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2016 Global Excellence and Stature (GES) Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships

APPLICATION FORM INSTRUCTIONS 1. The application form must be completed electronically and signed by the student. 2. Ensure that the following eligibility requirements are met: – Must register for a full-time Master’s or PhD degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2015. – Must have a minimum average of 70% in the previous degree. – Must register for the first time for the specific level of study. – May not hold any bursaries, awards, assistantships or emoluments concurrently with the GES scholarship, which bind him/her to enter the service of any organisation upon completion of his/her studies. In addition, the scholarship may not be held concurrently with any other NRF, University of Johannesburg, any other University or Government funded scholarship/bursary. – As the scholarship is principally to enable the students to focus on their higher degree, the scholarship holder may not hold full-time salaried employment during the tenure of the scholarship, but he/she will be allowed to undertake a maximum of twelve hours of teaching, tutorials, assistance or demonstration duties per week on average during the year of study. – All awardees will be required to enter into a signed agreement with the University of Johannesburg. 3. All applicants must attach the following documents: – Curriculum Vitae (clearly indicating your study field, qualifications, employment history, awards and achievements and names and contact details of references). – ID document/Passport copy. – A motivational letter – Write a letter motivating your application and highlighting any particular information that you feel is important. (Maximum one A4 page). – Full official academic record including all levels of tertiary study prior to your current qualification. Please note that academic records from student portals will NOT be accepted. (Do not submit certificates. Academic records must include marks). Foreign students must do the necessary translations and obtain (where relevant) SAQA accreditation before submitting. – Letters of reference (see table below for specific letters of reference required per level of study) Level of study in 2015

Reference reports required

1st year Master’s

Two references (at least one academic lecturer or HOD) and potential supervisor (if already identified).

2nd year Master’s

Current Supervisor and one other referee (preferably an academic lecturer).


Supervisor of Master’s; HOD of Master’s and one other reference (preferably an academic lecturer).

– Applicants may submit these documents via email to [email protected] 4. CLOSING DATE: 6 November 2015

Page 1

1. Registration details Title Surname Initials First name Citizenship ID type ID/Passport/Unique Number Race Gender Date of Birth

2. Disability Do you have a disability? If yes, please explain

3. Contact details Are you currently a full-time student? Department/School/ Institute Faculty Work Postal Address (excluding department) City/Town Code Primary Telephone No. Fax Number Mobile Number Primary Email Address Alternate Email Address Web Address Country Province/State

Page 2

4. Qualifications Level


Highest qualification

Date obtained


5. Career profile Position


Start date

End date

6. Research expertise Scientific domain Primary research field Secondary research field Fields of specialisation

7. Personal profile Provide a brief biographical sketch (not in bullet form) giving information not already provided elsewhere in the nomination. The introduction must be written as a narrative and could include a short overview of where, in terms of research, you have come from, in what you are interested (in very broad terms) and where you are now. Mention should be made of awards and prizes, membership of national and international scientific committees, and other tangible recognition you have. Do not exceed half an A4 page.

Page 3

8. Outputs: Conferences or Journals (add tables, if necessary) Journals


ISSN / ISBN Number Title of Proceedings (for conference) Title of Contribution/Article

Title of Conference/Journal All Authors in Order Appearing on Output Submitted/Accepted/In press/ Published/Produced/Not relevant Web Address

9. Scholarship information Degree for which you are applying in 2014 Full-time (Yes/No) If yes, provide a UJ student number Does any financial support received for previous studies bind you to a service contract?

Page 4

Are you a UJ student? (Yes/No)

Are you currently enrolled for the degree/ research for which you are applying for support? Discipline (of degree to be funded) Indicate which faculty your application is relevant to (x)*: Art, Design and Architecture




Economics and Financial Sciences


Engineering and the Built Environment


Health Sciences

* For further details to identify the relevant faculty, please go to

10. Research project information Short Title of Proposed Research Project Start Year

Project End Year

Budget Start Year

Budget End Year

Required Funding Period Descriptive Title of Proposed Research Have you identified a UJ supervisor?

Has the UJ supervisor agreed to supervise your study?*

If yes, please indicate the name of the supervisor* * If yes, a letter from the identified supervisor must be attached to the application

11. Academic achievements Cumulative grade point average percentage for all subjects of previous degree (e.g. 65% or pass) Cumulative grade point average percentage for major Year in which previous degree was completed

12. Details of research Research rationale and motivation

Page 5

Problem identification

Research aims and objectives

Research activities/plan, including the research approach/methods/techniques

13. Student declaration I declare that the information given in this application form is complete and accurate. I accept that the University of Johannesburg reserves the right to reject an application based on incorrect or incomplete information being provided in this application.

___________________________________________ Signature of Applicant

___________________________________________ Date

Page 6

application form -

Must register for a full-time Master's or PhD degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2015. – Must have a ... Web Address. Country. Province/State ... 6. Research expertise. Scientific domain. Primary research field. Secondary research field.

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