April 2014

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Church Fellowship Breakfast


Pastor—Steve Johnson

Fourth Sunday Morning Fellowship Breakfast, April 27, at 9 a.m.

Address: Come out and enjoy a great breakfast and a special treat of a newly formed youth band!

417 East Main Street P.O. Box 55 Floyd, VA 24091 Phone Numbers: Church – 540-745-4121

[email protected]

From Floyd United Methodist Women…….




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Pastors Corner Prayer Concerns


Easter Services/ activities


April Helpers And Celebrations


April Calendar


Martha Circle













Communication Board Please help us keep up with events and committee meetings by posting them on the calendars on the bulletin board across from pastor’s office. This will help in relaying information of such events to the church family. There are 4 months posted on the board so we can all plan ahead! As well as the calendar please email any event information or committee meetings to Kathy at [email protected] or call 763-3090.

Parsonage: 540-745-2722

Web: www.floydumc.com


Thank You!

Floyd UMW will be gathering for a Dutch treat lunch at the Pine Tavern after church on Sunday, April 6th for their quarterly meeting. We would welcome any prospective members or guest to join us.

On Sunday, April 27th following worship the outreach committee will sponsor a luncheon for anyone interested in joining our church family. This is a time to chat with folks who are already members and enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by chef Mike! Will meet on Tuesday, April 8th at El Charro at 11:45 a.m. Steve and Tammy Jo hn s on a re Hosts. Please contact them to Confirm your Attendance. Phone745-2722 or email: [email protected]

Please give gaynell Larsen a call if you are interested in attending. (763-3381). Mark your Calendars for August 16th for the Outreach sponsored Yard Sale. As you are spring cleaning…. box up and set aside yard sale treasures. More information on this later in the summer.

Pastor’s Corner

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I was invited to attend a seminar the last week of March in Townsend, Tennessee. The people who invited me paid for it...so you know I went. The meetings were great. But I really want to tell you about the Drive. I left Floyd, and 4 inches of snow behind. As I drove along I began to see blooms on trees, and something that we have not seen a lot of in Floyd of late...we remember it as "the sun". It is still there and still warm. By the time I reached Knoxville I was driving with my window down. Lillie's, apple trees, and redbuds were In full bloom. I could not help but think that it looks like Easter has already come. Sometimes we all experience hard "winters of our souls". But our life is not winter. We are people of spring. We are the RESURRECTION people. When in those winter times of grief and sorrow we have friends whom stand before us in full bloom of resurrection always reminding us that all winters will be swallowed up in His spring. Happy Easter, Steve

Prayer Concerns

Long Term

Short Term

John Russell Floyd UMC Pastor and Leadership Christian Missionaries around the world Baby Oliviah Gary Quesenberry Janie Blanchard Joe Blackwell—Ileda Shelor’s nephew Amanda Light Haynes Bennie Edwards Baby Audrey Gillespie, Phillip and Mandy Patrick Shaw Gip Robbins Ann Travers Kevin Vest-Brother of Kathy Dulaney Eric Woods –Son-in-law of Vicki Wells Joyce Hinchman—Sister-in-law of Vicki Wells Mike—Cancer —Vicki Wells niece’s husband Olin Griffin

Lonzie Alderman

Our Military All those serving in all branches of our military SSG. Darren Wood Jeremy Dolan—God Son of Montreo Pursifull

David Thornton Wampler Stephen Welch in Afghanistan—Grandson of Bob & Karla Huff Thornton Gallimore in Afghanistan - Jason Gallimore's brother. LTCOL Tom Giles, USAF in Turkey—Son of Mike Giles

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Holy Week Activities and Worship Opportunities

Children’s Pancake Breakfast And Time with the Easter Bunny! Saturday, April 12th Pancake Breakfast will take place in the fellowship hall at 9 a.m.

Palm Sunday Come worship on Sunday, April 13 at 11 a.m. as we remember Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. We will be blessed by our children’s choir!

Holy Thursday A re-enactment of the Last Supper and sharing of Communion will take place on Thursday, April 17th at 7 pm. Please come and be a part of worship of this most holy night of our Lord.

Easter Sunday! April 20th Community Sunrise Service at Jacksonville Cemetery, 7 am Worship Service at Floyd UMC, 11 am. With Easter Egg Hunt for the children on the front lawn following worship.

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April Celebr ations ANNIVERSARIES

BIRTHDAYS 4th 6th 7th 9th 10th 12th 13th 19th 28th 29th

Al Kelley Montreo Pursifull Eva Howard Frank Cash Charles Kingrea Shannon Porter Zane Lineberry Alan Thompson Caroline Blevins Michaela Thompson

4th 9th 11th 17th 18th

James & Julie Pritchett William & Dorothy Sumner Alfred & Susan Huff Steve & Tammy Johnson Jim & Cindy Salyer

April Helpers Greeters 6th 13th 20th 27th

Charles Kingrea & Don Clemens Jean Robbins & Alzora Wood Beth Rhodes & Stella Gann-Bishop Linda King & Cindy Salyer

Acolytes 6th 13th 20th 27th

Ushers Linda Wiseman Cindy Salyer

Linda King Ileda Shelor

Pat Altizer & Michaela Thompson Alan Williams & Ragan Wiseman David & Cindy Blevins Will Griffin & Addie Griffin

If you are unable to stay in the nursery on a given date, please contact Linda Wiseman at 230-5618.

Trustee On Call If you find any maintenance problems that need to be addressed please contact the Trustee On Call…….. Gayle Griffin—745-2443

Jason Gallimore Richard Robertson Cord Johnson

Thanks to all who give of their time and talents

Nursery 6th 13th 20th 27th

Grant Gallimore Hunter Gallimore Camden Spangler Cullen Johnson

Multi Media

Congregational Care Teams Congregational Care Teams are in place to organize meals for families who may need food after a hospital stay or a death in the family. These teams previously were called Bereavement Teams. Congregational Care Team 4 will be the next team called if needed. Members of this team are: Pauline Repass—745-4639 Katherine Gardner—745-2622 Patty Weeks—745-4388 Cindy Salyer—745-4832 If you would like more information about becoming a team member, or have questions, please contact Pat Altizer– 745-4181, Connie Mitchell-745-2316 or Linda Wiseman745-7282.

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April 2014 Sunday















Chrismon Fellowship 9 am Children’s Choir Practice—6:30 pm at the parsonage Choir Practice 7:00 p.m.





Sunday School 10 am Worship 11 am

Prayer & Share meet at 1:30 pm

Choir Practice 7:00 p.m.

Bible Study 11 am with meal to follow at the church.

Lunch Bunch Meet at the church at 11:45 a.m. at El Charro

UMW meeting at pine tavern following worship



Palm Sunday Make up photo Sessions 9 am or after worship

Martha Circle Luncheon Meeting at Noon at the church.

15 Chrismon Fellowship 9 a.m. At the Church



Bible Study 11 am with meal to follow at the church.

Children’s Choir Practice 6:30 pm

Sunday School 10 am Worship—11 am With Music by children’s Choir

Prayer & Share 1:30 p.m.





Prayer & Share 1:30 p.m.

Choir Practice 7:-00 p.m.

Bible Study 11 am with meal to follow at the church.

Easter Sunrise Service At Jacksonville Cemetery 7 am Sunday School 10 am Worship—11 am With Easter Egg Hunt on the front lawn after Worship

Choir Practice 7:-00 p.m.




Fellowship Breakfast 9 a.m.

Prayer & Share 1:30 p.m.

Children’s Choir Bible Study Practice 6:30 pm 11 am with meal to follow at the Choir Practice church. 7:-00 p.m.

Prospective Member—luncheon following worship


Newsletter Article Newsletter Deadline Articles

Newsletter Newsletter Article Article Deadline Deadline






Holy Thursday Worship Service—7 pm “Re-enactment” of the Last Supper and Communion

Newsletter Article Deadline


Sunday School 10 am Worship—11 am

Children’s Pancake Breakfast and time with the Easter Bunny—9 am

Community Good UMM Breakfast Friday Service at meeting—8 am Floyd Baptist. 12 noon

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MARTHA CIRCLE The Martha Circle will again be awarding a financial scholarship to graduating high school seniors who are planning on attending college this fall. This will be our 4th year to utilize the accumulated funds earned via various projects. Any graduating senior who has been a member of our church Youth Group may be eligible to receive a scholarship by submitting an essay which describes his or her participation in our church and it's youth group, how you plan to continue to walk with the faith you have gained from this membership and what school you plan to attend. All essays should be submitted to Gayle Griffin by May 1, 2014.

Martha Circle is excited to be producing an informal pictorial directory for Floyd United Methodist Church. We are using the Realm software that the church already uses for other purposes, so the directory format is fixed. It will be an alphabetical listing by family with a family snapshot, address, phone number (s) and e-mail addresses. The directory will be invaluable for new members and for keeping in touch, but it will only be a success if everyone participates. All families that participate will get a free copy of the directory. You can participate in one of three ways: •Don and Donna Johnson are taking family photos to use in the directory. We've had one session with 31 families participating. The makeup session is scheduled for April 13 before Sunday School at 9am and after church. Be sure to mark your calendar for this date and get your picture made. Before the photo session we will verify the information you want to make public. •If you have a smart phone or digital camera, you can take your own picture. E-mail your digital photo to Cheryl Baker at [email protected], along with the contact information you want to include in the directory. Closeup square photos work best. The photo in the directory will be about 1.25 inches square. • If you have a small hard copy photo you would like to use, you can mail it to Cheryl Baker at PO Box 158, Floyd, VA 24091. The picture will be scanned and returned to you. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope, otherwise the picture will be left in the church office for you to pick up.

April 2014 newnewsletter.pdf

All those serving in all branches of our military. SSG. Darren Wood. Jeremy Dolan—God Son of Montreo Pursifull. David Thornton Wampler. Stephen Welch in Afghanistan—Grandson of. Bob & Karla Huff. Thornton Gallimore in Afghanistan - Jason Gal- limore's brother. LTCOL Tom Giles, USAF in Turkey—Son of Mike. Giles.

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