69 9

Alexis Benton

Hero Prim and proper young lady called to battle vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness

5 7 6

6 4 5


Stake Cross Cell Phone with camera and text messaging

2 4 2


4 4



Dodge Punch


12 8 1 att, 1 def 2 any

Kick Grapple Toss

Stake Through the Heart


Through the Heart

11 11 10 13 6 11 8 11 8

10 12

Defensive Action Bashing Bashing

5 10 10 16 16

Must Grapple Slashing/Stabbing x5 vamps Slashing/Stabbing x5 vamps

Conservative and driven

Attention to detail, hard worker

Takes herself too seriously None yet The Slayer! Female 16 Blue

5'5" 120 lbs Blonde

Figure out this Slayer

business, find her place in her new school. Go to a good school, become a

success on her own.

Slayer (16)

Heal faster, detect vamps +5 init, +1 fear Nerves of Steel (0) Immune to fear, +4 supernat. Hard to Kill 5 (0) +5 Survival Rolls +3 Social rolls opposite sex Attractiveness 3 Local business leaders Contacts (2) -1 social rolls Nerd (3) Well Off Resources (2) 4 Fast Reaction Time (0)

Impaired Sense (Glasses) 1

-3 Perception with no glasses

Everyone wants a piece of the Slayer Sacred Duty and all that Obligation 3 (0) Covetous Ambition She wants to be a success mild (1) A woman of her word Honorable (2) This is no time for jokes! Humorless (1) Art class is such a waste of time Talentless (2) Gets carded a lot Teenager (2) Adversary (Demons

and Vampires) 5 (0)

Alexis Benton is a young woman with a mission in life. Her family is well-off and there's a lot of pressure to succeed. She works hard and dreams of going to Harvard to get her MBA, then eventually becoming the CEO of a top company. With so big a dream her peers don't seem to understand why she works so hard, or doesn't goof off, or go out to parties or even date very much at all. It's because she's got important stuff to prepare for. Her family may be doing better than some, but they can't afford to just send her to Harvard. She'll need a full scholarship for that. So she can't get distracted by things that aren't important in the long run. She has one of the top GPAs in the school and is involved in lots of extra curricular activities. Anything to help make her look like more of a good candidate. Alexis is driven and determined, and is not easily distracted.

Alexis Benton

Cell Phone with camera and text messaging. Dodge. Punch. Kick. Grapple ... business, find her place in her new school. success on her own. Alexis Benton is a ...

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