October 2010

Artist’s League of Orange County,


Artist Demo &

President: Arlene Kartak

Monthly Meeting

Vice President:


TBD Secretary:

October 16 @ 1:30

Diane Young Treasurer:

Beardall Senior Center

Alan Lindenmuth

800 S. Delaney Avenue, Orlando

Creative Spirit Art Gallery presents

“Unexpected Visions” Featuring the art of John Carollo, Daryl Golden and Mark Mitchell A poetry reading by Chaz Yorick, a member of O-Town Poets, will also be featured.

Giuseppe Corazzina, a local artist with a distinguished background as professor of art in his hometown of Padua, Italy, will demo the technique of fresco painting. Giuseppe is internationally recognized for his large abstract paintings, but he was also classically trained in the arts in Italy. He has conducted many fresco workshops. He is a

Wine and appetizers will be served

member of Art on Douglas and an adjunct art pro-

Friday, Oct. 8, 6 to 9 PM Through Nov. 6th

fessor at Seminole State College. He was recently

GALLERY HOURS Tuesday—Friday, 12 to 5:00 PM Saturday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

awarded the top honor from Padua—a Galileo Galilei medal and a medal of honor—for his international achievements in the arts and his social and civil efforts in Italy and the United States.

820A Lake Baldwin Lane Orlando, FL 32803 (407)898-8343 Harwood–Watson Dance Studio

Please bring a recent artwork for our viewing pleasure as well as a snack for sharing. Meetings are held the 3rd Saturday of every month from September through May at 1:30 P.M. (Board meeting begins at 12:30 P.M.). Summer recess is June, July and August.


History of


Fresco Painting Fresco, meaning “fresh” in Italian, is a form of mural painting in which earth pigments are applied directly to wet lime plaster. The art form dates back 30,000 years Pompeii Fresco, 79 AD ago as discovered with the Chauvet cave paintings in France which depicted expressive and realistic figures of horses, bison, bears, lions, mammoths, and rhinoceroses.

Beatrice Athanas will participate and exhibit her work in the following Art Festivals: —Ocala Art Festival, Oct. 23-24 —Lake Mary-Heathrow Art Festival, Nov. 6-7 —Disney's Festival of the Masters, Nov. 12-14 —Historic Downtown Winter Garden Art Fest, Nov. 20-21 Sandra Scheetz-Wise is participating in a group surrealist show called “Phantasmagoria” at the Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary. Artist reception is Sunday, Oct. 17 from 2 to 4 p.m. Show runs through Nov. 13th. For further info: 386-668-5553.

By 1500 BC the technique of fresco painting evolved to painting on wet plaster, allowing more flexibility in the use and location of frescoes for decorative purposes. The earliest known examples of such frescoes are found on the island of Crete in Greece. Some of the most remarkable examples of ancient fresco were preserved, ironically, by the tragic eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in 79 AD. The lava and ash wiped out the population of Pompeii but preserved for posterity the wonderfully realistic scenes of homes and gardens.

Elizabeth Bondurant had artwork juried into the Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday event "From Words to Works" on Oct. 7th. Doris Smart had three pieces accepted into the Fourth Friday “It’s All About Red” event at the Sanford Welcome Center in September. Her paintings will then be shown at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. She also had three pieces accepted into this month’s Fourth Friday show, “Wild Kingdom,” on Oct. 22nd.

The popularity of fresco painting continued through the ages and was brought to perfection in the 15th century by the great masters of the Italian Renaissance. It was used extensively in Europe during this time to decorate churches, cathedrals and castles.

Arlene Bayne also had four artworks accepted into the “Wild Kingdom” show.

Calendar of Events

There is renewed interest in the art of fresco today, especially since the Calicot method and strappo technique allows for portability of the artwork. This technique works by first painting the subject on a stone/masonry wall on fresh plaster. When the painting is dried, it is removed from the wall, along with a thin layer of plaster, with canvas and water-soluble glue and transferred to a canvas or wooden panel and sold as a panel painting.

Harvest Moon on the Lake Dora Bayou in Wooton Park in Tavares on Oct. 23rd from 3 to 11 p.m. Free admission. Art sales/demos and music. Further info: 352-742-6477 Larry Moore is teaching a local plein air workshop Nov. 5, 6 & 7. Locations TBD. Cost is $350 with $50 deposit. Further info at: [email protected] Maury Hurt and Grady Kimsey, will have an opening reception for their show at Mennello Museum of American Art, 900 E. Princeton St., Orlando, on Friday, Oct. 15th from 6 to 8 p.m.

Please forward newsletter announcements, corrections, along with your website and email links, to the editor: [email protected] 2

A look back—

Membership Vote

At our September Meeting

We’ll be voting on Vice President

The September meeting was brought to order by Arlene Kartak, President of ALOC. A number of announcements were made, including information and sign-up sheets for the December art show (below). Arlene is nominating a Vice President to fill the vacant position and we should know more details at the October meeting. A call was put out to members to be on the lookout for places to display paintings and ideas for future ALOC demos. Also needed are volunteers to help out in various capacities within ALOC, from clean up to committees. Please contact Arlene with your ideas or to volunteer at [email protected]

Kartak has nominated Marianna

at the October meeting. Arlene

Due to popular demand after the summer workshop with Marsha DeBroske, Regine and Valerie Dossche demonstrated Powertex, which they use in both paintings and sculptures. The product is a hit with artists because of the unique textures that can be obtained on canvas and wood for use in paintings. As we discovered in the summer workshop, sculptures can be created in a relatively short period of time also with Powertex.

December Show

Ross for the position, so please be sure to attend and cast your vote.

Call for Artists Hospice of the Comforter, Art Show and Sale, Altamonte Springs, Sat. Nov. 13, 6-9 p.m. Please contact Ginny Seibert at 407-831-3599 by October 16th to reserve your table ($20 fee plus a small percentage donation to Hospice and ALOC from sales). Map and additional info on ALOC blog (address on front page of newsletter.) Palette Pals has invited interested ALOC members to participate in their show at Master’s Clubhouse (14481 Augusta, Orlando) at Fairways Country Club (14205 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando 32826) Dec. 18 (10-5) & Dec. 19 (10-3). $50 a table (can she split with another artist) Contact Alberta Delarata at 407-271-8015. Please contact Dianne Young at 407-765-0921 if you’re interested in showing your art at Apopka City Hall.

Creative Spirit Art Gallery Opening Dec. 10th

October Theme—

If you didn’t sign up last month at the September meeting, ALOC members planning on showing their work at the December show need to notify Doris Smart by November 1st. Participants will be required to donate $5 and bring hors d’oeuvres and/or wine for sharing to the opening. Please call Doris at 407365-4066 or [email protected]

Pumpkins We thought this would be a fun theme for the October meeting. So get creative and bring in any artwork inspired by fall (or pumpkins). Pumpkin-based snacks for sharing are also good.

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery. —Francis Bacon 3

Sunny the Rooster

ALOC Membership Dues— $25/year

will make a brief appearance with author Jennie Bell for a

Call or write Alan Lindenmuth to make sure you’re current on your dues or if you’re interested in joining the group (321-282-7024 or [email protected]). Please fill out the form and include a $25 check payable to ALOC and bring to the next meeting or mail to:

book sale and signing at the October ALOC meeting.


donation of $2 will be made to ALOC for every book sold.

Alan Lindenmuth, ALOC Treasurer

Please see Sunny’s blog for more pictures and info:

14557 Jamaica Dogwood Dr.

Orlando, FL 32828 Name_________________________________________ Address_______________________________________

Space available for artists at

City___________________________________________ Zip__________

Creative Spirits Art Gallery Please contact Doris Smart at


Phone: 407-365-4066


Email: [email protected] for further information.

Important Note: ALOC dues will increase to $30 a year

25% OFF

beginning in 2011.

already low prices

Yearbook Updates:

Professional custom framing


with individual consultation Alberta Dellaratta 407-271-8015

T-Cart Framing and Gallery


Alan Lindenmuth

ALOC Volunteer wanted

and Thomas Carmon

to take over writing the newsletter. Please con-

14557 Jamaica Dogwood Dr. Orlando, FL 32828 (321) 217-8075

tact Gayle Bell at 407672-1001.

Miniaturists in need of small mats, please contact Charlott Crose, 407-704-3311. 4

ALOC newsletter October 2010.pdf

hometown of Padua, Italy, will demo the technique. of fresco painting. Giuseppe is internationally rec- ognized for his large abstract paintings, but he. was also ...

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