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2017 Vol. 16, No. 08

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Celebrating Our Communities Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A2 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017

Beth’s Ponderings the glass half full or half empty? Whichever way you answered, are you really sure? Do you want some more time to think about that before answering? We are taught to perceive the world, and all that is around us, in a certain way, and by and large we never ever question those perceptions. The drawback is that often those perceptions, and the conclusions we draw from them about our lives, are based solely on an artificially static state that has no bearing on reality, a reality that is in constant ebb and flow, and changing from moment to moment. Even we are constantly changing, and the you that just read these words is not even the same you that read the first line. In our example, we claim that the glass is in a certain state and assume that state never changes, nor can it be changed. Yet, the glass is never half empty or half full, it is only ever 100% full, perhaps not full of the exact same substance, but nonetheless, it is always completely full. Even when the glass appears to us to be completely empty, it is still 100% full of air. We lock into a particular way of viewing the glass and its contents, and are hard-pressed to view it in any other manner, even though there are unlimited ways of looking at, and describing, the glass and its contents. And the state the glass definitely has the ability to change, and is constantly changing. The glass can be filled with liquid, it can be filled with a solid, it can be filled with a combination of materials and substances, it can be filled with only air, it can be filled an unlimited number of times without changing the essence of the glass at all. But, the one thing the glass cannot be is emptied. We can remove the liquid, solids, or the air, but the glass hasn’t been emptied, its contents have merely been replaced with other contents. When we experience a “loss” in our lives, our lives haven’t been “emptied” at all. We’ve merely had the contents of our lives shifted and replaced with other contents, so that our lives are always filled to overflowing.


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I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity. - Gilda Radner

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Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

Alix Coming Events & Celebrations To have an event, birthday, or anniversary added contact Beth at 403-352-3837, email [email protected] Alix Book Club meets the last Thursday of the month, 7 pm at the Alix Public Library. Everyone welcome. Alix Walking Club (free) every Thursday 9:30 - 10:30 am at Alix Community Hall. Everyone welcome ~ Come in from the cold weather and still get your exercise in. Alix Hotel Meat Draws every Friday. Tickets available from 6:00 8:00 pm. All proceeds to Alix Figure Skating Club. Saturday, April 22

Sid Morris

Sunday, April 23

Michael Verveda

Monday, April 24

Scott Sutley Martin Brayford

Tuesday, April 25

Green Box Recycling Pick Up

Friday, April 28

Curtis Stauffer

Saturday, April 29

Rob Sheppard

Sunday, April 30

Glenna Carlson Haunted Lakes Golf Club Annual General Meeting 1 pm at the clubhouse

Monday, May 1

Beth Richardson

Wednesday, May 3

Road Testing all classes at Western Financial Council meets

Saturday, May 6

Spring Market 10 - 3 pm at ACH Lunch available

Sunday, May 7

Pancake Breakfast 9 - noon Drop In $6/person

The Chautauqua A3

Alix & District Community Alix Agricultural Society 403-747-2240 Alix & District Chamber of Commerce Catherine Hepburn 403-747-2444 Alix Bottle Depot 403-747-2794 Mon., Tues., Wed., Sat. 11:00 - 5:00 pm Alix Community Hall (ACH) To book: contact the staff at Home Hardware. Any other concerns: Dave Dewald 403-350-5189 Gord Christensen 403-747-3228. Alix Curling Club Krystal Sorum 403-747-2285 Alix Drop In Centre Everyone welcome! Mon. - Sat. 1:30 - 4:30 pm Alix Evangelical Free Church 403-747-2015 4619 - Lake Street Sunday School 10 a.m. Sunday Service 11 a.m. Alix Family, Community & Support Society (FCSS) Glenna Carlson 403 747 2031 Deb 403-350-8548 Alix Figure Skating Club Marcy Henry 403-391-3111 Alix Fire Department Darren Hiron 403-505-3215 Alix Food Bank Glenna Carlson 403-350-4079 Jill Hillman 403-588-5199 Alix Girl Guide Groups Gale Richardson 403-788-3835 Alix Lions Club Curt Peterson 403-747-2584 Alix MAC School 403-747-2778 Alix Minor Hockey Blane Friesen 403-597-3068 Alix Playground Society Darlene Tucker 403-747-3129 Alix Preschool Jill Hillman 403-747-2099 Alix Public Library Terry Holdstock 403-747-3233 Alix Recreation Chelsie Currier 403-747-2221 403-318-4520 Alix Trophy Club Tim Docherty 403-741-6899 Alix United Church Sunday Service & Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Alix Village Shoppe Deidra Bagshaw 403 506 5662 Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Donna Peterson 403-747-2584 Alix Youth Centre Janene Anderson 403-747-2221 403-318-4520 ANTS (Alix Nature Trail Society) Arlene Nelson 403-754-6551 Bibs to Bookbags Childcare 403-754-5248 Carroll Club Lillian Fair 403-747-2974

Ripley Community School The Ripley School would like to let you know that the school house is available for rent for one Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A4 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017

The experience of visiting your local library is unique for everyone. Visit your local library today and find exactly what you’re looking for – and some things that may surprise you. 4928 - 50th St. Box 69 Alix, AB T0C 0B0 403-747-3233 [email protected]

Library Manager: Terry Holdstock

LIBRARY HOURS TUES: 10:00 - 4:00 pm THURS: 2:00 - 8:00 pm SAT: 10:00 - 4:00 pm


The Alix Library has free public wireless internet access! There is a fee for printouts.


Library eBooks...anytime, anywhere. No wait times, no hold and no late fees.


ONLINE CATALOG Request titles or check your library account, with your 14-digit barcode (on library card) and the last 4 digits of your phone number.


Use your FREE library card at virtually every public library in the province.


REMINDER Anyone who resides outside of Alix corporate limits, within the County of Lacombe, is asked to please supply the library with your legal land description. Thank you.


BOOK SALE all year long. Purchase titles for a donation.


The Lois Hole Library Legacy Program - Grow Your Library - You can help make a difference by making a legacy donation to the library. Contact the library for more info.


The original Alix history book, Pioneers and Progress, is available in a softcover format. $50.00 each. Call 403-7473233. Community Cookbooks for sale at $15 each - makes a great gift. Available at Alix Library.

Tax season is here. If you are a low-income person or senior I can do your taxes. Please make an appointment. Thank you to the Novice Hockey people and to the Figure Skating crew for their donations to the Food Bank. Thanks also to the Alix Village Shoppe for their generous donation to our preschool programming.

Community Services Department Seniors Assistance

Gov’t forms, Income Tax, Lifeline

Community Programming

Volunteer Supports, Event Coordination, School and Community programs support via Coordination and/or funding.

Volunteer Non Profit Support

Volunteer program

Emergency Social Services

Reception Center Coordination for declared disasters

Child and Youth Services

Preschool, Moms and Tots, Babysitting Course, Home Alone Course

Information and Referral

Data base for a variety of social programs and resources and referrals.

Family Assistance

Coats For Kids, Santa Anonymous, Tools For School, Collective Kitchens

These are the many services we provide to Alix and Area. If you wish to access these services please phone ahead and make an appointment. Sometimes I need to be out of the office for various reasons so in order to make sure I am in my office a phone call is a good idea.

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 - 3:00 pm 403-747-2031 Fax 403 747 2036 [email protected] located in the back of the Red Building on the end of Main St., take the sidewalk around back.

Alix Lions Club Update Submitted by Lion Mary Flexhaug Any suggestions for the Lasting Legacy or concerns can be made to Home Hardware or individual members. Thank you. The Lions Club encourages you to donate your old eye glasses to people in need. Drop boxes are found at the Alix Library, the Village Shoppe, and the Drop In Centre. Thank you to the Drop In Centre for their ongoing support of this important program over the past few years. We encourage service minded people to join our team of volunteers to make all things possible. We need you and your ideas. Please contact President Curt Peterson, 403 747 258, or Mary Flexhaug, 403 747 3167, who can also put you in touch with any of our Lions members for more information. The Lions Club meets the second Thursday of each month, fellowship followed by meeting at 7:00. No meetings during July and August. We welcome guests at any meeting, call Curt Peterson 403-747-2584. Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A5

Your local Pharmacists

From “The Swanson Family” by Helga Ward Swan Swanson came from Trehoiningsjo, Sweden, to B.C. in 1911. In 1912 he came to Ponoka and joined his brother Otto. The two of them bought Oxen and broke a lot of prairie land. In August, 1912, my mother, brother, Alex and I came from Sweden to join Dad. We lived in tents that summer and we two kids had a marvellous time. Alex and I borrowed some white cotton gloves and pretended we were high society, but it wasn’t long before they were black from the mud and roots. We thought Dad and Mom would be mad but he said they only cost a nickel a pair. One night Mother and I were left alone while Dad and Alex went to Ponoka for supplies. It took two days to go and come back. That night the coyotes started to howl, we were scared to death, even our dog hid under the bed…. In 1913 we moved to the Chain Lake district; we were very isolated and we never realized how lonesome Mother must have been, not seeing another woman for months and months. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Strandberg called one day when they were fishing on the lake, and what a visit we had. Then we joined the Saron Lutheran Church and really felt like one of the community. That winter my Dad and my uncle built a log house on the banks of Chain Lakes …. NW 32-41-24-W4.

Trish Verveda: Compression stocking fitter Licensed to administer injections Medication Reviews Tracey Billson: Chartered Herbalist Licensed to administer injections Medication Reviews Jasnit Dhindsa: Licensed to administer injections Medication Reviews

Railway Avenue Railway Avenue 403-747-2405/391-6775

Alix Fire Department Submitted by Jill Hillman Alix Fire Department is a group of volunteers that strive to support the Village of Alix and surrounding area in their greatest times of need. Contact Chief Darren Hiron 403 505 3215

Excerpted from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

Alix Food Bank If you need assistance please call: Glenna





Photo right courtesy of the Delburne Village Voice

 Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A6 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017

Alix MAC School submitted by the staff of Alix MAC School School News Want to find out more about what's happening at Alix MAC? 1. Check out our webpage - 2. Follow us on Twitter Friday, April 21

Jr/Sr Report Cards

April 26 & 27

Parent/Teacher interviews 3:30-7:30

Friday, April 28

No school - Staff only

Band Notes Mark your calendars for upcoming events: Annual Fine Arts Gala showcasing the Recorder, Beginner, Junior and Senior Concert Bands and student artwork is set for Wednesday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. Our guest performers will be Flat Iron Jazz again this year and tickets are only $5.00 each (band students free). There will be light refreshments served at the end of all performances and a 50/50 draw as well. Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy a spectacular evening celebrating Fine Arts at Alix MAC School!! Mrs. JoAnne Henry Band Director Bottle Drive The Grade 6 class is collecting bottles to help subsidize the costs for Grade 6 Camp. All money collected through the bottles we collect will be put directly to the tuition for each student attending Grade 6 Camp. We will attend Camp Evergreen, near Sundre. At the Camp the students will interact with students from two other Wolf Creek Schools while participating in a variety of tasks that are both challenging and empowering. Some of the highlighted activities include: a climbing wall, a high ropes course complete with a zip line, and a low ropes course built among the trees. They will get to experience horseback riding, canoeing and exploring Mother Nature’s gifts through orienteering and pond study. The three days and two nights away are filled with learning, both about their world and themselves. If you are willing to donate some of your bottles to this very good cause please contact the school 403 747 2778 to arrange for us to pick them up or for you to drop them off. We appreciate any donation that you can make. The learning that takes place at Camp is invaluable and well worth the time and effort. Thank you in advance for supporting this valuable hands on, experiential learning opportunity that takes kids out of the classroom, out of their comfort zone to LEARN. The Grade 6 Class and Mrs. Stoupe-Trigg Come check out the Book Fair The fair is open during lunch hour and from 3:00 until 3:30 pm on April 20 - 27, 2017. We will be open during parent-teacher interviews, April 26 from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. Hope to see you there.

Paying attention to fatigue provided by: Alberta Health Services: Jackie Sargent, Communications Many of us feel fatigued at one time or another, but fatigue can sometimes mean more is happening with your body. Fatigue can often be the result of overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or a lack of exercise. People who have anxiety or depression may also experience fatigue. It can also be a symptom caused by illness, medication, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Fatigue brought on by over work or illnesses such as colds or flus often resolves itself on its own without having to see a doctor. However, if you are experiencing fatigue that lasts longer than two weeks, it may be a symptom of a more serious health problem and a trip to the doctor may be required: 

Anemia – a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying substance) found in the red blood cells


Heart problems, including coronary artery disease or heart failure, that limit the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart or the rest of the body


Metabolic disorders, including diabetes


Thyroid issues – both hypothyroidism (low thyroid level) and hyperthyroidism (high thyroid level) can cause fatigue


Kidney or liver disease

Check your symptoms to help determine if and when your fatigue may require a visit to your doctor. Learn more about fatigue on MyHealthAlberta.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A7

Village of Alix Council Minutes Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Village of Alix Council, held on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. in the Village of Alix Council Chambers. Present:

Mayor Arlene Nelson, Councillors Rob Fehr, Curt Peterson, Gordon Christensen and Jody Widmann

Also Present:

Troy Jenkins, Chief Administrative Officer Tanya Meston, Director of Corporate Services

One bid was received. Mayor Nelson directed this item be discussed “In Camera”. Councillor Peterson returned to the meeting at 7:17 P.M. Financial Reports:

Call to Order:

Mayor Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Amendments/Deletions to Agenda: Mayor Nelson called for amendments to the agenda. Approval of Agenda: Resolution #051/17: Moved by Councillor Peterson that the Village of Alix Council accept the agenda with the following amendment: Add: Committee Reports: a) Boom Town Trail-Councillor Widmann CARRIED

Committee Reports: a) Boom Town Trail – Councillor Widmann Resolution #057/17: Moved by Councillor Fehr that the Village of Alix Council accept the Committee Report for information. CARRIED Administration Reports:

Resolution #058/17: Moved by Councillor Widmann that the Village of Alix Council accept Correspondence Item (a) for information. CARRIED a) Land

a) Regular Meeting – March 2, 2017

Resolution #052/17: Moved by Councillor Christensen that the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Village of Alix Council, held on Thursday, March 2, 2017, be accepted as presented. CARRIED Delegation: Bylaws:


Correspondence and Information: a) Lacombe County – January Enforcement Report

In-Camera: Minutes:


Resolution #059/17: Moved by Councillor Widmann that the Village of Alix Council go “In Camera” at 7:23 P.M. CARRIED Councillor Peterson left the meeting at 7:24 P.M.

None None

Unfinished Business: a) Set Date for Council’s Public Input Meeting on Budget 2017 Resolution #053/17: Moved by Councillor Widmann that the Village of Alix Council schedule a Special Meeting at the Alix Community Hall on April 6, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. for public input on Budget 2017. CARRIED b) Fortis Alberta - Streetlight LED Conversion Resolution #054/17: Moved by Councillor Fehr that the Village of Alix Council accept the Streetlight LED Conversion option offer as presented by Fortis Alberta. ARRIED Resolution #055/17: Moved by Councillor Christensen that the Village of Alix Council accept the Conversion of Streetlight Rate Agreement as presented by Fortis Alberta. CARRIED

Councillor Peterson rejoined the meeting at 7:37 P.M. Resolution #060/17: Moved by Councillor Christensen that the Village of Alix Council come “Out of Camera” at 7:38 P.M. CARRIED Councillor Peterson left the meeting at 7:39 P.M. Resolution #061/17: Moved by Councillor Fehr that the Village of Alix Council direct the Chief Administrative Officer to have a lease document prepared for Lot 23, Block 3, Plan RN30. CARRIED Councillor Peterson returned to the meeting at 7:40 P.M. Adjournment: Resolution #062/17: Moved by Councillor Peterson that this Regular Meeting of the Village of Alix Council be adjourned at 7:41 P.M. CARRIED

c) Appointment of Municipal Inspectors Resolution #056/17: Moved by Councillor Peterson that the Village of Alix Council accept the letter from Alberta Municipal Affairs dated March 6, 2017 for information. CARRIED New Business:

a) Lot 23 Lease Councillor Peterson left the meeting at 7:12 P.M.

Alix,Elnora, Mirror, Tees, Forestburg, Clive, Haynes, Bashaw Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Erskine, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A8 The Chautauqua

Events in Tees Tees 50+ meet Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 pm at the Tees Hall. Contact Evelyn Lubbers 403-782-5080 Tees Agricultural meetings 2nd Tuesday of the month 8 pm Tees Hall. President Cody Meston 403-747-2928 For bookings of the Tees Hall, Annex or Rodeo Grounds call Carol Fletcher 403 350 0881 Tees 4-H Wranglers meetings are at the Tees Hall the first Friday of every month at 6:30 pm. and ride at the arena every other Sunday.

Nebraska Neighbors The Nebraska Hall is a single level, fully accessible facility available for use. For rental information, please contact Linda at 403-784-2756.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sargent District Call George 403 784 3654 or Marie 403 784 3444 for information

Haynes Happenings Exercise classes now being offered. Tobi Duckering is leading classes Mondays at 9am. Wednesdays at 8pm and Fridays at 9am. Check her out on Facebook at ‘The Haynes Workout Crew’ For more information please feel free to contact Jolyn Dobinson at 403-391-3433.

Hall Rentals - call Mike 403-391-3546 Haynes Community Church Service & Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Mac Parker 403-302-0885.

Clive School Courtesy of the Clive School newsletter Thursday, April 27

Celebration of Learning Grades K-9 5:15 - 7:30 PM

Friday, April 28

Staff Collaboration day no school for students

Wednesday, May 3

School Council meeting at 7 PM

Tuesday, May 9

PAT Gr. 9 Language Arts Pt. A

Thursday, May 11

PAT Gr. 6 Language Arts Pt. A

Friday, May 12

Staff Collaboration day no school for students

Friday, May 19

Staff earned day off in lieu for Celebration of Learning no school

Monday, May 22

Victoria Day Holiday

Friday, May 26

Village Clean Up Talent Show

Monday, May 29

Staff Collaboration day no school for students

Wolf Creek Public Schools is currently exploring the possibility of a Bright Futures Play Academy being offered at our school in the fall. This pre-kindergarten program focuses on purposeful play designed to increase communication, socialization and learning readiness for successful entry into Kindergarten. Kacey Oehlerking, Learning Services Coordinator from WCPS Division Office, delivered a presentation at the last School Council meeting on March 16. If you would like more information, you can contact her at 403-783-3473. Or visit: Bright Futures Play Academy

Local Hockey Success Courtesy of the Valley Spotlight Kurtis Johnson, formerly of Clive, currently a third-year (junior) journalism major attending the University of Central Oklahoma at Edmond, Oklahoma, and playing center for the Bronchos hockey team on March 14, 2017, once again captured the American Collegiate Hockey Association – Men’s D1 title, its second Murdoch cup in the last three years.

At the same hockey ending season tournament in 2015 held at Cleveland Ohio, Kurtis Johnson as a freshmen student was also a center on the first UCO Bronchos hockey team to capture the National Title emblematic of ACHA men’s D1 supremacy with a win over Stony Brook University, New York, by a score of 4–0. Head Coach Craig McAlister and his Bronchos, playing in the Western Collegiate Hockey League, entered the 2017 national tournament as the #4 seed and ended the season ranked #1 in the nation with a 34-7-1 record.

Buffalo Lake Management Team The Chairman of the Buffalo Lake Management Team is Pud Stevenson. For more information, or to contact the Buffalo Lake Management Team, visit

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A9

Thursday, May 11

Library Board Meeting 7PM

June 16-18

Clive FunFest

Clive News Courtesy of the Valley Spotlight Staff

Clive Coming Events Friday, April 21

Sunday, April 23

Free Movie Friday Clive Community Hall 3:30pm - ‘Sing’ (PG). Sponsors: Friends of the Library, Clive Lions, Chatelaine Club, Clive Community Hall,815 Mechanical, Elite Treasure Chest and the Clive Public Library Please join us for a complimentary Sunday Brunch/Pancake Breakfast to recognize and celebrate our Volunteers at the Clive Community Hall beginning at 10:00 am.

Tuesday, April 25

Clive Citizens On Patrol meeting 7 pm in the Community Room of the Library. We welcome any residents who are curious as to what C.O.P. actually is and those who would like to volunteer for patrols. There will be volunteer forms available at the meeting. We hope to see you at our meeting.

Friday, April 28

Clive FunFest Planning Meeting at noon at the Village Office. Please contact the office at 403-784-3366 or email [email protected] to let us know if you can attend. We continue to welcome interest from additional community members. Free Hip Hop Concert 7:00pm Clive Baptist Church. Come and watch Erik Stephen perform. Concert is free but a freewill offering will be taken. Check out Everyone is welcome!!

Low and moderate income individuals or families are eligible to have their taxes done free of charge by Lacombe FCSS Volunteers. Volunteers are trained by CRA to complete basic income tax and benefit return. If you are interested please phone 403-782-6637 to make an appointment. We Need You! Community members of Clive are organizing a Clive Citizens On Patrol Society and are looking for volunteers to help keep this community safe by helping patrol our village. The main goal of C.O.P. is to act as the extended eyes and ears of our local law enforcement agencies. If you are concerned about the safety of Clive, please become a volunteer for Clive Citizens On Patrol. Currently, we are also looking for board members for the society. If you have any interest in being a member or volunteer please contact Susan Russell at 403-784-2424. T.O.P.S “Take off pounds sensibility”! This is an affordable plan costing only .42 cents a day to a new healthy life style. T.O.P.S. meets every Thursday morning at the Christian Fellowship Church. Weigh in from 8:45 to 9:15am, followed by a short business meeting, then an informative program that will assist you in achieving a new healthy life style! Meeting adjourns at 10:30am. Group support is a key to successful weight loss; commitment to weekly meetings leads to being educated on ways to achieve your healthy life style. Visitors always welcome! Call Dot at 403-784-2286 Cathy 403-747-2135 Volunteers Needed at your local library Can you help? We are in need of people to help with our programs that help enrich the lives of our patrons and the Clive Community. “The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others!” Are you dealing with a family crisis, job loss, financial difficulties, a personal loss or other related individual or family matters? Confidential and free assistance is available through the new Community Outreach Program. Services include but are not limited to advocacy, referrals, accessing community resources, community networking, social and life skill development, and goal setting. Outreach services are intended to

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A10 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017 Library programs:  Free Movie Friday: One Friday a month. A FREE MOVIE at the Clive Community Hall. Concession on site.  After School Arts and Crafts: Thursday 3:10-4:10 pm.  Adult Coloring Club: Every Wednesday from 3-5.  Crafter Chatters: Every Wednesday 1-3 pm.  Game Lovers Wanted: Every Tuesday 3-5 pm.  Books &Bootie Reading Rewards: Everyday day for anyone under the age of 17.

Block Parents contact Wanda Wagner at 403-318-0425. Chatelaine Club (Westling) meets 3rd Tues. - 7:30pm Westling Hall Jill Jeglum 403-784-3217. Clive Adventist Community Services Centre 4903-50th Avenue, For more information contact Darlene Reimche Phone: 403-784-2283 Email: [email protected] Clive Ag Society meets 3rd Thursday, Clive Arena. President: Cory Grose 403-784-3910. Clive Baptist Church Pastor Jamie Veitch 403-848-0665 Pastor Ricky Williams 403-877-6469 Sunday School for Kids and Adults 10 am Sunday Morning Worship Service 11 am Wednesday Youth Drop in at church. Ages 12 & up. 3pm to 5pm Jr. World Changers: Grade 3-6. Thursday Nights 6:30pm-8:00pm Youth Group Ages 12 & up. Friday Nights at 7pm Office Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:30am to 2:30 pm Phone: 403-784-3335 Email: [email protected] See our Website for Full Details: Clive Christian Fellowship for Sunday School times and information contact Pastor Gordon Rowland at 403-784-3172.

Clive School Principal: Mr. T. Jardine 403-784-3354 or 403-341-4153 Clive Seniors Circle Monday afternoons at 1:30pm – friendship, floor curling, shuffle board, pool, cards or carpet bowling. All activities are at the Meeting Room. For more information contact Allan Street – 403784-3884. Clive Skating Club Contact [email protected] Clive/Tees Neighbourhood Place Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 4:00 pm. Phone 403-754-5695 Clive United Church worship service at 10:00 am. Clive Village Office 403-784-3366 Mayor: Anita Gillard Councillors: Luci Henry, Dan Graden, Bev Krochak, Marvin Wieler. Council meetings 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at 6:00pm at the Village Office. Website – To have an event posted on the site, please email the details to [email protected] Pioneers and Progress History Books available in softcover from the Village Office for $50.00. Community Sign (Hwy 12) to add an event contact Michelle at ATB

Clive Community Choir welcomes all interested in the joy of singing. Practices are Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. For more information contact Lyle Pregitzer at 403-784-0009.

Elite Treasure Chest (Thrift Store) Hours: Tuesdays - Thursday 10-12 and 2-5 pm Fridays 10-12 pm

Clive Community Hall contact Bev Krochak 403-784-3964. Clive Curling Club Russell Wildeman 403-470-8528 Clive and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Coordinator – Wanda Wagner. Office phone: 403-754-5695 email: [email protected] Clive Food Bank at the FCSS office from Monday – Thursday 9-4. Clive Fire Dept. is looking for new members. If you would like to develop skills in this field, call the Village Office at 403-784-3366. Fire Chief – Monte Zaytsoff – 403-784-3997. Clive Hotel has a newly renovated 50's Diner in the front lobby. Also home to Susan's Pizza 403-784-3334. The Diner offers pizzas and burgers and is open 11am to 8pm every day. Clive Lions Club meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month – 7:30pm at the Clive Community Hall. Wayne Rodney 403-783-2795 Clive Meeting Room to book call David Jones 403-597-7455 Clive Minor Hockey Ryan Ronald 403-318-5983 First time players receive 50% off regular rate. To register visit http:// or email [email protected] for more information. Clive Public Library (Located at 5107-50th Street) Melanie Boettcher (librarian) – 403-784-3131 Library Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Tuesday and Wednesday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Thursday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Friday

Klassic Kennels is providing Animal Control Services to the Village of Clive. Random patrols will occur during business and non-business hours to enforce Clive’s Dog Bylaw and encourage responsible pet ownership. Dog complaints can be reported to the Village Office or directly to Klassic Kennels at 403 -506 -938 0 . Little Red Hen Playschool Tuesday mornings – contact Jamie Hodgkinson – 403-784-3369. Meals on Wheels Orders are placed once a month, with a minimum $30 order required. For more information contact Wanda – 403-7545696. POP Parents of Preschoolers Playgroup Wednesdays from 9:3011:30 am Clive Baptist Church Basement – Facilitator – Cheryl Derksen – 403-784-2969. Rooster’s Roadhouse:  Bingo Wednesday  Friday Steak Night Grill your own steak from 5 - 10 pm For more information - 403-784-2662 Tees-Clive TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Club meets every Thursday 8:00 - 10:30am at the Clive Christian Fellowship Church, weigh in 8:00 - 9:15 am. Leader: Cathy Sim 403-747-2135. To join, or for more information: Anita Cole 403-784-3389 UPS & Purolator Courier Services available at Clive Village Foods – 403-784-3383. Westling Hall Lisa Bierens 403-784-2574

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A11

Village of Clive Council Minutes

LACOMBE MEMORIAL CENTRE 5214 50 AVENUE, LACOMBE This TWO day event at the Lacombe Memorial Centre features Alberta artists, artisans and student artists. Encore showcases a diverse range of works featuring paintings, photographs, pottery, pewter, jewelry, textile, metalwork and more. We are very excited to have six new artists booked into the show and their varied works are sure to please everyone! Our feature artist for 2017 is Arne Handley from Medicine Hat. Arne is a well loved and highly skilled pottery artist from Medicine Hat. Arne has been creating functional clay items for over 40 years, and often shares his skill and knowledge of the art form by teaching at Series Summer School at Red Deer College. He is an incredibly patient instructor, sharing the love of his craft with those willing to listen and learn from a true master 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM Friday, April 21 General Admission $5 under 12 free Student Art Exhibition & Competition Over 40 students from central Alberta are competing for three $250 awards. Their artwork will be on display for the entire event, and must be seen! Ongoing demonstrations 1 PM - 2 PM SAM LUNDELL "Everything" was selected as STORYHIVE Alberta's winning Small Town Music Video. Sam gave an award-winning performance at Edmonton Northland’s K-Days Talent Search and followed that up by becoming the top male vocalist at the Big Valley Jamboree’s ATB Homegrown Talent Competition. 2 PM

4 PM - 6 PM SAM LUNDELL 5 - 8 PM SIP & SHOP Purchase a glass of wine or craft beer as you shop the artist booths for something special. 6 PM - 8 PM X62 marries the pop, electronic and gospel worlds of music. With influences like, Oh Wonder, Honne and Stevie Wonder, X62’s tunes focus on deep emotional expression. Thick harmonies, relaxed grooves and creative vocal samples give this Edmonton based duo their distinctive sound. Saturday April 22 Admission $5 under 12 free

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

12 PM - 2 PM CLASSICAL GUITAR Melissa Loeppky 2 PM

POTTERY DEMONSTRATION Arne Handley will demonstrate his skills creating beautiful functional works of art. Watch as Arne works his magic and creates functional pieces of art at the wheel.

2 PM - 4 PM SIP & SHOP Purchase a glass of wine or craft beer as you shop the artist booths for something special. 2:30-4:30 PM SAM LUNDELL As a classically trained violinist and pianist from the age of five, Sam is driven to musical excellence and clarity that explodes passionately through his vocal and instrumental solos. Ongoing demonstrations Visit for more information.

AS THE WHEEL TURNS...Feature Artist ARNE HANDLEY shares his love of the potters wheel, and throws some incredible pieces right before your eyes. He makes it look so easy....but it's not! HIGHLIGHTS OF THE REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING MARCH 23, 2017

MIRROR & DISTRICT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUNDING REQUEST Council agreed to support the Mirror Playground and Park Enhancement project to a maximum of $68,250 of cash funding, and $7,000 of in-kind equipment work. VILLAGE OF ALIX/ALIX AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY FUNDING REQUEST

Council approved the funding of 12.5% of the cost of the Alix Agricultural Society rodeo equipment and hall roof replacement project, to a maximum of $10,000, which will be funded from the County’s Recreation Capital Assistance Reserve. CANADA 150 FUNDING REQUESTS Funding for the Canada 150 Anniversary Celebration events were approved by Council. Village of Alix Canada 150 Celebration $1,644.00 Mirror District Skating Rink Society Canada 150 Celebration $2,000.00

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A12 The Chautauqua

Mirror Community Saturday, April 22

Mirror Library Spring Market at the Community Hall from 10:00 - 2:00 pm. Tables are $10. Lunch available. For tables, please phone Gale 403-788-3835

April 23 - 29

Volunteer Week

Wednesday, April 26

Come one, Come all to a Come & Go Volunteer BBQ Supper 5-7 pm at the new Library (former United Church). Sponsored by the Friends of the Mirror Library Society. Everyone welcome!

May Long Weekend, Mirror Days: May 20, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

News from the Friends of the Mirror Library Society Submitted by Laura Graham The best way to contact Mirror Library is either to visit on a Wednesday afternoon or send an email to [email protected] Join us Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm Your Pages to the World email: [email protected]

Living Truth Christian School Submitted by Laurie Jefferies Friday, April 21

Annual Spaghetti Supper to be run in conjunction with a Silent Auction and / or Dessert Auction.

We are now accepting registrations for the 2017-2018 school year. To register please call the school office at (403)788-2444 or go to The Thrift store is open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am - 4 pm for more details concerning Bible Studies during the week. Mirror Seventh - Day Adventist Church (corner of 52 St & 51 Ave, north) Saturday Sabbath time: 10:00 am. Prayer Meeting: Winter: in homes. All are welcome to attend. Pastor Ron Henderson 403-7551570; cell: 403-597-6053.


Mirror Community Food Bank: Open the second and fourth Mondays of the month from 6pm-7pm at the Skating Rink. Alternate access may be arranged by calling Peggy at 587-216-3227. Food donations can be dropped off at the Post Office. For other donations or questions please call 403-788-2204 . ___________________

Mirror Playgroup meets Mondays from 9:30-11:30 at the Living Truth Christian School Jolly Seniors  Coffee is on every weekday morning at the Friendly Inn  Suppers - 2nd Wednesdays of each month @ 5:30 p.m. at the Friendly Inn.  Pancake Breakfast - 2nd Sunday of the month. 9 - 1:00 p.m. @ the Jolly Seniors.  Birthdays celebrated the 4th Wednesday of each month. Mirror Alliance Church welcomes you to worship with us! Sunday School for all ages at 9:30am. Coffee Time at 10:00am. Morning Worship at 10:30am. Jr. Church and Nursery are available during Morning Worship. Please contact 403-788-2204 or check

Mirror Guiding groups meet Mondays after school at the United Church. Sparks ages 5 & 6 (ECS/Gr. 1) Brownies ages 7 & 8 (Gr. 2 & 3) Guides ages 9-11 (Gr. 4,5,6) Pathfinders ages 12– 14 (Gr. 7,8,9) Rangers ages 15+ (Gr. 10,11, 12) Join us for adventures, challenge, friendship, and fun! To register anytime, please call Gale 403-788-3835. Cookies are available! Leaders needed. Rec. Society and Community Hall For information regarding meetings contact Margaret Wasylenko 403-788-3979. Community Hall rental: Lisa Hawksworth 403-788-3890. Mirror and District Museum 403 788 3828 The Museum is open June, July and August. Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM & Sunday 1 PM to 4 PM Meetings are on the 1st Monday of the Month at 7 PM. Mirror Volunteer Fire Department at this time, will be practicing with the Alix Fire Department the first three Thursdays of each month. For more information, or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Mike 403-357-8239 or 403-788-3778 Friends of the Mirror Library Society Hours: Wednesday 1:00 - 7:00 pm Librarian: Laura Graham Board Chair: Molly Hanson-Nagel Mirror Legion Br. 189 Legion: 403-788-2222 Fax: 403-788-2225 President: Richard Pigeon

5015 50 Ave

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

He’s Not There, He’s Here by Rev. Robin King The tomb was empty. The stone was rolled away, the linen burial shroud was still there, but the body of Jesus was gone. Isn't that just like that Jesus. He never seems to stay where we put him. Good thing. If he did, we might never really see him. And that's the "real" part of the story, isn't it? Not that the tomb was empty. We might almost have expected that. It would be nice to think that we expected it because Jesus told us to expect it. But, cynical as we are, even the disciples, even Mary, suspected that someone had just moved the body somewhere else. Wow. It's not even that Jesus wouldn't stay where we put him, it's that someone else moved him. That's an elephant-sized metaphor.

The Chautauqua A13 Still, I don't think that where he isn't is nearly as important as where he is. Mary turns from the tomb and sees him. Well, not at first. It takes her a minute to recognize him because she wasn't expecting to see him. You've probably experienced one of those moments. You know, when you pass someone on the street, or in a store, maybe, and you don't recognize them at first, just because you weren't expecting to see them there. You probably know the feeling. Except Jesus told the disciples that he would rise from the dead. Mary should have been looking for Jesus anywhere and everywhere. Rather than mistaking Jesus for the gardener, shouldn't she have assumed that it was Jesus until she could see otherwise? Maybe that should be our learning from the Easter story. We cannot contain Jesus, in a tomb, on a cross, in a book or in church. Jesus lives. Everywhere. If we first looked at everyone around us as if they were Jesus, wouldn't that change the world? If we were to see Jesus - first before all the biases and assumptions of appearance and culture, if we were to love one another as if we were loving Jesus, just as Jesus loves us, wouldn't that breath new life into our world? Wouldn't that take us out of the tomb, too?

Another Historic Building in Mirror Lost to Fire Very little remained of Mirror Farm and Lumber, formerly Trowelsworthy Industries, after a fire, which occurred during the night of April 3, levelled the historic building located on Main Street. Thanks to the efforts of the fire crews, the fire was contained to the lumberyard property. In attendance were the fire departments from Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Lacombe, and Mirror. Most firefighters and RCMP were there all night, and their dedicated service is appreciated. Photo above courtesy of Grace Smith, photo right courtesy of Mary Whitworth Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A14 The Chautauqua Battle River Bus Route: from Bashaw to Ferintosh, Edberg, New Norway, Duhamel (to Camrose/return). The bus (available to ALL ages). 780-372-3631 or 1-855-472-3631. Bashaw Adult Learning Courses 780-3723648 for courses and to register. Community Theatre please call for more information. Bashaw Ag Society meets 2nd Monday of the month at 7 pm at the Ag Grounds. Bashaw Ag. Society Building: phone 780-372-3079, fax 780-372-3059. President's Home Phone 780-877-2598. E-mail [email protected] Facebook https://www.facebook,com/bashaw.agboard. To book Ag Facility or Ball Diamonds, Loretta Paget 780-781-6451 or 780-372-3911 MonWed. Bashaw Art Club 10 - 3 pm Tuesdays above the Happy Gang Centre. For more information on classes and our meetings call: Gail Skjaveland 780 877 2393, Cathy Schafer 403 788 3625, Judy Hoy 780 372 3651

Friday, April 21, 2017 Bashaw Bottle Depot Wed 10-2 PM Thurs, Fri, Sat. 9 - 4:30 PM

Tickets Are Available Now!!

Bashaw Bus Society Shuttle Tuesday in town service. Camrose service: Thursdays To book call 780jr372-3631. CharterHigh. available Bashaw Schoolonly. presents Music Man and Wonderland Tickets for both shows are available at the school office during regular school Bashaw Community Church am Sunday Service Bible hours. The shows will be held at10:00 the Bashaw United Church. NextStudy year Tuesday evenings at 7 pm. Contact: 780-372-3581. we will be set up for our shows to be held at the school. Tickets prices for both shows are $10 for adults and $5 for students. Music Man is a Bashaw Daycare 7:30 am - 6High pm. 780-372-4074. great show for all Monday ages. The- Friday zany Wonderland has a recommendation of over 10 years of age, due to sensitive language. Bashaw & District Chamber of Commerce Meets regularly. Please visit our MAN website MUSIC JR for community and Chamber meetings, dates and times. Facebook page https:// or email Fri May 5 @ 7:00, Sat May 6 @ 7:00, [email protected] May 7 @ 2:00 Bashaw & District 780-372-4074 The Music Man isFood familyBank entertainment at its best. Meredith Willson's six-time, Tony Award-winning musical comedy has been entertaining Bashaw District Preschool audiences&since 1957 and is a 780-372-4074. family-friendly story to be shared with every generation. Bashaw & District Regional Health &traveling Wellnesssalesman, Foundation The Music Man follows fast-talking Harold Hill, Box 760, Bashaw, AB T0B 0H0. On Facebook as “Bashaw & District as he cons the people of River City, Iowa, into buying instruments and Regional Health & Wellness Foundation uniforms for a boys' band that he vows –Bdrhwf” to organize – this, despite the fact that he doesn't know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to Bashaw 1st Wednesday of the he month Dinner Meeting at skip townElks withmeet the cash are foiled when fallsfor foraMarian, the librar6:30 pm at the Bashaw Community Centre. (No meetings July and Auian, who transforms him into a respectable citizen by curtain's fall. gust). For more info contact Leon Braseth 780-372-4437. WONDERLAND HIGH Bashaw 4H Beef Club Anyone ages 6-21 welcome. Contact Christy Van De Voorde Fri May 26 @ 780-608-6197. 7:00, Sat May 27 @ 1:00, Sat May 27 @ 7:00 Bashaw 4H Canine Cluband contact Zoe Kisling 780-781-7747 Filled with jokes, puns portmanteau, Wonderland High celebrates the writing and wit of Lewis Carroll, as his characters are reimagined to Bashaw Historical Society meeting secondThe Monday be students in a contemporary high the school. first of dayeach in amonth new at 7:00 pm at the Lutheran Church. Contact Pam at 780 3722031. school can be difficult but for Arthur Bloom, it may prove impossible. Newly relocated from Kansas City, Arthur discovers that Wonderland Bashaw Home Routine housekeeping, prepaHigh is not yourSupport ordinary Program high school. Thrown into a schoolmeal where croration, Forfootball, more information 780-372-4074. quet is laundry. bigger than the school call storeBDSS sells at much more than paper and pens, and lockers hold a lot more than books, Arthur finds that beBashaw Legion ing “cool” is the only rule... and even eating lunch in the cafetorium is Wednesdays Bingo pm. an ordeal. As he makes new friends (and a 7:30 couple of enemies), Arthur Friday Community Darts 7:00 pm learns to stand up for himself and helps others learn the importance of self-reliance and commitment to ones’ principles and passions. Bashaw Library (in the Community Centre) Monday 1:30-4:30 pm, Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. 10 am - 4:30 pm, closed for lunch 12:30 -1:30 pm, Sat. 10-noon, Free internet access, books, movies, & more! Monkey Business Playgroup - 1st & 3rd Wed. at 10 AM, free drop in program for children 0-5 yrs, with an adult. Kids Lego Club drop in. Lego Mindstorm Robotics available to play at the library Bashaw Light Horse Club a family oriented light horse riding club dedicated to having fun with our horses while learning to be the best horse people we can be. Find us on Facebook for more information. Bashaw Lutheran Parish: Zion’s Sunday Service at 9:30 a.m. Bible Study on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. St. Peter’s 1st and 3rd Sunday Services at 11:00 a.m. Contact: Jean @ 780-372-4112 or Leanne @ 403784-3437 Bashaw Medical Clinic Call 780-372-3740 Bashaw Meadows Volunteers needed for a variety of positions: Contact 780-372-2056 for more information. Bashaw RCMP Victim Services Bethany Simpson 780-372-3793. Bashaw Skating Club contact Prudence Harris 780-372-2013. Bashaw Thrift Store open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 104pm. Drop off only received during business hours. Bashaw Well Child Clinics 3rd Wednesday of each month. For appointments, please call Camrose Public Health at 780-679-2980. Bashaw Youth Centre open Tues - Fri 3 - 7 pm. Phone 780-372-4048.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Chautauqua A15

Town of Bashaw Approved Council Minutes REGULAR MEETING OF COUNCIL THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2017 – 5:00 P.M. COUNCIL CHAMBERS Attendance:


Mayor Penny Shantz, Deputy Mayor Rosella Peterman, Councillor Bryan Gust, Councillor Darren Pearson, Councillor Lynn Schultz Chief Administrative Officer: Theresa Fuller Recording Secretary: Kathy Berry Public Works Foreman: Murray Holroyd, absent with Notice Press in Attendance: Lisa Joy (exited 6:45 p.m.); Jordie Dwyer (exited @ 7:01 p.m.)

*Mayor Shantz has asked Deputy Mayor Peterman to Chair the meeting this evening. 1)

CALL TO ORDER by Deputy Mayor Peterman at 5:00 p.m. 2) PUBLIC HEARING – None 3) ADDITIONS & AGENDA APPROVAL of March 23, 2017 – CAO Fuller explained that Greg Smith and Jason Edwards of Tagish Engineering Ltd. will be in attendance this evening for discussion of the 7.3 Engineer Agreement – Tagish Engineering Ltd. And 7.4 Tender Review and Funding Discussion – 2017 Infrastructure Replacements Project No. BA08/09. They will not be here until approximately 6:30 p.m. and therefore the order in which the Agenda are dealt with may have to change slightly. - 7.11 Gravel, requested by Councillor Lynn Schultz. MOVED by Councillor Gust to accept the agenda of March 23, 2017 with the addition of 7.11Gravel. MOTION #044-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 4) MINUTES 4.1 Minutes of Regular Council Meeting of March 2, 2017. MOVED by Councillor Gust to approve the Minutes of March 2, 2017 as presented. MOTION #045-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 5) DELEGATIONS 5.1 Under 7.9 below, Bashaw Valley Lodge – Change in Use Consideration Request – Dr. Tony Mucciarone, Sam Kirsch and Dada Salie (entered at 5 p.m. and exited @ 5:28 p.m.). Sam Kirsch spoke on behalf of the Bashaw Valley Lodge, expanding on the information provided by letter. He stated that it is their plan to become an integral part of the community as a service provider. By providing additional necessary services to the community, they will also be creating additional jobs. Their building has large areas that would allow for groups to hold meetings wherein the Lodge could provide food for those meetings. Their expansion plans may include Dining and Lodging opportunities for Seniors (including meal plans), as well as visiting sports teams, clubs and organizations. They would like to be able to provide meeting spaces for groups in need; possible partnering with BESTA for School lunches; as well as being used as an event center, both indoor and outdoor. They have spoken with the Principal at the School and discussed possibilities of helping with their Culinary programs. At this point, they do not want to limit the options. Dr. Mucciarone noted that they are aware that they will likely need permission from the Town for larger events, if any. They welcome additional ideas and feedback from all.


BYLAWS 6.1 – None 7) NEW AND UNFINISHED BUSINESS 7.1 Bashaw Historical Society – Lease Bashaw Tourist Centre – Bashaw Historical Society would like to Lease the Tourist Centre. They have applied for their own Summer Student this year. Bashaw Historical Society partners with the Library, Bashaw and District Support Services and many others, to run summer programs. They would like to be able to link these programs and possibly access them through the Tourist Centre. Council approved the shortterm lease. CAO Fuller to draft a Lease between the Town and Bashaw Historical Society from May 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017. MOVED by Councillor Schultz to approve a Lease agreement between the Town of Bashaw and the Bashaw Historical Society for the Tourist Centre for the period of May 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017. MOTION #046-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.2 Pelican View Estates – Water Operator Contract – Town of Bashaw has been approached by Pelican View Estates to assist with the Water Operations at the Development. The Town appears to be the closest in proximity to the Development. This could create additional revenue for the Town. However, the Town does not have the staffing to manage and respond to alarms and such. MOVED by Mayor Shantz to decline in assisting with the Water Operations Contract at Pelican View Estates. MOTION #047-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY (Motion numbering changes due to change in order of agenda; see agenda approval) 7.3 Engineer Agreement – Tagish Engineering – Greg Smith and Jason Edwards of Tagish Engineering Ltd. (entered @ 6:15 p.m.) – the Engineering Services agreement is up for review. Prior agreement was based on pricing from 2012. This agreement will cover January 1, 2017 through January 1, 2018. MOVED by Councillor Gust to approve the Town of Bashaw 2017 Engineering Services Agreement with Tagish Engineering Ltd. MOTION #054-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.4 Tender Review and Funding Discussion – 2017 Infrastructure Replacements Project No. BA08/09 – presentation of the Project Tenders given by Greg Smith. It is the opinion of Greg Smith of Tagish Engineering Ltd., that the Town should accept the Tender of Carbon Earthworks. Their Tender is extremely aggressive in relation to the other Tenders received. Due largely to the current economy, this is a good time for the Town to move forward with this project. There are a number of companies throughout Alberta that work on these projects and currently there isn’t enough work to go around. This would be a main reason that their bid is substantially lower than others. Mr. Smith advised that Tagish Engineering Ltd. Has experience with this company and had minimal issues. Their references have been checked and conversations with other Municipalities that have used this company for similar projects. Additionally, he has talked to some of the Sub-contractors to ensure that Carbon Earthworks has done their due diligence with respect to pricing out the Sub-contractors. MOVED by Councillor Pearson to award the 2017 Infrastructure Replacements Project Tender to Carbon Earthworks at the tender price

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A16 The Chautauqua

Bashaw Events HELP...Volunteers Needed Bashaw and District Health and Wellness is looking for Volunteers to work Bingos in Wetaskiwin This year's dates are. April 27, May 11, June 15, July 13, August 17, and September 14. Free transportation and lunch is provided. For more information call 780-372-2211 Saturday, April 22

Bashaw Ag Society Annual spring round up cattle show at 1 pm. For more information, please contact: Loretta Paget (780)781-6451 or Karen Fankhanel (780)781-0998

Monday, April 24

BDSS AGM 6:30pm Food Bank AGM 7:00pm All community members are invited to attend. Come learn about all the great programs that have been happening in our community!

Tuesday, April 25

Bashaw & District Regional Health & Wellness Foundation Annual General Meeting @ 6:00 p.m. at the Happy Gang Centre.

Saturday, June 3

Bashaw Meadows Residents Association Spring into Summer Fundraiser Beef on a Bun Supper and Entertainment by the Popovichs. An event for all ages at the Bashaw Community Centre. The evening of fun will include: silent auction, door prize, 50/50 draw, game prizes, balloon launch. See you there!

Saturday June 10

Razzle Dazzle Day Theme: 150 YEARS and GROWING Pancake Breakfast, Parade (enter a float by emailing [email protected]), BBQ, and so much more! It's not too late if your Group wants to participate, call Peter (780-678-9000) or email [email protected]

Come and Join Us at Big Valley Jamboree 2017! Bashaw & District Support Services (BDSS) is returning to BVJ 2017 to raise funds for their organization. We are looking for volunteers to help us 2-4 hrs/day… in exchange, you will receive FREE camping, as well as FREE daily entrance passes to BVJ (Value of $150/day). We will have shifts open from August 3 – 6, 2017! For more information or to register to volunteer, please contact BDSS at (780) 372-4074.

of $ 1, 080 346. 50 (gst included) subject to final verification process by Engineer. MOTION # 055-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY MOVED by Councillor Pearson to approve funding the amount of $1,220,271.41 for the 2017 Infrastructure Replacement Project through grant sources of Federal Gas Tax, MSI Capital and Basic Municipal Transportation Grant. MOTION #056-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY Greg Smith and Jason Edwards exited the meeting at 6:43 p.m. 7.5 Monthly Statement – February 28, 2017 MOVED by Councillor Pearson to accept the February 28, 2017 Monthly Statement as information only. MOTION # 048-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.6 Bashaw Bus Society – request for funding – the Bus Society has purchased a new Bus. They anticipate delivery of the same later this spring. They are requesting $5,000.00 from the Town of Bashaw to assist with general overall operations. This request is the same as the prior year.

Friday, April 21, 2017 MOVED by Councillor Schultz to approve the Bashaw Bus Society funding request of $5,000.00. MOTION #049-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.7 Election Preparation – Appoint a Returning Officer – Municipal Elections are scheduled to transpire in October of this year. The Town has the option by motion to appoint a Returning Officer. Loretta Paget acted in the past and CAO Fuller has recommended that she again be appointed. MOVED by Councillor Gust to appoint Loretta Paget as the Returning Officer for the October 2017 Town of Bashaw Municipal Election. MOTION #050-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.8 Election Preparation – Proceed with an Advanced Vote – The Municipal Elections are scheduled to take place in October this year. The Town has the option to provide for an Advanced Vote which would provide residents with an option to vote early, and we customarily we arrange the site to be handicap accessible. MOVED by Mayor Shantz to proceed with the Advanced Vote to be held in the Bashaw 2017 election, location, days and hours to be determined by the Returning Officer. MOTION #051-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.9 Bashaw Valley Lodge – Change in Use Consideration Request – Dr. Tony Mucciarone, Sam Kirsch and Dada Salie, presented further information under Delegations above. CAO Fuller to prepare some further information for the next regular Council meeting. Matter to be tabled. MOVED by Mayor Shantz to table the Bashaw Valley Lodge – Change in Use Consideration Request until the next regular Council meeting. MOTION #052-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.10 Bashaw Ag Society Support Request – they would like to do some repair work and upgrades to the Ag Society Main Hall. They require a letter of approval in order to satisfy some requirements with their funding sources. MOVED by Councillor Pearson to approve the Bashaw Ag. Society Support Request and provide them with a letter of approval for upgrades and improvements. MOTION #053-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 7.11 Gravel – Councillor Schultz was inquiring about having some gravel put on the road in front of the site of the new Seed Cleaning Plant. As construction of the new road is included in the 2017 Infrastructure Replacements, there is little need to do this at this time. No motion required. 8) REPORTS 8.1 Committee Reports A. Mayor Shantz – reported that she had attended no meetings. B. Deputy Mayor Peterman – reported that she had attended no meetings. Noted however that the Bashaw Youth Foundation Board was being held this evening, wherein Mayor Shantz and herself will not be in attendance. C. Councillor Gust – reported that he had attended no meetings. D. Councillor Pearson – reported that he had attended no meetings. E. Councillor Schultz – reported that he had attended no meetings. 8.2 Staff Reports A. Murray Holroyd – absent with Notice. CAO Fuller advised verbally that Public Works have been busy with a Sewer blockage wherein they had to call in another company for assistance. Additionally, with the rapid thawing, they have been busy pumping water. Two (2) Water meters have been sent to Stettler

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 721 2017

Meeting Creek Community Centre:

Village of Donalda Pancake Breakfast and Music Jam 2nd Sunday of each month (Sept-June), 10:00 - 1:00 pm at the “Drop-In Centre” (corner of Main St. & Alberta Ave.) Here’s an opportunity to showcase your musical talent. You provide the entertainment and we’ll treat you to a great breakfast! To book a date contact the Donalda Coulee Friendship Club (listed below) or just “drop in.” Donalda Coulee Friendship Club Drop in each Saturday at the Club for "Coffee, and Fellowship" Where: Drop In Centre on Main St. and Alberta Ave. 1:30pm. - 4pm. We'd love to see you there!! April 29 & 30

Extreme Cowboy Racing and Clinic contact Andrea Muhlbach at 403-742-9486 to register.

Saturday, May 13

Poker Rally

Saturday, June 3

Ranch Rodeo Entries are now being accepted, call Beth Fulton 403-741-8196 or Ron Borchuk 403-883-2212.

The Promotions Society is continuing to work on the welcome package for persons and families new to Donalda. The package will include a recent copy of the Chautauqua, Donalda Tourism & Business Directory, Donalda Lite plus complimentary gifts from local businesses. The success of this venture depends on receiving referrals from our local residents. If you are aware of newcomers to your neighborhood please call Robbie 403-883-2500 with their name, address, and phone number if possible. Thanks. ABRA (Barrel Racing) 403-883-2721 Becky Dixon Donalda Animal Rescue 403-883-2870 Myra Gauvreau Donalda Beautification Initiative 403-741-8196 Beth Fulton for testing. We are waiting for the report. B. CAO Report – attached to the Minutes. MOVED by Mayor Shantz to accept the Committee & Staff Reports as presented. MOTION #057-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 9) CORRESPONDENCE a. Parkland Regional Library Newsletter MOVED by Councillor Pearson to accept the correspondence from the Parkland Regional Library Newsletter, as information only. MOTION #058-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 10) IN CAMERA - Personnel – FOIP Section 17 MOVED by Councillor Schultz to go in Camera at 7:02 p.m. MOTION #059-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY MOVED by Councillor Pearson to come out of Camera at 7:39 p.m. MOTION #060-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 11) NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. MOVED by Mayor Shantz that the next Regular meeting of Council shall be Thursday April 6, 2017 @ 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. MOTION #061-2017 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 12) ADJOURNMENT of the March 23, 2017 Regular Meeting of Council called by Deputy Mayor Peterman at 7:52 p.m.

The Chautauqua A17 Donalda Cemetery Club 403-883-2811 Donna Dahl Donalda Community Arts Society 403-883-2232 Candice Erickson Donalda Coulee Friendship Club 403-883-2555 Judy Dinsmore Darlene Tantrum 403-883-2253 Friendship Centre is available to rent, they also cater Donalda Curling Club 403-883-2780 Teresa Kneeland Donalda & District Ag Society (& Subsidiary groups) 403-741-8196 Beth Fulton Donalda Arena & Equestrian Centre Indoor and Outdoor Arenas available for rent Donalda Campground Donalda Community Hall Hall available for rent Willow Canyon & Chalet (Ski Hill) Donalda & District Community Promotion Society 403-883-2943 Bruce Gartside Donalda & District Museum & Gallery of the Arts 403-883-2100 Kasheen Clouson, Manager Email: [email protected] Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am-5:00pm Donalda Library 403-883-2345 Naomi LaBelle Library Hours: Monday: 2:00 - 6:00 pm Tuesday: 11:00 - 3:00 pm Wednesday: 2:00 - 6:00 pm Thursdays: 6:00 - 9:00 pm Donalda Light Riders 403-883-2436 Becky Clement Recreational drill team rides Donalda Lutheran Church 403-883-2015 to leave a message 780-877-2415 Albern Bergstrom Church Service & Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. Donalda School 403-883-2280 Mark Siemens, Principal Donalda Volunteer Fire Department Call 911 for emergencies. Fire Permits must be obtained from the County of Stettler Over the Hill Trail Riders 403-741-7656 Roberta Rouse Spruce Coulee Community Centre 403-883-2482 Karen Norman Transfer Site Winter hours Saturdays 10:00 am- 2:00 pm

Bashaw School Courtesy of the school newsletter and staff April 14 - 23

Spring/Easter break

Friday, April 28

Jump Rope for Heart (Grs1-6) @ 2pm

May 3 - 5

Sr High Band trip to Banff

May 5, 6 & 7

Jr High Play at United Church

Thursday, May 18

Spring Concert

May 26 & 27

Sr. High Play at United Church

BESTA is happy to collaborate with Bashaw Meat's for a Spring Meat Sale to raise funds for items that will further enhance our new school. Share with family and friends to help us make this fundraiser a huge success. Please have forms and money in by April 25th. Thank you everyone for your support!

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A18 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017

Buffalo Lake Nature Club Submitted by Marie Payne We always invite anyone who is interested in joining our activities to come along, so if any of these events sound interesting to you, please contact us. We also would like to inform the public who may see us sitting on the road with binoculars not to get too upset. We don’t mean to intrude or scare anyone; our intentions are to observe the owl sitting on your power line, or the rare bird that happens to be at your bird feeder. We will try to inform landowners in the area prior to our survey dates. Please contact us if you have any interesting bird observations that you would like to share with us. We promise we won’t send thousands of people to your back door to see the infamous rare bird, however, your science observations can be added to the checklist. The Buffalo Lake Nature Club meets the third Thursday of the month (except June July and August) 7pm at St. George’s Anglican Church lower hall 4817 51 Street Stettler. For information Mail: Box 1802 Stettler, AB T0C 2L0 Website: Email: [email protected] Phone: Chris Pfeifle (403) 740 3636

Stettler Variety Showcase closed out their 2016-2017 season with a crowd-pleasing performance by Sultans of String, along with their special guest: sitar master Anwar Khurshid (featured in the Oscar winning Life of Pi), which not only blended the musical styles of East and West, but highlighted how universal, and international, music really is. 2015 JUNO nominated/SiriusXM winners Sultans of String create “Energetic and exciting music from a band with talent to burn!” (Maverick Magazine, UK). Thrilling audiences with their genrehopping passport of Celtic reels, flamenco, Gypsy-jazz, Arabic, Cuban, and South Asian rhythms, fiery violin dances with kinetic guitar, while bass and percussion lay down unstoppable grooves. 2017-2018 Seasons Tickets are now on sale and feature a dinner show with Blake Reid and four Sunday concerts - Best Little Newfoundland Christmas Pageant Ever!, Royal Wood, Chooi Brothers and Rosie & the Riveters - with your choice of evening or matinee performances. These quality professional performances sell out quick so avoid disappointment and purchase your season tickets today so you too can enjoy this affordable and unbeatable family entertainment!

Dinner show + 4 concerts or 4 Sunday concerts Adult $125 Adult $90 Student $60 Student $45 Tickets available at Pfeiffer House of Music (5010 50 St, Stettler) or by mail Stettler Variety Showcase Box 2206 Stetter, AB T0C 2L0 For more information, contact Linda 403-742-6615 or email [email protected]

“When” is the ultimate life hack...Knowing “when” enables you to perform “what” and “how” to your maximum potential. If you didn't change a thing about what you do and how you do it, and only made micro-adjustments to when you do it, you'd be healthier, happier, and more productive… - Michael Breus

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A19

Forestburg School Courtesy of the school newsletter Friday, May 12

Graduation Ceremonies at the Forestburg Community Centre (Hall). Everyone is welcome to attend the Grand March which is scheduled to commence at 8pm.

Basketball season has concluded with the Sr. High Boys finishing 2nd at Zones and earning a spot at Provincials in Calgary. The team played hard and faced tough competition at Provincials. The team won their first game before dropping a very close game that would have given them a chance at a medal. Congratulations to Mr. Rathwell and the boys for representing our school so well. Thank you to the staff and community members who coached our basketball teams this year. Without their dedication and the dedication of the many parents who help out, our students would not be able to experience the great athletic activities that we offer in our school. Elementary report cards were issued and parent – teacher interviews were held with lots of parents participating. Teachers from k-6 have worked hard to plan student led conferences instead of the more traditional interviews. This allowed parents to see first-hand what their child is doing at school each day. And of course, teachers are still available to talk about any concerns parents may have. Research indicates parental engagement is a key factor in the success of students. A very well attended School Council meeting was held this month, Parents discussed the new school calendar and provided feedback on next year’s report card templates. Thank you to those who came out and voiced their opinions. All School Council meetings are open and parents are welcome to attend. Meetings are generally the third Monday of the month with the next meeting scheduled for April 24. Mr. Brock Bartlett

Forestburg News Courtesy of the INFOrestburg newsletter Win up to $1,500! ATB Financial 50/50 Charity Raffle on now in support of the Communities in Bloom 150th Anniversary Gazebo Project. Tickets $5 each at ATB, Forestburg Agencies, Coutts Hardware, the Village Office and from Communities in Bloom members. The Village of Forestburg would like your input on what you think the RCMP should focus on in 2017. This could include such things as: Property crimes; Follow-up to complaints; Drug and alcohol abuse; and issues raised by the general public Please forward your comment or concerns to [email protected] Thanks to Curtain Call Community Theater for once again hosting two weekends of Dinner theater and a Sunday Matinee. Your performances bring new people to Forestburg every year. This in return brings in revenue for the Village, The Community Hall, Community Caterers, and the local Travel Club. Once again you offered a great performance and delicious food!! You guys are GREAT! The Village of Forestburg would like to thank the Forestburg Lion’s Club, Forestburg Fitness Institute, Agro Guys Inc. and The Ponto family Slo-Pitch Committee for their generous donations towards the purchase of new bleachers for the Village of Forestburg’s Ball diamonds. The Forestburg Flyers would like to THANK all of the fans for your support this season, it was a great season, can't wait until next year A special “shout out” to all of the people who made this hockey and Figure skating season such a great success. It takes many hours of volunteer time by the coaches, players, parents, and various associations. You are appreciated!

Congratulations to Greg Lemay for receiving the 2016 Community Service Award. Greg (above, right) was presented this award by Mayor Peter Miller on March 11, 2017. A job well done Greg - you deserve it!! Forestburg Soccer Association is now accepting registrations for the 2017 season. We are also in need of coaches and referees. The cost is $40.00 per player. The season generally starts the end of April (depending on the weather). And runs Mon & Wed. Drop off you registration forms at the village office . PLEASE NOTE: There is a drop box by the door . For more info email: [email protected] or 780-5823668. Forestburg Library would like to extend a large thank you to all who supported us with the Red Serge Ball this year! In honour of National Volunteer week we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers! The Historical Society would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who worked the March 18 & 19 casino: Jim Anderson, Bendt Hansen, Ken & Marion Riise, Elaine & Dwayne Fossen, Merlyn & Marlise Forster, Brenda Oberg, Michael & Sylvia Jahns, Ryan & Carol Hunting and Terry & Gordon Lunty. Special thanks to Brenda for once again coordinating our casino. Thanks to our board member Jody Pettigrew for checking on the museum regularly throughout the winter to make sure that the heat was on. HELP! Check that box of photos that’s tucked in the back closet please! The Museum is looking for old photos of Main Street, particularly the block immediately east of the school, taken in the period from the mid 1930s to the 1940s. The Swedish Baptist Church was the former Prairie Hall School and it was moved to town in the mid 1930s. It was on the lot across from the Halberg house (now Dan and Jody Pettigrew’s) until 1947 when it was moved to John and Paulina Roth’s farm. The Museum has photos of the building in its original location east of Forestburg and in its last location, but no photo of when it was in town. The story of the church will be going in the history book and it would be great to have a photo of when the church was in town. The Museum is also looking for photos, both exterior and interior, of the original Masonic Hall (our current Museum building). We have lots of photos when it became our museum building, but none from when it was in use as the Masonic Hall. It also was used for wedding and anniversary receptions, meetings and card parties. If you have some of either of these photos, please call Edith Jesswein at 780-582-3790. And, if you have any other old photos of Forestburg and area that might be useful for the museum or the history book, please let Edith or Marion Riise know. You don’t have to donate them, we would just like to make digital copies. For example, Ada Shillinglaw Deans emailed us some wonderful photos of Main Street in the 1930s when the Crillion Theatre had a large neon sign. We will be using that photo in the book for sure.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A20 The Chautauqua

Wednesday, April 26

ABC to Boost Your Banking - Banking for Tomorrow Learn how to establish good credit, avoid fraud, understand the progression of banking and more. Grade 7 and up: 7:00-8:00pm Adult: 8:00-9:00pm Contact Forestburg Library 780-582-4110 to pre-register by Friday April 21 *minimum enrollment of 6 is required, FREE

Friday April 28

Conversational French @ the Library at 7pm. From beginner to advanced, come on down to learn, converse and practice your French.

Monday, May 1

Forestburg History Book story deadline Families ~ Businesses ~ Organizations we want your stories, please include photos if you can. All stories received by the May 1 deadline will be entered into a draw for a $100 Home Hardware gift card, courtesy of Coutts Hardware. There are a lot of local stories that we haven’t received. You may think everyone knows your story so you don’t need to put one in, but remember this book is not going to be read just by locals. We have books ordered from all over Canada. Thanks for your help! We need your contributions to make this a great book.

Sunday, May 7

Friday, April 21, 2017

Curling Rink/Golf Club from 10:00AM 2:00PM. Help support your community and buy local.

Forestburg Community Market at the Curling Rink/Golf Club from 10:00AM 2:00PM. Help support your community and buy local. Forestburg Dance Society year end recital at 6:30pm at the Forestburg Community Hall. Silver Collection at the door.

Saturday May 27

Town Wide Garage Sales To register for the map email: [email protected]

Sunday, June 4

Forestburg Community Market at the

   

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A21

Delburne Family & Community Support Services (FCSS): Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 4:30pm Village Office FCSS provides and promotes preventative social initiatives that enhance the social well-being of individuals, families and/or the community. These services include information and referrals, workshops, presentations & programs for all ages. For further information contact Carol Kihn, Community Worker 403.749.3654 or email [email protected]

Anthony Henday Historical Society meets 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Museum. New members welcome. Contact Ray at 403-749-3813 or [email protected] Through the Years 1980-2014: The Updated History of Ardley, Delburne, and Lousana Districts are on sale for $60.00 each and are available from committee members. Copies of the original history book are also available for $60.00. If you wish to purchase a set of the old and new books, the cost of $100.00. For more information please call Janice at 403.749.3011. Centennial Celebration 2013 DVD available for sale at $20.00 each. Call Shelly at the Anthony Henday Museum, 403-749-2711 or call Ray at 403-749-3813. Anthony Henday Museum open July - August, Tues. - Sat. 10 - 4 pm. Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA). This group is open to all community members who want to take action on poverty, and promote a vibrant and prosperous Delburne. For more information on any of these initiatives, or to get involved, contact Diane Gunter at [email protected] or call 403-348-3397 Chamber of Commerce New members welcome! Call Dave at 403749-2595.

Delburne Farmers Market Every Wednesday afternoon from June to September, at 4-7pm at the Delburne Community Hall. For more information see our Farmers Market page under Special Events or contact Amy at 403-740-9312 to become a Vendor. Delburne Figure Skating Club (DFSC) Offers CanSkate, Star Skate, Powerskating and Syncro Skating. For more info call 403-749-2700. Delburne 4H Coal Trail Riders 4-H Horse Club. New members welcome! Meet second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. at Cumberland Hall. Contact Vicky at 403-749-2737. Delburne Gospel Church Sunday Service and Sunday School is 11:00am. Home Bible Studies are on Thursdays at 1:00pm. For more information call 403-749-2211. Delburne Minor Hockey Meets 1st Thursday of the month. Delburne Municipal Library Memberships are only $10.00. Open Tuesday-Friday 11:00am-5:00pm. Wednesday 11:00am-8pm. Saturday 11:00am-2:00pm. Closed Saturdays of a Holiday Weekend. Delburne Moms & Tots Contact Linda 403-304-4408 or Jayne 403749-3380 for information.

Collins Community Center To book hall contact Vina 403-749-3911 Cumberland Hall to book the hall for your next gathering, please contact Ada & Gerry Linneberg at 403-749-2525. Delburne Aging Well Society Contact Kathy Faulk at 403-749-2590.

Delburne Pottery Club New members welcome. For more information call Verna Allison 403-749-2003 or Norma Clark 403-747-2956. Delburne Summer Youth Program Activities for students Kindergarten - Gr. 12. Check out

Delburne & District Ag Society Contact Lance Cochrane 403-749-2700. Delburne & District Light Horse Association A fun, family oriented horse club that participates in cattle penning & gymkana events throughout the summer. New members welcome. Contact Bonnie Stephenson 403-749-3434. Delburne Community Choir If interested call Mary 403-749-2039 Delburne Community Hall For bookings please call Kerri Dickinson 403-749-3630 or 780-505-2558. Delburne Curling Club Contact Louise Smith at 403-749-3898 Delburne Drop In Centre Crib on Mondays at 1:30 pm. All welcome. Contact Betty at 403-749-2035 for more information.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A22 The Chautauqua

Events & Activities April 19 - 22

Back by popular demand Cumberland Community Club Playful Theatre: 3 One Act Comedy Plays at 7pm. Tickets will go on sale for $8.00

Friday, April 21, 2017

Delburne Centralized School Phone: 403-749-3838


Courtesy of the school newsletter

Saturday, April 22

Community Garden Annual Spring Cleanup at 9:00am

April 14 - 23

Spring Break

Wednesday, April 26

Village Wide Clean Up

Tuesday, April 25

Rock & Roll Indoor Curling

Thursday, April 27

Volunteer Appreciation evening The Village of Delburne is honouring our Volunteers! 5:30pm at Delburne Community Hall. Beef on a Bun plus Entertainment! Complimentary Tickets are required and can be picked up at the Village Office before April 21st Everyone is Welcome!!

Wednesday, April 26

PAC Meeting 6:30pm in the Learning Commons. All parents/guardians are welcome!

Thursday, May 4

DCS Awards 9:00am

Friday, May 5

Celebration of Life for Roger Gibson Delburne Community Hall at 1:30pm. During his time in Delburne, Roger was the Deputy Director of Emergency Management with the Emergency Management Committee, a volunteer firefighter with Delburne Fire Rescue and a member of Aging Well. An open mike will be available for those who wish to share a story publicly. Coffee, tea and desserts will be served following the service. Everyone is welcome. If you require further information or if you wish to make a charitable donation in Roger's memory, please contact Olivia Gibson at 587-877-7148.

Collaborative Day (no school for students), Grad 2017 Roast Beef Supper Fundraiser Delburne Hall Doors Open: 5:00 p.m. Supper: 6:00 p.m. Tickets $25.00 purchase from Grads or through the school. Entertainment by Comedian Ken Valgardson Entertainment supplied by CallBack Corporate Entertainment Inc. and a Silent Auction. We would appreciate donations (product or monetary) for the Silent Auction. You can make these donations to any 2017 Grad or contact Ms. Robin Ritchie at 403-749-3838. Please attach a business card so we can acknowledge your donation!

Saturday, May 13

Please join us for a co-ed baby shower honouring Derek & Natasha Odowichuk 2:00 - 4:00 PM Delburne Drop In Centre. Registered at Babies "R" Us

PAC Annual Plant Sale 11’ hanging baskets and 12’ patio planters. 1 DAY SALE (no pre-orders)9:00am12:00pm Main Entrance at Delburne School.

Thursday, May 18

Jump Rope for Heart

May 19, 22

No school

Wednesday, May 24

Welcoming to Kindergarten Event 6:30pm, Children who will be kindergarten age (five years old by December 31, 2017) and their parents are invited. This is an activity-based evening therefore we ask that the parents bring only the child entering kindergarten. The children will be taking home “Welcome to Kindergarten” bags. Children with special needs may be admitted at a younger age. Birth certificates and legal land descriptions are required for registration. RSVP by calling 403-749-3838

Saturday, April 29

Sunday, April 30

Monday, May 1

Saturday, May 6

CAPRA (Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance) Meeting 9:00am Village Office. “Reduction is the GOAL” Community Kitchen Cooking Session 10am-4pm. Planning session: Monday prior to cooking at 7pm in the Village Office. For more information or to reserve a spot contact Kathy Faulk 403.749.2590 or Donna Inkin 403.749.2100. John & Cathy Leighton 50th Wedding Anniversary Open House 1:30-5:00pm Valley Centre Hall. Your good wishes are the only gifts that we wish to receive.

Saturday, May 13

Friday, September 8

Shimmy Mob fundraiser for Delburne S.A.F.E. Families (Stop Abuse for Family Empowerment) For more information contact: Kathleen Ennis 403-877-4688 Susan Loblaw 403-877-8882 or Sonja Hoefman 403-314-1215 Village of Delburne Golf Tournament Deadline for applicants noon April 28.

PAC Meeting 6:30pm Friday, May 26

Commencement Exercises 5:00pm

Thursday, June 1

Soap Box Derby

Friday, June 2

No school

Wednesday, June 7

Skatepark Competition

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A23 Anthony Henday Historical Society Coal Trail Riders 4-H Club Delburne AG Society—Spring Dash Delburne Community Hall Delburne Curling Club Delburne Elks Lodge #206 Delburne Figure Skating Club Delburne Junior Golf Elk Haven Friends of the Delburne Library Group 4 Youth (FCSS) Harvest Gym Talent Show in the Park—July 1, 2017 Kyle Ringdahl—Team Alberta Fastball

Delburne Council Minutes Delburne Village Gospelof Church Easter is so much more then cute rabbits who leave chocolate eggs to be found. It is an significant event noted by Christians and, before the crucifixion of Christ, it was and is celebrated as the Passover by many Hebrews. The Passover is a time of celebration that signifies the liberation of Hebrew slaves from Egypt. The Hebrews were instructed to slaughter a flawless lamb and coat the doorways of the houses with its blood. The Lord struck down the first born of the Egyptians, while the Hebrews having submitted to God’s Will remained untouched. Many times, throughout the Bible Jesus has been referred to as “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John1:29). Just as with the Passover, Jesus provides us with a perfect demonstration of committing one’s self to God’s Will. Jesus lived his life as an example to us; his death gave us a way to redemption and his resurrection gave us a living hope. He always endures and said, “surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20). Easter/Passover is a time for us to celebrate who God intended us to be. Live our life in a way that we can be a life to others. We can choose to live our lives filled with faith, hope and the enduring love and commitment that he exemplified. This is the brightest beacon that each of us can shine into this world…. God’s touch through our human soul. At the end of each month we will again be holding a Potbless. If you would like to come for lunch and need a ride please call us the week prior to the end of the month. We would like to extend a warm invitation to anyone wanting to join us on Sunday mornings for Service or Sunday School. Sunday Morning Service begins at 11AM Sunday School begins at 11:20 AM If you have questions concerning our ministries please, call: 403-749-2211 or 403-749-3708 or 403-749-2699

Delburne United Church The United Church has been involved in many projects over the years for the good of the church and to help out in the community. Our doors open at 10:30 on Sunday mornings where the ladies offer coffee and conversation before the 11:15 service.  

Moms and Tots every Wed. 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. Communion 1st Sunday of each month - All welcome

For more information about the Church events or activities please contact Merv [email protected] 403-749-2433. Or join our Delburne United Church Facebook Page. For any Church functions including baptisms, weddings, funerals, and meeting room bookings please contact Carb [email protected] 403-749-3856. Contact Amy Mueller, Minister @ 403-7493772 “All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome, in this place.”

Axia High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Our volunteers have been going door-to-door regarding Axia High Speed Fiber Optic Internet Service for the Village of Delburne. Axia requires 30% of our Village to show interest. There is no commitment required. Please go to to show your interest for Delburne. If we have missed you and you would like someone to come speak to you please call the Village Office.

John Pisko Memorial Grant

A total of $24,333.00 in spring grants will be distributed amongst 14 recipients. They are as follows:

$2,913.00 $500.00 $1,500.00 $4,500.00 $4,000.00 $1,370.00 $600.00 $600.00 $1,200.00 $1,500.00 $3,800.00 $600.00 $1,000.00 $250.00

Memorial Tree Garden The Village of Delburne and the Delburne Futures Committee would like to remind you of the Memorial Tree Park located on the east side of the tracks by the storm pond. This park provides the community the opportunity to purchase a tree in memory of a loved one in a serene, accessible and scenic setting. COST - $200 – This includes a 10 gallon, 6’ high tree purchased from Parkland Nursery (which ensures a lifetime guarantee on the trees), delivery, planting, the plaque and its wooden base. Any proceeds from the trees will be used by the Delburne Futures Committee to landscape and purchase additional benches etc. There will only be 1 planting a year in early June so that the plants have a great chance of rooting and taking on the winter. However, you can order a tree at the Village Office at any time. You will be notified by phone when your tree is being planted. You can choose from the following trees or if you have no preference, the committee will chose one on your behalf to best landscape the park. Flowering Crab Gold Rush Amur Cherry Flame Amur Maple Japanese Lilac Snowbird Hawthorne (The odd time Parkland Nursery will need to make a substitution) PLEASE GO TO THE VILLAGE OFFICE TO ORDER YOUR TREE. ***The Delburne Futures Committee is pleased to announce that they will be adding 2 more benches to the Memorial Park this summer.

Delburne Municipal Library Located on Main Street 403-749-3848

Librarian: Judy Nicklom

Email address:[email protected] Website: Tuesday-Friday: 11 - 5 pm Wednesday 11 - 8 pm Saturday 11– 2 pm Earth Day is April 22. We have a large selection of books to inform about living Green. Do your part, reduce, reuse, recycle! Our equipment library is growing! Thank you to those who have donated. We have recently added an engraving tool. We also have a thermal meter and voltage meter for loan. Beat the carbon tax, make you home more energy efficient! USB memory drives are now available at the library. Save your resume and cover letter for easy access, printing and editing! Watch for upcoming programming such as computer literacy and crime prevention. Belly Busters! Register at the library to form/join an informal group to meet once a week at the library, to research, network and support fellow Belly Busters. We can do it together! Do you have items belonging to our library and would like to return them without penance? Please return items to us utilizing the book return slot located to the left of the door. Start anew.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A24 The Chautauqua

Willow-Valley Presbyterian Church (located on Hwy 595)

Worship Service - 10am Sundays Cowboy Church - 10am 2nd Sunday of month For more information call 403-749-2525

Collins Community Centre is available to rent! Recent renovations include a new kitchen and bathrooms. Also, there is a large green area for camping. This would be ideal for family reunions, campouts or children’s parties. Please call Vina at 403-749-3987 for more information and rental rates.

Great Bend News Sunday, May 7

Great Bend Cemetery Annual General Meeting 1:30pm at Great Bend Church of Christ

The Great Bend Community Ladies Aide is ceasing as an organization. We have served the community for well over 100 years. We wish to thank our former members and supporters over the past years. Our membership has dropped in the last few years. We supported a lot of local organizations and others over our time as a social group. Great Bend Church of Christ (apx. 6 km. north from intersection of Hwy. 21 & Hwy. 595) Worship Service - 10:15 a.m. Sundays Bible Study - Tuesdays @ 10:00 a.m. For more info. call Verna @ 403-749-2003 or Judy @ 403-749-2000 Great Bend Community Centre information and bookings Lynn Williams 403-350-1156

Brilliant, Mr. President, Clap, Clap, Clap.... By Graeme Decarie And we’re in real trouble this time. The story is that Syria dropped poison gas on a rebel town it was attacking. And it must be true because Mr. Trump announced it right away. He knew what the poison gas was. He knew how it was delivered. How did he know all this so quickly? Well, he learned it from the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights. And all the news media immediately reported it. Uh – The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights is a propaganda organization run by a haberdasher in England. But the press didn’t mention that Duh – there were TV shots of the “White Helmets’ treating victims, and they said it was a poison gas. The White Helmets are a propaganda group, too, made up of rebels against Assad. Oh, and did I mention most of those ‘rebels’ aren’t Syrian? No. The ‘rebels’ are mostly from jihadist groups like Al Quaeda and ISIS – the ones we used to call extremist terrorists. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have been have been arming, training and paying these people for years to fight the leaders of oil countries that have the nerve to think that countries should be allowed

Friday, April 21, 2017

Glenellen Community Centre Scrapbooking every Thursday evening at 7 PM Call Doris 403 886 4108 or Jeannine 403 886 4829 for more info. Glenellen Community Center is available "'for rentals for family reunions, birthdays, courses, etc. We're located on the corner of range road 254 and township road 360 near Pine Lake. The centre sits on a 2 acre site. On the grounds we have a ball diamond, picnic area with fire pit, and two horseshoe pits. We are wheelchair accessible and have two washrooms. For more info call...Michelle Koster 403-227-1521, Suzanne Hawkes 403-391-9021 or Sharon Dreeshen 403-598-4160

Pine Lake Happenings Boomtown Trail Quilt Guild Meetings second Wednesday of each month at Pine Lake Hub at 6:30pm. Quilters welcome to join! Sewing Days, Retreat weekends, and charitable participation. Ghost Pine 40+ Club Potluck Supper and Meeting 1st Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Pine Lake Hub. Holy Trinity Church Service Sunday mornings 11:15 a.m. Pine Lake Hub Community Centre  Carpet Bowling 1st Tuesday of every month afternoon & evening, Mondays for the rest of the month.  General Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Pine Lake Mom’s & Tot’s Every other Thursday at the Pine Lake Hub. Contact Jayne at 403-749-3380 for information. Pine Lake Singers meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 P.M. at the Pine Lake Hub Community Centre. All Newcomers are welcome. to control their own oil. Ever notice that Syria, Libya and Iraq have large oil deposits? So does Iran. That’s why Britain and the U.S. overthrew the elected government of Iran some fifty years ago, and appointed a murderous dictator – the Shah of Iran. Eventually, the Iranians kicked out the Shah. And what’s why our news media remind us regularly of how evil Iran is. Oh, and the ‘rebels’ are known to have poison gas. We’ve also been told that Trump was very upset to see young children who had been killed. Mr. Trump never kills children unless he absolutely has to. Like in Yemen where he’s starving them to death by the millions. And isn’t it terrible to use chemicals to kill people? The U.S. would never do that – except in Vietnam where they had to use agent orange to indiscriminately kill people. It’s still at work, producing babies with horrible (and fatal) birth defects. Then there was napalm, of course. And in Iraq, they used depleted radium that will be killing people for uncountable years. And now Trump has thrown down the gauntlet to Putin. We can only hope that Putin is smarter than the whole U.S. government because we’re back to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s thanks to greedy oil companies and a U.S. that thinks God wants it to rule the world.

The most meaningful life experiences don't happen in the “when” they happen in the “now.” - Rachel Macy Stafford

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Chautauqua A25 Elnora Playschool Monday and Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 am in the Kindergarten Room at the Elnora School. Teacher: Shelley Lawrence. For more info, call Tina 403-773-3171

AA meetings Mondays in the Elnora Anglican Church basement at 8:30 pm. 1st Monday is open AA & Al-Anon meeting. Ag Society meets 4th Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Black Dragon Martial Arts Lousana Offering Kids and Adult Karate for all ages and fitness levels. Introducing Kick Boxing for all ages and all fitness levels. Contact Sheri at 403.749.3701 for more information! Buffalo Rock Golf Course:  Ladies Monday evenings starting at 5:15 pm  Men's Thursday evenings starting at 6:00 pm  Senior's Friday mornings starting at 9:30 am Buried Treasures: Vol. I and II available. Call Betty Mose at 403773-3990 or Ruth Cheek at 403-773-3583 for further information. Churches: Sunday mornings Anglican 3rd Sun. Holy Communion with Reverend Sandusky 10:30 Community Sunday School 10:00 a.m. at the Elnora Drop-In Centre. Contact Patricia at 587-877-0881. Elnora Community Church non-denominational church, everyone welcome. Services 2nd and Last Sunday of each month at 11:00 AM. Elks meet 1st Thursday at 8 p.m. Elnora Book Club We welcome new members anytime. Remember, you need not commit to anything and we have no strict rules: phone 403 755 6305. Elnora Car Wash – Coffee Shop and Neighbourhood Place. Closed Friday at 6 pm and Saturdays. Elnora Community Hall and Elnora Ag Centre, call Village of Elnora 403-773-3922, office hours 9:30 am to Noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Elnora Drop-In COFFEE:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Monday to Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.  CARDS & GAMES: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1:30p.m.  POT LUCK: First Friday of each month at noon.  COWBOY CHURCH: 2nd & last Wed. of the month at 7 pm Everyone welcome to all events. Should you require further information, please call (403)773-2137 or (403)773-3629 

Elnora FCSS Office Hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. For information on any Elnora FCSS program please call Sheila Gongaware or Janina Jewell at 403.773.3920 or email [email protected] Like us on Facebook @ ‘Elnora and District FCSS’ Elnora Museum Tours if someone wants to make an appointment to see it, contact: Pat Frew at 403-773-3105, Freda Cheek at 403-7733629 or Betty Mose 403-773-3990. We meet at the museum on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10AM. We also have coffee and ice cream on Friday afternoons! Do you have an extra hour at that time? Would you like to join in? We always welcome interested people! A membership to the Elnora Museum will cost you ONLY $10.00 per year. Your yearly donation of $10.00 will go a long way towards helping us reach our goals for 2017. Please mail your $10.00 membership fee to: Elnora Museum Box 573 Elnora, AB T0M 0Y0. THANK YOU FOR HELPING KEEP OUR STORIES ALIVE!

Elnora Public Library: Wanda Strandquist, Library Manager Phone: 403-773-3966 Website: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Monday 9:30 to 1:00 pm Tuesday 3:00 to 8:00 pm Wednesday 9:30 to 1:00 pm Friday 3:00 to 8:00 pm. Membership is $10.00 per year which includes everyone in the household. Services provided: colour copy, fax, laminate, photograph printing. Library has 6 public computers Elnora Quilters Group Crafts & Quilting Tuesdays: Everyone is invited to craft or quilt between the hours of 9:30 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. Hope you can come. For further information phone Linda Wilson at 403773-3535 Elnora School of Dance Classes in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop/jazz funk. Preschool and up. Everyone welcome. Check out our web page at for more details. Hatha Yoga: Mondays - 7PM to 8:15PM at the Elnora Hall. Start anytime! For more information, please contact Nicole (BA, RMT, SOYA 500 hrs) at 403.318-0038 Lab Hours Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. at the Elnora Community Health Centre. Baby Immunization Clinic Every Thursday morning, 10 am to 12:30 at the Elnora Community Health Center Well Baby Clinic every Thursday morning 8:30 - 12:30 pm at the Elnora Community Health Centre. Legion meets 1st Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Music for Young Children FREE Piano Lesson Call now to book your Free "TRY IT" piano lesson. Call Lori Scott for more info about this excellent music program 403 773 3111 Neighbourhood Place Contact Tina Ward at 403-773-3171. Hours of Operation Tuesday—Friday from 8AM to 3:30PM —closed from noon to 12:30 for lunch. . We are on Facebook! Preschooler Program for Parents/Caregivers and little ones ages 0 - 6. FREE Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 12:00 PM in the back of the Library – activities will include story time, singing, rhyming, crafts and snacks Royal Purple meets 2nd Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Rural Boys and Girls Clubs meet Thursdays behind the Elnora Library from 3:30 - 8:30 p.m. If you have any ideas about how to encourage the youth of Elnora to be involved in positive activities, events or pursuits, please come and help out with your own talents. The Village of Elnora Visit Village Council meets 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 pm. Elnora Garbage Pickup Tuesday morning Youth Center is now OPEN Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 PM to 7:00 PM and Wednesdays from 3 PM to 5:30 PM – a great opportunity for all youth in Elnora and the county to learn new things and become involved in their community.

Information can also be found via The Capital event c a l e n d a r a t or

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A26 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017

Elnora Events Elnora Boys and Girls Club  Kids Club for ages 6 – 12 meet on Wednesdays from 3 PM 5:30 PM at the Elnora Drop In.  Keystone Club for ages 13 – 17 meet on Wednesdays from 6 PM – 8 PM at the Elnora Youth Center. For more information call Heather at 403-342-6500 ext. 142 Elnora Play School Wednesday’s and alternating Mondays and Fridays from 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM at the Elnora School in the Kindergarten room. April 26 and 28. If you are interested in signing up your child or would like more information please call Tina at 403-773-3171 SEEDS – Sharing, Educating, Exploring, Discovering and Singing For preschoolers – 0 – 5 years of age. Friday, April 28th at the Elnora Hall from 10 AM – 11:30 AM. It’s a great time for your little one to socialize and have some fun. For more information please call Sheila at 403-773-3920. Friday, April 28

Blood Donor Bus pick up at the Elnora Village Office at 11 AM returning approximately 3 PM. Cost is FREE. For more information please call Sheila at 403-773-3920.

Saturday, May 6

Babysitting Course from 9 AM to 4:00 PM at the Elnora Drop In. Prerequisite: must be 11 years of age or completed Grade 5. Cost $10.00 including lunch. For more information please call Sheila at 403-773-3920.

Wednesday, May 10

Hop on the Bus to the Devonian Botanic Gardens For all ages – pick up time is 10 AM at the Elnora Drop In – returning approximately 6 PM. Cost: $60.00 which includes the bus and admission. For more information please call Sheila at 403-773-3920.

Elnora School

Courtesy of the school newsletter Tuesday, April 25

Cinderella Field Trip 11:30—midnight

Thursday, April 27

Earth Club Run

The Elnora Parent Council would like to send out a big Thank You to the Trenville Elks for their generous donation towards next year’s school agendas. (below) Thank you to all the parent volunteers and students who worked hard to sell for the Elnora Parent Council fundraiser!! Kernels Pop-corn was a huge success!! (right) A very Special thank you to all the parents who have been volunteering to help with The Elnora Parent Council Hot Lunch Program. Lyn Mose Patricia Richardson Liz Fox Tamara Haskell Natasha Rich

Angela Kuzma Karen Woods Rita McQuillan Carley Watson (also for the donation of the microwave) The Students an Staff always look forward to “Hot Lunch” Days!! Thank you for you continued support. Chinook’s Edge will be accepting Kindergarten registrations for the 2017-2018 school year. Children must turn five years old by December 31, 2017 to begin attending Kindergarten in the fall of 2017. If you are interested in Pre-Kindergarten programming, please contact us! There are no school fees for Kindergarten students in Chinook’s Edge.

Trochu Valley School Courtesy of the school staff via the newsletter Phone: 403-442-3872 Email: [email protected]ca Web Site:

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017 Monday, April 24

Parent Council Meeting 7:00 pm TroVal Common Room. Every parent is encouraged to attend

Tuesday, April 25

Jr High Badminton Divisionals

Wednesday, April 26

Fat Jays Class to Red Deer

Saturday, April 29

Sr High Zone Badminton

Tuesday, May 2

High School to Three Hills School for Wellness Conference

Thursday, May 4

Elementary Council Hug A Tree Day Jr High Badminton Zones

Friday, May 5

Professional Development Day

May 4, 5 & 6

Senior Band Trip The Sr. Band will be performing in Wheatland, Strathmore, Prince of Peace Lutheran School, Indus School and Rainbow Creek in Chestermere. The show we are seeing is Gershwin's "Crazy or You" at Theatre Calgary.

Monday, May 8

Jump Rope for Heart Kick Off - Gr. 2-6

Tuesday, May 9

LA 9 PAT Part A

Thursday, May 11

LA 6 PAT Part A

Friday, May 19

Flex Friday no school

Monday, May 22

Victoria Day no school

Saturday, May 27

Grad 2017 Exercises 7:30 PM Trochu Community Hall. Everyone is invited to attend and celebrate with the Tro-Val Class of 2017

Tuesday, May 30

Alberta Opera Hansel & Gretel

Thank you so much to the wonderful parents who put on the March Hot Lunch. Everyone really enjoyed the Perogies, Ham & Mixed Veggies we had on March 24. You are The Greatest! Thank you so much for accommodating the group of students who were watching Provincial Hockey on the 24th. The students were able to enjoy their delicious perogie lunch the next week. You are Awesome! Thank you as well for portioning the leftovers and donating to our Forgotten Lunch Program. You are Wonderful! The hot lunch days are looked forward to all month long and we are never disappointed. Thanks to everyone for all their time and dedication to our school and students. You are Amazing!

The Chautauqua A27

The students and staff would like to Thank Parent Council for their very generous donations to our 2017 Drama Production and towards the purchase of an industrial toaster for the Breakfast Program. We are so grateful for the ongoing support we receive from Parent Council, all of our students benefit from your generosity and commitment to our school. This year Trochu Valley School offered a Rock Band class to our grade 11 and 12 students with Mr. Howard as their teacher. The small group of students who take the class are really enjoying it and learning so much from Mr. Howard. They have even formed a band - ROCKSTEADY. They had their first gig on March 25 at the Huxley Hall. They performed to a very enthusiastic crowd at the One Walk - Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. Look for them to be performing again soon. Band members are Jared Doyle - Drums, Jesse Sinclair - Bass Guitar, Jake Robertson - Keyboard, Jordan Stankievech - Rhythm (Acoustic) Guitar & Vocals, Levon Vokins - Lead Guitar & Vocals and Bernadette Gelua - Vocals. (below) FRANCE and ITALY for EASTER - sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well for 9 lucky Trochu Valley students it was a dream come true this year. Mrs. Van Otterloo and Mrs. Schmidt along with Gillian Fobes, Zack Painter, Jordan Stankievech, Tamryn Schmidt, Coleman Murray, Jillian Kary, Jolina De La Cruz, Levon Vokins and Lee-Ann Wahl joined some Three Hills School students and staff and flew out April 12 for Europe. For 10 days they were sightseeing in Paris, Florence, Assisi, Rome and the Vatican. Some of the highlights for the trip were Notre Dame Cathedral, Vimy Ridge Historic Site, Musee D’Orsay, Duomo, Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Colosseum, The Forum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. This is a trip of a life time and these fortunate students will come home with memories to last them a life time.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A28 The Chautauqua

Humble Beginnings Jayne knew she was probably in enough trouble with Monique for snooping and reading the story in the first place, she didn’t need Dan’s interference to compound the situation. She made another lunge for the piece of paper, and again she missed. Dan held her back with one arm while he held the paper aloft. “What’s the big secret? It just looks like one of the short stories.” “Yes, it is. Now give it back to me, Dan!” “That wasn’t very polite. How about a please?” “Dan…….” “Jaynelle...come on, you can do little word…” “I’ll one-little-word you, if you don’t give that back to me.” “Tsk, tsk...temper, temper…” “Dan...” Jayne jumped as high as she could, but still was unable to reach the paper. She debated climbing on the low table, but it didn’t look too sturdy, and the last thing she needed was more bruises, or a broken bone. By this time Dan was holding the paper high above his head with both hands so he could see the words. “He held his breath and slowly reached for her hand. She was so skittish, and he didn't want to scare her away…” “Daniel!” As she had numerous times in the past when the MacDonald boys used their height to, in her mind, a completely unfair advantage, Jayne planted her hands firmly on Dan’s shoulders for leverage and jumped. She wrapped her legs around his narrow hips and crossed her ankles to anchor herself before stretching up as high as she could. “Ha!” She pulled the paper out of Dan’s hands, careful to make sure she didn't rip it, and quickly dropped it onto the chair behind her, before turning her head around to look at Dan, whose face was level with hers, and whose arms were wrapping around her waist. It seemed almost before she could blink, Jayne was falling back into the chair, crumpling the story underneath her, and Dan was rushing out the door. As she settled, and the world around her steadied, she touched a trembling finger to her tingling lips. Had it really happened, or was she going crazy, or was she still asleep and dreaming? Had Dan actually KISSED HER???? It had all happened so fast that maybe it hadn’t even happened at all? And if it had happened, why did he drop her like a hot potato and take off so fast? Jayne didn’t know how long she sat there, somewhat dazed and confused, before she got up. She grabbed the story and the paper bag off the table and headed to the back stairway. Fortunately, the couch hadn’t been moved so she was able to enter the apartment without any difficulty. Jim Jr. was stretched out on the couch, arms and legs hanging awkwardly over the edges, and Monique was sitting up in her bed reading. Jayne tiptoed around Jim Jr. and flopped backwards onto the foot of Monique’s bed, sending the story and paper bag flying into Monique’s lap. “What’s this?” Monique opened the bag. “Don’t’s my breakfast or lunch or whatever.” Jayne covered her eyes with one arm. “Hmmm, apple fritters...wonder who these are from??” Monique pulled one out and moaned after biting into it, “They are fresh...yummmmm.” Jayne sat up and helped herself to one of the fritters. Just as she filled her mouth with a bite of the doughy deliciousness, Monique asked, “So, what were you doing last night that you’re now wearing Dan’s t-shirt? And what happened to your shirt?” Jayne choked. Monique leaned forward and thumped her a couple of times between her shoulder blades. “That good, huh?” “Monique, nothing happened...Okay, that’s not entirely true...a lot happened last night, or rather this morning...I mean really, really early morn-

Friday, April 21, 2017 ing, but not THAT kind of something...or maybe it did...I don’t know.” “Wow! Jayne reduced to babbling incoherently. Will wonders never cease?” Jayne gently pushed Monique backwards into the pillows. “Be life is falling apart here.” “So start at the beginning…” “What beginning?!” Jayne flopped backwards across the bed again. “Well, I know you were accosted in the closet downstairs after we got back gosh, that must have been a nightmare!” “Yeah, well, it wasn’t a picnic, but it wasn’t that bad…” Jayne tried to brush off Monique’s concern. “Wasn’t that bad? Jayne, have you looked in a mirror lately? You have cuts and dried blood and bruises all over you!” “Argh, don’t remind me, and they aren’t all over…” Monique interrupted her, “Okay, what happened after that snoring cowboy in the next room left you alone with Dan?” “I wrote up my statement and the Sarg hauled my father off to jail.” “And you ended up wearing Dan’s shirt, how exactly? Did he finally propose??” “No, he didn’t propose, nor do I expect a proposal. I accidentally spilt some tea all over my shirt, and Dan gave me his to change into.” “How chivalrous of him. Are you going to add this shirt to your collection?” “I don’t have a ‘collection,’ and no, I’ll return it to him...someday… maybe...or, maybe not…” “So, no proposal and just a little spilt tea...that’s it?” “I found this in your desk...and I read it...sorry.” Jayne picked up the story and handed it to Monique. “Quite the story, isn’t it?” “Who wrote it?” “I can’t tell you.” “Oh, come on, Monique…” “No, really, I can’t tell you. This is how I found it in the book return...well, not so wrinkled. What on earth did you do to it?” “Sat on it. It wasn’t emailed? There was no name?” “You sat on it? No...and no.” “Long you have any idea who wrote it?” “None. I thought it might be the same person who sends the pink notes, but the writing style is totally different. Long story, huh? I knew something happened. Spill!” Jayne sighed. “I was reading the story again and I guess I fell asleep. When I woke up Dan was back with the bag of fritters and he took the story from me...I jumped up on him and got it back and Ithinkhekissedme!” “Whoa! Slow down...what did you just say?” “I...was...reading…” “Not that part, you silly goose! DAN KISSED YOU?” “Shhhhhh!” Jayne leaned over to see if Jim Jr. was still asleep before continuing, “I think he did.” “Excuse me, but either he did or he didn’t, and if he did, I should think it would be very obvious, especially since you’ve been dreaming about kissing him for how long now?” “It happened rather fast, and it wasn’t obvious. Maybe I just dreamt it?” “You really don’t know if he kissed you or not? I can’t believe this. What did he say after this possible kiss?” “Nothing. He practically threw me into the chair and left the building like it was on fire.” (to be continued…………)

© Beth Richardson 2017

Complete novel to date available: Just click on the Humble Beginnings tab

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

Friday, April 21, 2017

Blaine Calkins M.P., Red Deer-Lacombe #201, 5025 Parkwood Road , Blackfalds Postage free: Box 59 Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0 Phone: 1-587-621-0020 Fax: 1-587-621-0029 [email protected] or visit my web site: or Twitter: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Budget 2017 is a Disaster Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled the Trudeau Government’s second budget, which confirmed they have no plan for the economy, job creation, or respect for taxpayer dollars. For the second year in a row they failed to keep their promise to only run a $10 billion deficit. In fact they have reneged on their promise to balance the budget by 2019. An internal document from Finance Canada now says the budget will not be balanced until 2055. Terrible news, considering the Liberals were handed a balanced budget. Trudeau is strapping future generations of Canadians with the responsibility of paying back massive debts with his reckless spending. Furthermore, Budget 2017 is making life more expensive for Canadians, small businesses, and it does nothing to support our bedrock industries like the energy sector or our agriculture sector. Trudeau has hit the energy sector hard by removing incentives for small oil companies to engage in energy exploration. It isn’t surprising given that he’s said he wanted to phase out the oil and gas sector. Middle class Canadian families working in this industry rely on these wellpaying jobs to put food on their table. They need a Prime Minister to champion their industry, not destroy it. At a time when our largest competitor is removing barriers, reducing taxes and red tape it is irresponsible for Prime Minister Trudeau to handicap the oil and gas sector this way. Budget 2017 also abandons Canadian farmers. This budget scraps the income tax exemption for insurers of farming and fishing property. This move could see our farmers and fishermen facing higher insurance premiums. Furthermore, the Liberals have signalled they plan to eliminate the income tax deferral for grain producers and Western Canadian farmers are once again under attack. This is in stark contrast to the previous Conservative Government which supported the agriculture sector by passing the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, commercialized the Canadian Wheat Board, provided the hog industry with $370 million to support debt restructuring, provided $50 million to support increased slaughter capacity and expanded the Tax Deferral for livestock to include bees and all horses. The Liberal government has failed to expand or continue any of these initiatives. Budget 2017 also fails to deliver on infrastructure investment. Since coming to office 94% of the infrastructure projects announced by the Liberals have failed to start construction. These delays hurt our communities and they hurt our economy and job creation. We have now learned the Liberal Government is imposing an arbitrary deadline of April 1, 2018 on provinces to spend the more than $6 billion dollars allocated to them from the previous government’s New Building Canada Fund. Justin Trudeau has no problem spending Canadians hard earned tax dollars on nannies, family vacations to billionaires’ islands, or his vanity projects. Municipalities rely on these funds that have been allocated to them to build and upgrade critical infrastructure. By accelerating the project approval process to meet this arbitrary deadline will potentially result in a lack of proper oversight and transparency. The last time a Liberal government rushed a program and accelerated the approval process Canadians ended up with the Sponsorship Scandal. Budget 2017 also will see the cancellation of the Public Transit Tax Credit and a decrease in the federal share of funding for public transit projects by 40%. The Public Transit Tax credit was ushered in by our previous Conservative Government to incent Canadians to use public transportation. Removing this tax credit, simply, will make life more expensive for middle class Canadians. Municipalities need good infrastructure, but they also need programs that are easy to access, provide predictable funding and do not leave small and rural communities be-

The Chautauqua A29

Earl Dreeshen M.P., Red Deer-Mountain View Constituency Office: Suite 100A, 4315-55 Avenue, Red Deer 403-347-7426 (p) 1-866-211-0959 (toll free) 403-347-7423 (f) [email protected] hind. By allocating public transit funding based on ridership it will place growing communities in the riding of Red Deer-Lacombe at a disadvantage, while favoring larger urban cities with established transit systems. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have a severe distaste for rural Canada and it shines bright in the pages of this budget. The Liberals are spending recklessly on pet projects all over the globe but in Budget 2017 they turned their backs on our men and women in uniform. Justin Trudeau cut $8.48 billion dollars from the Department of National Defence budget, which coupled that with last year’s cuts, DND is now facing a $12 billion dollar shortfall. National Defence is clearly not a priority for these Liberals. At a time when our allies are committed to increased spending and modernization of military capabilities, Justin Trudeau's naiveté is putting Canada and our military in a precarious position with these cuts. The last Liberal Budget failed to grow the economy and it failed to create jobs. Canada's GDP is declining, and our debt is growing. The budget also failed to deliver to communities the promised infrastructure programs they need. Budget 2017 has, however, increased your taxes! Ride sharing services like Uber will be taxed, increased taxes on beer and wine, and removing tax credits for public transit and for families with children. Justin Trudeau sold Canadians a bill of goods he had no plans to deliver on. My job as a member of the Official Opposition is to hold him and his party accountable for their misguided policies and misuse of public money. I encourage you to like my Facebook page for timely updates as my colleagues and I do so. Please contact my Constituency office if you have any questions or concerns on any federally related matters, postage free, at: 201-5025 Parkwood Road, Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0; tel: 587-621-0020; toll free: 1-800-665-0865 or visit my web site: or on twitter at In Touch with Earl Dreeshen It was a wild couple of weeks in Ottawa. The Liberals tabled another disappointing budget while trying to use the media cover to enact changes to Parliament to make the government less accountable. We saw on the weekend that the Liberals are trying to change the channel by floating the idea of legalizing marihuana on Canada Day 2018. Changing Rules of Parliament to Make Trudeau’s Life Easier On Friday, March 10th, 2017, Government House Leader, Bardish Chagger, quietly released a discussion paper on possible changes to the Standing Orders which would give the government even more power to act in a unilateral manner while taking rights away from the opposition parties. Justin Trudeau wants to change the rules of Parliament to make his life easier. Not only does he want to show up for work once a week, but now the Prime Minister wants to shut down Parliament on Fridays so he and his colleagues can take yet another day off. Canadians work 5 days a week; why does Justin Trudeau think he is more entitled than average Canadians? The Prime Minister is ramming these changes through a Liberal-dominated committee when he thinks Canadians aren’t looking. These changes will diminish Parliament and largely strip opposition of its power to hold the Prime Minister and his government to account. In the interest of democracy, the Liberal Government should not proceed with any of these changes without the consent of all parties. Colleagues from the Conservative and NDP parties have been filibustering the committee to bring attention to the heavy handed change in our democracy.

Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

A30 The Chautauqua

Friday, April 21, 2017

Don MacIntyre, MLA Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

Ronald Orr, MLA Lacombe Ponoka

[email protected] Phone 403-887-9575

#101 4892 46 Street Lacombe, AB T4L 2B4 Email: [email protected] Phone: 403 782 7725 Fax: 403 782 3307

#2, 160 Hewlett Park Landing Sylvan Lake, AB Wildrose Shadow Minister for Electricity and Renewables

I look forward to meeting you!

Crime is on the rise in Alberta

2017 Budget Response

The downturn in Alberta’s economy has been linked to the increase in crime across the province and every area is feeling the impact. It’s why Wildrose announced the launch of the Alberta Crime Task Force to tour the province and get feedback from Albertans on how to fix the problem. The Task Force will be touring across the province to hear directly about how crime is impacting your community. According to the most recent Crime Severity Index from Statistics Canada, Alberta saw a shocking 18 per cent increase in reported crimes in 2015, including a 12 per cent increase in violent crimes. According to Calgary Police, person crimes are up 7.6 per cent and property crimes are up 4.8 percent since 2015. Grande Prairie was recently rated the most dangerous city in Canada by StatsCanada, with both Red Deer and Edmonton well above the national average. In Amisk, Alberta, a town with a population of 200, a local bank was robbed for the second time in over a year. And in Airdrie, where I live, the local CIBC and many other local businesses were recently robbed. The Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association President James Pickard recently said in the past two months criminal charges against 200 people have been stayed, including 18 accused of drunk driving. Albertans have seen recent headlines of those accused of violent crimes, drunk driving and assault have their trials stayed as crime is rising in their community and across the province. A new protocol issued from the NDP government encourages Alberta prosecutors to triage resources away from serious violent crimes. The document cites “fiscal constraints” and “increased demands on the justice system” as reasons for the new protocol. The head of the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service said that triage is “absolutely not to soften prosecution standards for serious and violent crime.” This is an emergency that is making Alberta’s streets less safe. For those accused of criminal charges, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is not how Alberta’s justice system is supposed to work. Families are frustrated about the rising tide of crime in Alberta and NDP policies are making a bad situation worse. Wildrose has pushed for policies in the past to increase monitoring of violent offenders and for stricter enforcement of conditions of release. We’ve pushed for tougher sentencing on the trafficking and production of dangerous opioids like fentanyl. And recently, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean pushed private members’ legislation to increase accountability in our courts and justice system that the NDP voted down. It’s these ideas we will be looking for feedback on. Our MLAs will be fanning out across the province to hear directly from you. You also have a chance to tell us directly your ideas to build safe communities and give us feedback on the state of the justice system at Wildrose will continue to lead on justice policy reform to ensure Albertans can live with peace of mind without having to worry about the safety of their community and loved ones. Airdrie MLA and Wildrose Shadow Justice Minister Angela Pitt on crime in our province and the Wildrose Caucus Alberta Crime Task Force.

The NDP budget is a debt-fueled disaster packed with higher taxes and more of the same economic policies that will cost families and hurt Alberta’s prosperity for generations to come. This budget creates the highest per-capita deficit spending in modern Canadian history and the highest ever in Alberta. By 2019-20, it will cost $16,049 for every Albertan to pay their share of the debt. Borrowing this year is nearly one quarter of the total budget. The budget is a balance sheet meltdown and mortgages Alberta’s future racking up a $71 billion debt by 2019-20 that will cost Albertans $2.3 billion in annual interest payments. Those interest payments are taxpayers’ money that will go straight to the banks and not towards hospitals, schools, teachers or nurses Health: The inequity of health care grew for Central Alberta. Collectively Edmonton and Calgary will receive another 2.2 Billion dollars in new funding. Despite critical health care needs, the central health region received minimal new funding. A glaring omission, considering RDRH was on the priority list, just over a year ago. A 2015 needs assessment showed Red Deer’s hospital was short 96 beds, three operating rooms and 18 emergency room treatment stretchers. Why is the government ignoring Central Alberta? Why did other projects jump ahead of our regions’ needs? New surgery cancellations stats tabled in the legislature show that Red Deer Hospital surgery cancellations are the highest in Alberta by 206 to 32,400 percent depending on which hospital you compare to. Justice: There is long overdue good news for Lacombe and Blackfalds areas. After a decade of strong community advocacy, Red Deer received infrastructure funding in the budget to build a new Courthouse; 97 million dollars over the next four years. Critical and timely access to justice is essential. It will now be essential to ensure that there is a full complement of judges, crown prosecutors and court clerks to prosecute cases within required time limits. Unfortunately for Ponoka and area, served by Wetaskiwin court, there appears to be no resolution to the extremely high increase in cases and unresolved cases. Opposition Leader Brian Jean unveiled a private member's bill last week that would give Albertans a deeper look into the province's backlogged justice system. The bill would compel the justice minister to table a report on the system's performance, which he hopes would help unclog a system that has been beset by delays. This government is playing Russian Roulette with the sustainability of Alberta’s finances and billions of taxpayers’ dollars. NDP policies in 2016 led to a 3.1% drop in annual household income as unemployment will remain over 8 per cent in 2017. 81,000 jobs have vanished since the NDP took power, but they are doubling down on a high tax, high debt agenda that will cost families thousands of dollars every year and suffocate our economy’s ability to create jobs. The budget contains no plan or timeline for returning to a balanced budget, and contains no significant spending reductions. I would like to hear from you. How do you feel about the Alberta budget? If you have any questions or concerns on this or any issue, please contact my constituency office at 403-7827725 or by e-mail at [email protected] or drop in @ 101, 4892 – 46 Street, Lacombe, AB T4L 2B4.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

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The Red Deer Marathon Society is pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Woody's RV Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km is now open. This year’s race will take place on Sunday May 21, 2017. Last year we smashed the attendance record with well over 1500 participants taking part on race weekend, and with your help we can do it again. Our Medals Are a Work of Art... Literally! We are fortunate to have some very talented people in the Red Deer running community. This year our finishers medals have been designed by local artist Brian McArthur of Voyager Art & Tile. Brian is a very talented artist who graduated with his Masters of Fine Arts from Ohio State University. He, and fellow artist Dawn Detarando, started Voyager Art & Tile back in 1999. They create public art, decorative tiles and house numbers that are sold all over the country. Their public art work can be seen throughout our beautiful city. Many pieces are featured along the Red Deer running trails, which isn't a surprise because Brian happens to be a pretty kick butt runner too! Run Red Deer on May 21, 2017, collect your medal, and take home your own little masterpiece! Need A Little Motivation? Let's face it, half the reason most of us run is the reward at the end. We can help with that! This year, returning due to popular demand, is the Woody's Egger breakfast sandwich! These tasty treats will be hot, ready, and waiting for you when you cross the finish line! Everyone who runs our race is entitled to a free breakfast sandwich. And hey, running a race is a great way to earn your breakfast!

Register at:

New website launched for Central Alberta Businesses and Foreign Investors Access Prosperity builds a new resource for local and international businesses Access Prosperity is officially launching its new website,, a two-pronged site that helps Central Alberta businesses grow and expand internationally while also attracting foreign companies and investment to the Central Alberta region. “It’s incredible to have one resource that serves both sides of our work. It’s ultimately a great benefit to the Central Alberta economy,” said Access Prosperity’s Investment Attraction Officer Pam Steckler. “It helps local companies get ready to grow while also attracting foreign businesses and jobs.” The new website features a home page that invites the visitor to choose their path through the site. A Central Alberta business person who is interested in expanding into international markets selects “Grow Your Business” to learn about exporting or expanding into new markets. Foreign investors or companies interested in the Central Alberta market select “Invest in Central Alberta” to get the information they need. The site features statistics, information on Central Alberta’s key industries, links to resources, and more. It also explains the process Access Prosperity will guide businesses through when they express an interest in international business or investment in the region. Access Prosperity is a not-for-profit economic development organization focused on promoting economic growth in Central Alberta Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Delburne, Donalda, Elnora, Erskine, Forestburg, Haynes, Lousana, Mirror, Pine Lake, Tees & Trochu

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Friday, April 21, 2017

It Pays to Advertise

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April 21, 2017 Chautauqua

are unlimited ways of looking at, and describing, the glass and its con- tents. And the state the ...... Join us Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Your Pages to the World email: [email protected] May Long Weekend, Mirror Days: May 20, 2017 ...... Thanks to Curtain Call Community Theater for once again hosting.

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