to use addition to count the number of eggs found during the egg hunt, graphing, tallying, using Oreos during a prediction activity, creating geometric shapes, and many more activities to include the school’s Math Bowl where grade levels compete against each other answering math problems.

FCHS from Page 1 His series of exercises gave the group ways of improving their warm up skills, body language and ensemble tools. Grant, award winning playwrite and actress, teaches acting and writing and has produced work at the Actor's Studio. Okler has commissioned works for Cirque de Soleil and Clowns Ex Machina and currently teaches stage combat at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. In addition to classes at Chelsea Studio, students had time for a trip to the Minskoff Theatre to see Broadway favorite, The Lion King. Fred Berman, one of the featured actors who plays the lovable Meerkat Timon, spent time with the group before the show and discussed aspects of auditions, acting and the rigors of starring in one of the most beloved productions in New York. There was also time for visiting some of the most popular attractions, including Times Square, the Staten Island Ferry, ChinaTown, Little Italy and the 911 Memorial site.

Congratulations to Dr. Tammy Martin for successfully completing the South Carolina Transformational Leadership Academy (SCTLA). According to their website, SCTLA is the most rigorous program within the courses of study sponsored by the Office of School Leadership within the South Carolina State Department of Education. The Academy requires more than three hundred hours of course work spread over fourteen months which includes nine two day sessions on-site in Columbia, two online modules and six graded field assignments. Each participant is also assigned over ten books and articles which are integral to the overall curriculum. The focus of this work is to prepare selected, dynamic educators to be well versed in “turn-around” strategies designed to improve the entire nature of instruction and learning while invigorating a school’s teaching force. As a result of successfully completing the Academy, Dr. Martin will have an endorsement added to her Principal’s License which reads, “Turn-around Principal” and awarded a five year license renewal certificate.

Exploring the World of Careers Students at Fairfield Elementary participated in an on-campus Career Fair Expo where various transportation occupations attended including the Fairfield County Library Bookmobile and the SLED SWAT division. “The most exciting event of Transportation Day was the Richland County Sheriff’s Department landing their helicopter on our front lawn”, Principal Dr. Tammy Martin said. The next day, we had the over 20 individuals and business partners attend the career fair. Much thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Verizon, AXA Advisors, Final Expense Specialist, Wells Fargo, and Benedict College, Martin added. The two-day Career Fair proved to be an opportunity to Educate, Excite, and Engage students at Fairfield Elementary School.

Lily Todd, art teacher at McCrorey Liston School of Technology and Kelly Miller Elementary School, in a Professional Development session with Dru Blair at Blair School of Art.

Certificate of Achievement Dennis Cordova’s Class at Fairfield Middle School has received a Certificate of Achievement for outstanding completion of 5,000 math problems.

*April 13-14:

Report Cards Issued

*April 30th:

Hall of Fame Gala

Superintendent of Schools

*May 21st:

Thursday, April 14, 2016 6:00 P.M. Dutchman Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Elite Ladies’/Griffins Bow Tie Club Cotillion and Beautillion

*May 28th:

FCHS Graduation


Dr. J. R. Green

6 Dutchman Lane · Winnsboro, SC

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