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Every summer, USD 231 offers a variety of fun and engaging classes through Summer Programming. This year, we are excited to announce we will be expanding the program by adding new enrichment classes at Bistro 425, the GEHS Culinary program; and the Advanced Technical Center at GEHS. Summer Programming is designed to support student learning with engaging, highinterest activities that promote student creativity, problem-solving and reinforcement of core learning skills.

April 6-13

April 6-13 April 12 April 13

Classes are held at Trail Ridge Middle, Wheatridge Middle, Gardner Edgerton High School and the Advanced Technical Center, and will be offered in a variety of date combinations. Students enroll for the grade they will enter in August 2018. The program is financially supported through student tuition.

March 2018

9-3pm Students may shop during their regular library specials time & with grandparents during lunch 3-4pm Shop with parent/guardian 6-8pm 1st grade music program Shop with parent/guardian 9-3pm Student Shop Day w/pass from their teacher

Transportation is not provided for Summer Programming. - To view the 2018 Catalog of classes, click HERE. - To register for 2018 classes, click HERE. For more information or for assistance, please call 913-856-2009.

Jason Watkins

Jennifer Kindler

KerriAnn Hutsell



Counselor 856-3311

Cafeteria 856-3333


Mindy Stites

First Student Bus Company

Donna Shell Secretary

Jennifer Walker Office Aide

Nurse 856-3345


Panther Pride

Dates to Remember April 6-13 Book Fair April 7 Savers Drive April 9 GE Pizza Hut Night April 9-12 Grandparents Week April 9-13 Math State Assessments April 12 1st Grade Musical 7:00 April 20 & 23 NO SCHOOL April 23 Kindergarten Rodeo April 18 3rd Grade Field Trip April 19 PTO Carnival 6:00-8:00

April 2018

CHARACTER CORNER Jennifer Kindler, Counselor

ACCEPTANCE AND TOLERANCE Understand that I live in a diverse world. Treat people fairly whether I like them or not. Speak out against the value of ALL human beings.

PTO is on Facebook please join our page to keep informed!

“Students of Character for Cooperation”

Panther Pride

April 2018

FROM THE MUSIC ROOM... A few upcoming calendar reminders and dates from the music room:

Thursday, April 12th at 7pm: 1st Grade Program (with Panther Pride performance before program)

-1st graders meet at 6:45pm -Panther Pride Choir meet at 6:30pm Tuesday, May 15th: Fourth Grade Field trip to the KC Symphony

Ms. Stevens Thank you 2nd Grade for putting on an amazing performance!

April 9 - (K) Purcell 10:50 4th Grade 11:30 April 10 - (K) Anliker 11:50 2nd Grade 12:30 April 11 - (K) Cook 11:20 3rd Grade 12:00 April 12 - 1st Grade 11:00 The book fair will be open during grandparent lunches so feel free to shop after you finish your meal!

Panther Pride

April 2018

Health Room Mural Promoting ‘Healthy Habits’

Gardner Elementary would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to Riley Hiner for designing our new mural in the Health Room! Thank you so much to Riley Hiner, Caitlin Weese, Mara Fax and Liv Knapp from Gardner Edgerton High School for putting in all of the hours painting and creating a mural promoting HEALTHY HABITS for our GE students and staff! We love it!!!

Panther Pride

April 2018

Panther Pride

April 2018

Panther Pride

April 2018

Lunch Schedule Kindergarten 10:50-11:20 Purcell 11:20-11:50 Cook 11:50-12:20 Anliker

11:00-11:30 - First Grade 11:30-12:00 - Fourth Grade 12:00-12:30 - Third Grade 12:30-1:00 - Second Grade

April 2018.pdf

Page 1 of 7. Jason Watkins. Principal. Donna Shell. Secretary. Jennifer Walker. Office Aide. Jennifer Kindler. Counselor. 856-3311. Mindy Stites. Nurse. 856-3345. KerriAnn Hutsell. Cafeteria. 856-3333. First Student Bus. Company. 856-5650. JCPRD. 856-7925. Panther Pride. Gardner Elementary. 218 W. Shawnee.

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April 2018
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... are having a bike safety presentation for kindergarten and first. grade from Margaret Mary Community Health. We will be handing out bike helmet order forms.

April 20, 2014
Apr 20, 2014 - 4pm Mass for the People of St. Athanasius. Sunday, April 27 ... Call the office or email ... fine priestly service to the people of God at Saint Athanasius. ... On Good Friday Pilate must choose for Truth or political expediency.

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... email to aclearbayview-groupurl- [email protected] to be added to the list. Let's grow our Bay View community together. Page 3 of 4. April Star.pdf.

April 2014
Apr 1, 2014 - Write your first name three times. (only capitalize the first letter). 8. Count the forks in your house. 9. Say the alphabet three times. 10. Tell someone a favorite story. 11. Count the shoes in your house. 12. Listen to a favorite sto

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Choir Ben Levengood Scott McIlvee Matt Green Kathryn Wolf Scott McIlvee,. Megan Green. Lori Reed. Becky Price Scott McIlvee. Page 1 of 1. april servers.pdf.

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Plattsburgh ... We learned that the St. Joseph's Church property on Military Turnpike just south of Rugar Street would be ... She will add you to her list of helpers and then you can ... April Chalice.pdf.

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