April  2014  


Listen  to  a   favorite  story         6.  

Getting  Ready  for  Kindergarten  at  Leffingwell  Elementary  School     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday       Say  the  alphabet   Count  the  spoons   Read  Nursery   Tell  three  people   to  three  people   in  your  house   Rhymes   your  first  and  last   Meeting  @  6:30pm       (PTA   name   in  Leffingwell  Cafeteria)                   1.   2.   3.   4.   Find  five  red   things  in  your   house       7.  

Write  your  first   Count  the  forks  in   name  three  times   your  house   (only  capitalize     the  first  letter)         8.   9.  

Say  the  alphabet   three  times         10.  

Tell  someone  a   favorite  story         11.  

Count  the  shoes   in  your  house         12.  

Tell  someone  a   story         17.  

Find  five  brown   things  in  your   house  


Find  five  green   things  in  your   house       16.  


Say  the  alphabet   while  you  jump         19.  


Write  your  first   name  five  times   (only  capitalize   the  first  letter)     22.  

Count  a  small   handful  of   pennies       23.  

Say  the  alphabet   three  times         24.  

Find  five  black   things  in  your   house       25.  

Tell  someone  a   story         26.  

Count  to  25           28.  

Find  five  purple   things  in  your   house       29.  

Write  your  first   and  last  name   (only  capitalize   the  first  letters)     30.    




Listen  to  a   Use  chalk  to  write   favorite  story   your  name  on  the     sidewalk             13.   14.   Practice  smiling             20.   Listen  to  a   favorite  story         27.  

Saturday   Count  to  20           5.  

Find  five  blue   things  in  your   house    

Come  to   Kindergarten   Preview  Day  at   Leffingwell     (2:30-­‐3:15pm)  


May  2014  


Smile           4.   Go  to   www.starfall.com         11.  

Getting  Ready  for  Kindergarten  at  Leffingwell  Elementary  School     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday           Find  five  orange   Tell  someone  a   things  in  your   story   house     (FAMILY  FUN  NIGHT     from  5-­‐8pm)       1.   2.   Listen  to  a  story   Look  for  the  letter     “Aa”  in  a     newspaper  or  a     magazine       5.   6.   Tell  someone  a   story         12.  

Find  five  yellow   Look  for  the  letter   things  in  your   “Dd”  in  a   house   newspaper  or  a     magazine         18.   19.  

Make  alphabet   flashcards  (lower   &  upper  case)         13.  

Say  the  alphabet   three  times         7.   Come  to     Open  House  at   Leffingwell     (7-­‐8pm)   14.  

Find  five  circles  in   your  house         20.   21.  

Come  to   Kindergarten   Preview  Day  at   Leffingwell     (2:30-­‐3:15pm)  

Sort  some  change   Say  your  first  and   Find  five  triangles   (pennies,  nickels,   last  name   in  your  house   dimes,  etc…)                   25.   26.   27.    

Listen  to  Nursery   Rhymes         28.    

Count  your   Look  for  the  letter   fingers  and  your   “Bb”  in  a   toes   newspaper  or  a     magazine       8.   9.   Count  to  30           15.  

Saturday   Read  Nursery   Rhymes         3.   Find  five  squares   in  your  house         10.  

Draw  a  picture  of   Look  for  the  letter   someone   “Cc”  in  a     newspaper  or  a     magazine       16.   17.  

Draw  ten  circles   Use  your  alphabet     flashcards               22.   23.  

Look  for  the   Letter  “Ee”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     24.  

Count  to  30   Use  your  alphabet   Go  to     flashcards   www.starfall.com                     29.   30.   31.    

June  2014  

Getting  Ready  for  Kindergarten  at  Leffingwell  Elementary  School     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday     Look  for  the  letter   Use  your  alphabet   Listen  to  a   Write  your  name   Make  number   “Gg”  in  a   flashcards   favorite  story   with  chalk   flashcards  (1-­‐30)   newspaper  or  a           magazine                     2.   3.   4.   5.   6.  

Sunday   Look  for  the  letter   “Ff”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     1.     Practice  cutting   Look  for  the  letter   straight  lines   “Hh”  in  a     newspaper  or  a     magazine       8.   9.  

Tell  someone  the   Use  your  alphabet   story  of     flashcards   The  Three  Pigs             10.   11.  

Tell  someone  the   Look  for  the  letter   story  of     “Ii”  in  a   The  Three  Bears   newspaper  or  a     magazine       15.   16.  

Count  the  shoes   in  your  house         17.  

Draw  a  picture   Look  for  the  letter   using  four  shapes   “Jj”  in  a   (circle,  triangle,   newspaper  or  a   square,  rectangle)   magazine       22.   23.  

Use  your  number   flashcards         24.  

Look  for  the  letter   Count  to  30  and   “Kk”  in  a   say  the  alphabet   newspaper  or  a     magazine         29.   30.    


Write  your  name   with  chalk         18.  

Draw  a  tree           12.  

Use  your  number   flashcards         13.  

Sing  a  song           14.  

Draw  a  house   Find  five     rectangles  in  your     house           19.   20.  

Practice  cutting   straight  lines         21.  

Draw  a  person   Use  your  alphabet     flashcards               25.   26.    

Saturday   Count  the  doors   in  your  house         7.  


Write  your  name   five  times         27.  

Tell  someone  a   story         28.  



July  2014  


Getting  Ready  for  Kindergarten  at  Leffingwell  Elementary  School     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday       Use  your  alphabet   Practice  cutting   Put  alphabet   Tell  someone  a   flashcards   straight  lines   cards  in  order   favorite  story                           1.   2.   3.   4.  

Saturday   Write  your  name   with  chalk         5.  

Look  for  the  letter   “Ll”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     6.  

Count  the   Say  your  alphabet   windows  in  your   to  three  people   house             7.   8.  

Use  your  number   flashcards         9.  

Draw  a  picture  of   Look  for  the  letter   an  animal   “Mm”  in  a     newspaper  or  a     magazine       10.   11.  

Sing  a  song           12.  

Look  for  the  letter   “Nn”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     13.  

Practice  cutting   Use  your  alphabet   curved  lines   flashcards               14.   15.  

Write  your  name   five  times         16.  

Count  to  30   Look  for  the  letter     “Oo”  in  a     newspaper  or  a     magazine       17.   18.  

Listen  to  a   favorite  story         19.  

Use  your  number   Look  for  the  letter   flashcards   “Pp”  in  a     newspaper  or  a     magazine       20.   21.   Draw  a  picture  of   Use  your  alphabet   a  person   flashcards               27. 28.

Put  alphabet   flashcards  in   order       22.  

Count  your   stuffed  animals         23.  

Lunch  at   Go  to   Leffingwell  -­‐       www.starfall.com   Bring  a  sack     lunch     (12:00-­‐1:00pm)     29.   30.    

Send  Dr.  Blackwell  an   Say  the  alphabet   Look  for  the  letter   email  with  your     three  times   “Qq”  in  a   mom  or  dad’s  help  @     newspaper  or  a   [email protected]     magazine           24.   25.   26.  

Practice  cutting   curved  lines         31.    



August  2014  



Count  the   pictures  in  your   house     3.  

Write  your  name   with  chalk         4.  

Look  for  the   letter  “Tt”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     10.  

Listen  to  a   favorite  story         11.  

Look  for  the   1st  Day  of   letter  “Uu”  in  a   Kindergarten   newspaper  or  a   (Tentative  Date)   magazine         12.   13.  

Look  for  the   letter  “Vv”  in  a   newspaper  or  a     magazine     17.  

Tell  someone   about  school  

Count  the  lights   Go  to   in  your  house   www.starfall.com               19.   20.  





Look  for  the  letter   “Yy”  in  a     newspaper  or  a   24.   magazine     Use  your  number   flashcards     25.  

Count  the  drawers  in  your   house    

Getting  Ready  for  Kindergarten  at  Leffingwell  Elementary  School     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday             Look  for  the  letter   “Rr”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     1.   Look  for  the   letter  “Ss”  in  a   newspaper  or  a   magazine     5.  

Say  the  alphabet   All-­‐School     Use  your  alphabet   three  times   Chick-­‐fil-­‐A  Night   flashcards     from  5-­‐8pm       (Tentative  Date)           6.   7.   8.  

Look  for  the   Put  your  alphabet   letter  “Zz”  in  a   flashcards  in   newspaper  or  a   order   magazine         26.   27.      

Practice  cutting   curved  lines         14.  

Write  the   numbers  1-­‐10         15.  

Saturday   Draw  15  circles           2.   Tell  someone   what  you  did   today       9.   Tell  three  people   your  birthday   (month  and  day)       16.  

Put  your  number   Look  for  the  letter   Look  for  the  letter   flashcards  in   “Ww”  in  a   “Xx”  in  a   order  (1-­‐30)   newspaper  or  a   newspaper  or  a     magazine   magazine         21.   22.   23.   Practice  cutting   circles         28.  

Go  to   Use  your  alphabet   flashcards                 29.   30.  


April 2014

Apr 1, 2014 - Write your first name three times. (only capitalize the first letter). 8. Count the forks in your house. 9. Say the alphabet three times. 10. Tell someone a favorite story. 11. Count the shoes in your house. 12. Listen to a favorite story. 13. Use chalk to write your name on the sidewalk. 14. Come to. Kindergarten.

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