Steps to follow when oil furnace  troubleshooting    Part of toilfurnacetroubleshootinghe reasons that gas and oil furnaces are so popular is because  they are so durable and hardly ever break down. At the same time that does not mean you will  never have a problem with your oil furnace if you won one. They last such a long time virtually  no who owns one ever goes without having a repair done in a furnaces lifetime. When they do  need ​air conditioning Edmonton​ repairs there is a certain order that oil furnace troubleshooting  needs to be done in; here are those steps.   

    1. I​ nitial Contact over the Phone    When a customer first calls it is important to get as much information about the problem they  are having with their oil furnace as possible; although granted there are times here you will get  zero information that is helpful from the customer. This is your initial ​air conditioning Edmonton  diagnoses and will help you lay the groundwork for the upcoming oil furnace troubleshooting  steps.    2. L ​ oading for the Job    Hopefully the customer gave you enough information about the job to load the right tools and  parts onto your service vehicle. There is nothing more annoying than to have to make a return  trip to a job especially if it is far away from your home or business. Make sure you have parts  that you think you will need for the repair and parts that may be necessary for a related repair if  you misunderstood the person when making initial contact with them. Of course you cannot 

load every replacement part made for an oil furnace but there is no reason you cannot stock the  most common parts needed for repairs.    3. D ​ iagnosis    Once you get to the customers house you will then need to make the actual diagnosis; this may  or may not result in what you originally thought the problem was going to be after talking to the  customer.    4. G ​ iving the Customer an Estimate    After the diagnosis you will then need to give the customer an estimate before proceeding with  the repair. Depending on the cost of the a ​ ir conditioning Edmonton​ repair it may or may not  even be within the customer’s budget to get it done. You may also need to explain the estimate  in detail with them here.   

    5. R ​ epairing the Oil Furnace    Now that you have your diagnoses and have gotten any repair parts or special tools you need  out of your service vehicle, you are then ready to get to work on the repair. Remember, Oil  furnaces have dangerous electricity that flows to them and highly combustible oil in them too;  these can be dangerous materials to work around so always keep safety on the job paramount.    6. ​Testing the Repair    No ​air conditioning Edmonton​ repair is complete until the unit has been tested to see if it works  properly. Here the unit needs to be fired up and everything on the system checked to make sure  the furnace is once again doing working properly.    These are great oil furnace troubleshooting steps that have been time tested and proven to  work.    No Obligation Estimate:   

When it comes to HVAC systems, put your trust in us to deliver the best quality ​air conditioning  Edmonton​ services along with top quality products to make your system work in an energy  efficient and environmentally friendly order. Call us today at 780-800-7010 for a no obligation  estimate.      Contact Details    Air Conditioning Edmonton  #101, 8015 Roper Road NW, Edmonton, AB T6E6S4  780-800-7010  Website: ​  Google Site: h ​ ttps://  Google Folder: h ​ ttps://    Recommended Links    air conditioning edmonton  air conditioning sherwood park  air conditioning st albert  air conditioning stony plain  air conditioning spruce grove  air conditioning repair  air conditioning  air conditioning unit  air conditioning service edmonton  air conditioning service  air condition  air conditioning units  carrier air conditioning  heating and air conditioning edmonton  heating and air conditioning  air conditioning companies 

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