DmgCtrl  Ltd.  is  a  software  development  consultancy  specializing  in  the  development  of   web  &  mobile  applications  and  geared  toward  delivering  the  highest  quality  applications   possible.  Over  the  past  few  years  we  have  developed  apps  for  some  of  the  largest   brands  in  the  world,  including  Motorola,  Coca  Cola,  Farmers  Insurance  Group  and  AT&T   to  name  a  few.  When  not  building  apps  for  clients,  we  also  develop  our  own  software   products,  mostly  focused  around  developer  tools.   Specific  qualifications  for  the  Senior  Android  Developer  position  include:   -­‐ 5+  years  software  development  /  engineering   -­‐ Experience  creating  and  publishing  successful  apps  to  a  prominent  Android  app   store  (such  as  Google  Play  Store  or  Amazon  App  Store)   -­‐ Thorough  understanding  of  core  Android  concepts   -­‐ Experience  building  apps  compatible  with  Android  OS  version  2.2   -­‐ Experience  optimizing,  refactoring,  and  debugging  views  as  well  as  layout   hierarchies   -­‐ Experience  in  creating  UIs  using  custom  themes,  styles,  attributes  and  resources   -­‐ Understanding  of  RESTful  API  interaction  and  JSON   -­‐ Experience  with  Git  or  other  source  control  management   -­‐ Ability  to  work  iteratively  with  Product,  Design,  Back-­‐End  and  QA  teams   -­‐ Working  understanding  of  agile  development  process,  a  plus   -­‐ Strong  object  oriented  programming  and  design  skills   -­‐ Ability  to  communicate  and  collaborate  effectively  with  product  management   and  team  members       At  Least  3  Years  of  experience  and  knowledge  of:     -­‐ Java   -­‐ Android   -­‐ Mobile  Developer   -­‐ Java  Developer   -­‐ Mobile  Engineer   -­‐ Java  Engineer   -­‐ Web  Developer   -­‐ Web  Engineer   -­‐ Application  Developer   -­‐ Application  Engineer    

Android Developer -

Experience creating and publishing successful apps to a prominent Android app store (such as Google Play Store or Amazon App Store). -‐ Thorough understanding of core Android concepts. -‐ Experience building apps compatible with Android OS version 2.2. -‐ Experience optimizing, refactoring, and debugging views as ...

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