Thames Nursery Newsletter April 2017 Nursery closes Friday 7th April at 4pm and re opens Tuesday 18th April at 8am. Welcome: In our setting we aim to provide a warm, stimulating environment for the children to learn and develop. All our team will work hard to form strong attachments to your children and positive relationships with you as parents/carers. If you have any recommendations for us to improve our provision we would love to hear your ideas.

Staffing 0-2 room – Nicola and Amanda 2-3 room – Louise, Robyn, Charlotte and Amanda 3-4 room – Charlotte, Jowita, Laurence, Lisa and Becky. Becky will be in the preschool room Monday and Tuesday and Lisa Armitage who has come from the reception class in Thames school will now be in the preschool room Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We wish Steph all the best in the future in her new career.

New starters: 0-2 room- Ruby and Jaiden

Head lice We have seen a rise in numbers of head lice not been treated, we have been left with no other option for families that have been given advice and not acted upon this but to exclude children until they are clear. After receiving medical advice from health professionals it has been advised to wet comb conditioned hair for up to 30 minutes daily to remove all lice and eggs.

Lost property Please can we all ensure that when collecting our children from nursery we are emptying trays and pegs of the children’s personal belongings. We have an excessive pile of spare clothes that have been left and nobody has claimed. At the end of every term we have no other option but to now pass the lost property clothes to the children centre to put on the sale rack.

Birthdays of the month Blake and Freddie will be 1, Stanley will be 2, Star, Lexi and Hunter will be 3, Letia and Luke will be 4 this month “Happy Birthday to you all!!”

Policies of the month All our policies are under review there will be four every month for you to read with copies to take away please feel free to comment or add your comment post it in the envelopes provided. This month the policies are:    

Admissions Parental Involvement Children’s records Transfer of records to school

Events of the month - Tuesday 4th – Celebrate Autism Awareness Day. Send your child to nursery dressed in blue to help raise awareness for Autism, donations welcome.

- Thursday 6th April – Graduation photos for Pre School children going to school. Please dress your child in a uniform this day if they have one. If not short sleeved t-shirt preferably no collar as children all wear a cap and gown. If your child does not attend this day please arrive at 11.30am in the café. - Wednesday 19th – Wear red and white to celebrate St Georges Day. - Tuesday 25th – Helen Kellett will be in the Children Centre from 8.30-11am for all your dental health needs and advice.

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