Q5/9P/05-15 Reg. No

St. Joseph’s College of Arts & Science (Autonomous) St. Joseph’s College Road, Cuddalore – 607001 AMBC302 – ALLIED MICROBIOLOGY

Time : 3 hrs

Max Marks :75 SECTION – A (10X1=10) Answer ALL Questions

Choose the correct answer 1. If a particular disease occurs only occasionally it is called a) Sporadic disease b) Endemic disease c) Epidemic disease d) Pandemic disease 2. Which part of the infection cycle involves microbes entering host cells? a) Port of entry b) Penetration c) Binding d) Opportunist 3. Abscess of the skin is typically caused by which bacteria? a) Propionibacterium acnes b) Staphylococcus aureus c) Streptococcus pyogenes d) Pseudomonas aeruginosa 4. Which of the following E. coli strains produces enterotoxin? a) EPEC b) ETEC c) EHEC d) EAEC 5. Which types of cells could you expect in a severe dysentery with bloody diarrhea? a) Bacteria b) Leukocytes c) Erythrocytes d) All of these 6. Which of the following is the smallest unit of measure listed: a) Nanometer b) Millimeter c) Micrometer d) Meter 7. What dye in the Gram stain do Gram positive bacteria retain? a)Sarfanin b)Crystal violet c)Methylene blue d)Malachite green



8. The technique of heat-fixing a specimen is: a) Used to prepare a hanging drop b) A procedure used in electron microscopy but not in light microscopy c) Used to make wet mounts d) A procedure that causes the microbial cells to adhere to the slide 9. Which one of the following allows bacterial cell motility? a) Plasmid b) Cilia c) Flagella d) The nucleus 10. Which pertains to antibiotics? a) Chemicals produced by one microorganism that inhibits other microorganisms b) Can only interfere with cell wall synthesis of the pathogen c) Completely synthesized in the laboratory d) Always has toxic side-effects for the patient. SECTION - B (5X3=15) Answer any FIVE Questions 11. Discuss the history of Microbiology. 12. Discuss the functions of cell membrane. 13. Binomial nomenclature – explain. 14. Briefly explain about Whitaker’s classification. 15. Discuss about growth curve of bacteria. 16. What is pure culture? 17. Explain about pathogen and disease.



SECTION - C (5X10=50) Answer ALL Questions 18. a) Explain the scope of Microbiology. (or) b) With a neat diagram, explain the structure of endospores. 19. a) Explain the instrumentation of fluorescent microscopy. (or) b) Explain the instrumentation of transmission electron microscopy. 20. a) Explain sterilization. With neat sketch explain about dry heat and moist heet sterilizations. (or) b) Discuss the mode of action of antimicrobial drugs. 21. a) What are the nutritional requirements of microorganisms? (or) b) Explain the impacts of various environmental factor affecting microbial growth. 22. a) Explain the significance of mycoplasma. (or) a) Write an essay on the role of microorganisms in the environment.




If a particular disease occurs only occasionally it is called. a) Sporadic disease b) ... a)Sarfanin b)Crystal violet. c)Methylene blue d)Malachite green. Reg. No ... 21. a) What are the nutritional requirements of microorganisms? (or). b) Explain ...

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