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St. Joseph’s College of Arts & Science (Autonomous) St. Joseph’s College Road, Cuddalore – 607001 APH401 - ALLIED PHYSICS Time : 3 hrs Max Marks :75 SECTION – A (10X2=20) Answer ALL Questions 1. What is meant by transverse wave motion? Give an example. 2. What are the factors affecting the velocity of sound in gas? 3. Explain the principle of a capacitor. 4. Define magnetic moment. 5. What is light transmission grating? 6. Define coherent sources. 7. Define uncertainty principle. 8. Explain De-Broglie’s waves. 9. State the fundamental laws of Boolean algebra. 10. State Demorgan’s theorems. SECTION – B (5X5=25) Answer ALL Questions 11. a) State the laws of transverse vibrations in stretched strings. (or) b) Obtain an expression for the velocity of transverse wave in a stretched string.



12. a) Discuss the growth of current in LR circuit. (or) b) Explain in detail the determination of the internal resistance of a cell using voltmeter. 13. a) What is Newton’s Ring? Why the center of the Newton’s rings is dark? (or) b) Discuss the theory of plane transmission grating. 14. a) Explain length contraction with an example. (or) b) Derive an expression for De-Broglie’s wavelength. 15. a) Write an account on the following basic logic gates. i) AND ii) OR (or) b) Solve the Boolean expression and draw the logic circuit for the simplified expression. Y=(AB+C)(AB+D) SECTION - C (3X10=30) Answer any THREE Questions 16. Explain in detail the AC frequency measurement using sonometer. 17. Explain the principle of a potentiometer. How will you compare the EMF of two cells using potentiometer? 18. Discuss the theory of plane transmission grating. 19. Derive Einstein’s mass energy equivalence. 20. Draw the circuit diagram of OR and AND gate using diode and resistor. Write the truth table for the gates. *************


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13. a) What is Newton's Ring? Why the center of the ... Derive Einstein's mass energy equivalence. 20. Draw the ... Page 2 of 2. ALLIED PHYSICS - 04 13.pdf.

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